different styles of Rome columns/pillars

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Fujian China (Mainland)
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loma stone
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Column marble -09
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Roman Pillar
any color available

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rome column marble
1.good design and good quality
2.natural material
3.reasonable price and serive

Product Description

Different styles of rome column , rome column marble, artificial white marble column

Product Name:

Different styles of rome column , rome column marble, artificial white marble column


Granite, Marble ,Artificial stone.


250*20cm high*Diameter, As per customer's requirement.

Available Colors:

White, black, yellow, red etc.


Bush-hammered, flamed, honed, polished etc.


cast iron fireplace.

Main Market:

Europe, America, Russia, Australia and the Middle East.


classical, modern, America, Europe style bio fireplace .


Inner box, Strong seaworthy and fumigated wooden crates.


T/T (30%deposit, 70%balance payment against the B/L copy);L/C at sight.


Around 20days after receiving the deposit.



Our Advantage:

Strict quality control.

Good team work.

Experienced in export

Timely delivery


Different styles of rome column , rome column marble, artificial white marble column

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Q:Stone to see if the collection value
First of all, this stone is very beautiful, it should be building components, patterns for the lotus, pattern knife sharp, accurate expression, the obvious characteristics of the Qing Dynasty, worthy of collection.
Q:Portrait of sculpture of stone statues
Embossed stone carved face (Sichuan Wushan Daxi unearthed) In addition, also found two pieces of jade carved face: ① 1976 from Shaanxi Shenmu Lugges Longshan cultural tombs, chalcedony carved into a high 4.5 cm, 4 cm wide, for the top bun bun, Eagle hook nose, slightly mouth mouth side picture, Yinxian carved eyes huge eye-catching, cheek parts of a hole through a hole. ② mid-70s collected in Shandong Tengxian Gangcao village, is Dawenkou culture medium-term jade works, people face 3 cm high, 3.6 cm wide, polished and micro-drum, with Yinxian carved facial features and facial contours, eyes There are gods with a perforated ridge on the back.
Q:Where there is a stone carving stone where the place
Stone carving, refers to the use of a variety of carved, carved stone, to create a certain space of visual, touchable artistic image, to reflect the social life, to express the artist's aesthetic feelings, aesthetic feelings, aesthetic ideal art.
Q:Dazu stone Baodeng souvenir shop which? Contact information?
Enjoy the end of the exquisite foot of the stone carving value of your commemorative significance of the first to push the stone carvings by the foot of the folk art stone inscriptions for the creation of mold and give its rich, artistic meaning foot stone carving material purple gown, bluestone, ash sand and a variety of jade theme rich With the true, good, the United States and the contents of the main content of the speaker over the size of the price of more than enough to buy things do not be afraid of the price of the price is appropriate with the study of any pieces of stone to the Jinsha site or its hotel to see the price of at least 6 times for all occasions
Q:Tang Dynasty, there is a shock of the stone from the stone called ---- six Jun I
Zhaoling six Jun, famous at home and abroad, proverb: "first Chongshan Feng, after Tang Junling, the world six horses, now in the city of Xi'an." Six Jun is Tang Taizong Li Shimin in the eradication of the unification of the country's war by the six horses.
Q:Beijing Stone Carving Museum of Art
Commemorate the tickets Zhenjue Temple King Kong throne is the only building remnants of the Ming Dynasty Juejue Temple, in 1961 by the State Council announced as the first batch of national key cultural relics protection units. Yongle years, the Western Fan Sang Dandi to the ancestors presented five gold Buddha and the Indian King Kong throne rules, by the closure of the country division, thanks to the construction of the temple. King Kong built in the Ming Chenghua nine years (1473) is modeled on the Bundida by the ancient India than the province of Buddha Buddha Gaya large Bodhi tower built by the style. He embodies the form and characteristics of Chinese and foreign architecture, is compatible with the content of Tibetan Buddhism culture and the expression of the culture of the Central Plains, "specifically shows the flexibility of our working people to use foreign influence" and "bold changes, not limited to Imitation of the creative spirit ". Jue Temple King Kong tower tower body sculpture, modeling simple and beautiful, is the Beijing stone carving art museum in the open exhibits in a huge stone art treasures.
Q:Stone style features
Q:Jiaxiang stone source
Suana town Jiaxiang County is one of the ancient Chinese "four sages" one Zeng hometown, simple folk customs, the annual workers, farmers culture and arts festival in the southwest influential, women can blow a few songs. Known as China "suona town". Lujin Township In the history of civilization in China for more than five thousand years, our ancestors first solved the primitive needs of the people, Clothing into a higher level of culture outside the shelter, Jiaxiang in the birthplace of Chinese culture center, east of Confucius, west of the Yellow River, since ancient times is the etiquette culture developed, but also an important birthplace of cotton, cotton, Spinning, weaving as early as three thousand years ago has been the scale of its printing and dyeing achievements with the weaving technology is perfect and mature, contemporary Lu Jin is based on this, mining and finishing with the combination of contemporary advanced biotechnology refining Into, is the ancient Chinese dyeing and
Q:The Characteristics of Stone Buddha in the Stone Carving Process in the Six Dynasties
Stone art is not only a symbol of religious spirit, but also a variety of social life reproduction, so in fact the Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties stone content is very extensive.This is also introduced by the Northwest national cultural factors, they gradually fundamentally changed the Central Plains people Living life and its handling of interior space furnishings. During this period the formation of the main stone art, are influenced by the influence of Buddhist art, which is reflected in the stone carving art is particularly full. Art of architecture is a very comprehensive art, in which the stone carving process occupies an extremely important position.The Northern and Southern Dynasties stone art can be described as the culmination, unparalleled, which in the excavation of large caves and their statues, as well as crafted image processing and Decorative composition, have a full performance. On the one hand, we in Taiyuan Tianlongshan and other places on the grottoes, see the mason to a very superb skills to shape the wooden structure of the grotto architectural form, this large-scale stone carving a large number of buildings, no doubt for the extensive implementation of later stone carvings Laying the technical foundation.Currently in China before the ancient buildings have no longer exist, the cave temple left the standard architectural style, which is more commendable. Chinese classical architecture style and decorative components are rich and colorful, which in stone carving art also have different forms of reflection.For example, the image of the Northern and Southern Dynasties building components, compared with the Han is a more gentle and refined style, pillars appear basin And the lotus two forms, the column is also different styles, the purpose is to enhance the visual beauty of the viewer at the same time, through the stone form of observation, we can also appreciate the Buddhist statues and paintings in the performance style consistency.
Q:The relationship between the disease and the stone carving
The main body of this monument group is - horse riding Huns stone. In this high-168 cm theme carving, the author uses the moral means to a device of the imposing, proudly Zhuo Li's horses to symbolize the hussars general; with the horses to the invaders trampled on the ground to the typical plot to praise the hussars The generals in the fight against the Huns in the war to create the odds; that superego loser, holding the bow and arrow in the hands, has not yet put down the weapons, this is not to tell the people must not relax vigilance. The outline of this work, carved extremely accurate and powerful, horse head to the horse part, made a big ups and downs of the deal, the image is very eye-catching. In short, horse riding Huns stone is a combination of ideological and artistic perfect unity, is the Western Han Dynasty monument sculpture made epoch-making achievements of the mark.

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