Different Types Drywall Gypsum Board

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paper-faced gypsum board panel standard

a.competitive prices


c.fire rate is B1


paper-faced gypsum board/wall panel standard size

1 .firep roof: The fire rating of the gypsum ceiling board is B1.

2 .safe : The raw materials is environment-friendly materials. Our products are the ideal green building materials.

3 .artistic: Elegant in appearance, it can be used in schools, hospitals, conference rooms and so on

4 .long service life: We put the glass fiber inside, it can make gypsum ceiling deformation, high strength, wear resistance.

5 .convenient:Our products can be used in a complex environment and easy to clean.

6 .sell well: Our factory is a manufacturer of building materials with a history of more than ten years. Our products sell well both at home and abroad.  

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Origin: Shandong china

Exquisite, Modern and Adjustable

CMAX drywall system provides smooth, seamless and crack-free wall surface. Thanks to the distinctive property of CMAX gypsum Board, it allows easy further decoration by either painting or wallpaper work. Moreover, a renovation can be done easily without any disturbance of office building structure.

Durable and Standard Quality

Materials and accessories of CMAX wall system are manufactured by state of the art technology in accordance with international standards, such as, British Standard and The American Society for Testing and Materials. Customers therefore can be assured of safety, standard quality and high durabiltity of PRANCE Wall systems.

Lightweight, Easy to Install and Economic

CMAX wall weight much less than masonry partitions of comparable thickness, thus providing real savings in structural design. This enables quick and easy installation, and produces time and cost savings.

Specially Designed and Patented Materials of Gyproc

High quality galvanized CMAX frame metal sections of drywall system are manufactured by state of the art technology called drywall STEEL, to reinforce the cross section of metal sections. C-Stud is also specially designed to be easy when connected, which suits applications requiring extra strength or for length extension of C-Stud. Ready-punched holes from factory provide excellent incorporation of services.

Applicable to Various Usages as Required

CMAX wall system can be designed to suit various types of office application.
Office buildings requiring extra fine resistance, standard drywall system can provide a half-hour fire resistance. Other drywall Systems are also available to provide resistance up to 2 hours.

Other special properties such as heat insulation wall, high moisture resistant wall, acoustic wall, can also be provided by drywall system.

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Q:Plasterboard Walls - how do you fill screw holes?
Is your wall lathe and plaster or sheetrock? If this is sheetrock purchase a small keyhole observed ( in case you have not got one already) shrink the hollow out to a sq., degree the hollow the two facets, occasion sixteen x sixteen Then circulate to a clean shape internet site (ask around) and %. up a bite to extra healthy, if this is to special shrink it down once you get domicile. next step, shrink the sheetrock to length, (a sprint scrack around the component won't remember) then get some a millionx2 inventory from lumber backyard shrink 2 products longer than the hollow (3 to 4 Inches) Get some sheetrock screws from ironmongery keep (in basic terms some will paintings) in case you have a means drill (hassle-free way) placed the 1x2 piece interior the hollow 4 or 5 inches from the component start up on the top and placed a screw interior the top piece of 1x2 now a screw interior the btm. repeat with different 1x2 verify which you do sink the screws in under the floor of the paper interior the sheetrock. Now place the sheetrock interior the hollow, and follow a line down from the screws you put in the 1x2s and screw the sheet rock to the 1x2s 4 ought to do it sink the heads in lower back. Now your waiting for some dry wall dirt, spackle will paintings too, fill interior the screw holes and the exterior crack enable it dry use a sanding block one hundred grit paper will do and a bite of 1x2 sand of the surplus dirt and repaint or dangle a photo in the experience that your'e renting. reliable success!
Q:How to identify waterproof gypsum board and general gypsum board?
1, the difference between the two is that: ordinary gypsum board core and the surface layer and the surface layer of materials do not do waterproof; and waterproof gypsum board core and the surface layer and surface material to do waterproofing. 2, ordinary gypsum surface into a gray paper, double-sided color the same, waterproof gypsum board, also known as cement pressure board with white and dark gray, the surface side is smooth, one side is rough; general interior latex paint is not waterproof, Exterior wall paint is waterproof.
Q:I need to drill a hole in my 6 condo wall for a TV cable.?
Well first make sure there are no electrical wires in the wall where you will be drilling. Then rent a Hammer Drill from Home Depot, along with a bit that is long enough to go through the wall. I would drill from the outside inward as the plasterboard can be repaired easier than the stucco. Go easy or you'll mess the stucco up. If you plan on installing a cable connection outlet in the wall I would cut the hole for it first. That way you can check the inside of the wall and not worry about breaking through from the outside drilling. This assumes that you can line up your outside hole and the inside wall box hole..... measure twice cut once. Once the hole is in then install the wall box etc.... While you are at HD pick up some sealer for inserting around the cable that you stick through the wall. It's known as Monkey Sh.. by the folks who do this type of work so ask one of the old hands at the store.
Q:What is the price of the living room ceiling now?
Living room ceiling can do gypsum can also be integrated, the practice of different prices are not the same, the shape of the complex price is relatively high, but also depends on the local labor costs, material is not expensive labor costs. Wood keel + gypsum board, generally per square meter in accordance with 00 yuan or so, gypsum board requires a good quality, you have to according to II 0 or so. Light steel keel + gypsum board, generally per square meter in accordance with the II 0 - according to 50, if it is shaped, in the bar 0 to II II have between. There is also the use of integrated ceiling to do the living room, as if generally in the 0000-00 or so per square meter. It is recommended that you choose the appropriate ceiling according to the decoration style
Q:What is the thickness of a single layer of light steel keel gypsum board?
Generally 9,12 MM thick 8,10 is wrong
Q:Gypsum board is toxic Gypsum board what ingredients for home decoration is toxic
Gypsum board with phosphogypsum contains harmful ingredients on the human body, the domestic Taishan gypsum board most of the use of phosphogypsum.
Q:The difference between MDF and gypsum board
MDF is crushed with wood chips, mainly used in wood processing, gypsum board is mainly used for the ceiling.
Q:Can I mount my TV & wall mount on plasterboard without a stud?
It is probably plaster and it will not hold. You need to locate a stud and attached it to it. Get a stud finder to locate a wall stud. If that is a plaster wall it will break loose in huge chunks and it is neither easy or cheap to repair.
Q:Plasterboard and Punching Bags?
No way, it wont even be strong enough if you screwed to the timber joists in the ceiling. A free standing one is the only other option.
Q:Feeding wires through a plasterboard/stud wall?
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