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i have a 99 Mitsubishi Eclipse and my Car started to leak water and as soon as i start to put water it starts to leak and it wont take in the water that has on the side as well. what should i do or what do you recommend?
you must stop driving the car.
i have changed water pump,radiator and thermotast and it still overheat
(In addition to the above suggestions) Are the hoses good? Old hoses can collapse, blocking water flow. They should have been changed with the radiator, but not everyone does. Has the radiator fan been checked out to be sure it's working properly? If the fan isn't working properly, enough air might not get through to cool it down properly. Is it actually boiling over, or is the temp gage just showing it hot? I ask because it could be a faulty temp sensor. I'll assume that there's no debris between the radiator and condenser since the radiator has been changed out already. This should also mean that nothing is in front of the condenser blocking airflow.
Hoping that someone may read this.Broke down yesterday after re-filling coolant when car re-heated and mechanic who rescued us advised that the water pump is leaking and requires replacement.Our local garage have advised that to change the water pump also requires a new camber (?) kit and including both and 3.5 hours labour their total quote is ?315.08.This sounds crazy for changing a water pump - can anyone shed any light and reckon that they may be taking the mickey?Am not technical so wouldn't attempt to do work myself, however if we go back to garage, or to others, I'd like to know exactly what work needs doing.Thanks!
When the necessary water-pump is replaced 90% of the parts will be removed anyway to access replacement of the timing belt. In other words, the mechanic will have already removed the water-pump and just a few more parts will need to be removed to change the timing belt. If you haven't had the timing belt changed in the past 50,000 -75,000 KM it's wise to have it done now rather than later when the water-pump will have to be removed to change only the belt. If the belt happens to break somewhere down the road it *could raise hell with the valve train and pistons costing more pounds and kilos of money to repair. I only offer this advice as a wise preventative maintenance measure!
I have a four cylinder ranger with manual transmission. The top pulley was making a squeaking sound the other day and stopping and going. The car stalled out so I had to give it gas for about a minute, and this has happened several more times in the past week. And the car is making a somewhat loud rumbling/clanking noise, which I'm guessing is the bearings on the water pump. So my question is how much will a new water pump cost, I've seen prices quoted on here from $150-$700. Also, it was in the mechanic the other week and I asked him to check the ac compressor and he said it was fine.Thanks
Why not call your mechanic for an estimate? He's (or she's) already familiar with your vehicle. Also, they may determine that it's something other than you water pump.
Two sewage pumps switch from each other, start with float switch control, the first sump, when the water is full, the first start, the second rotation to second units start, so the cycle of alternating
Can add time delay relay, the key depends on how much time the water is full, if you design is automatic, it is better to use the triode reliable,
I know what is the role of the pressurized water pump adapter to the indoor fire pipe through the fire, then the fire truck to the indoor water supply when the water is pressurized by municipal pipelines, natural water, fire water or water itself injection pump adapter? The fire truck is equivalent to a pump from the water extraction and then injected into the water pump adapter? I haven't seen it with my own eyes, so ask, I hope someone will answerIs the fire engine to be used as a pump? For example, in the field of water from fire pool or when municipal water supply network, a head of extraction, the other end of the water pump adapter access outdoor indoor pressure? PS: I'm not referring to the high-pressure water pump adapter, but access.
They answered almost enough, and I would not answer them, and give them to them
the water pump from the factory has an extra hole coming out the side its the smaller one on the end of this pic.
i've always gone by the 30 second rule. even a NEW or emptied for winter motor that must completely fill, 30 seconds should be long enough. if it hasnt begun pumping by that point, i turn it off and give it some time to cool while i double check everything. then i might give it a full 45 seconds. but it wont overheat in less then a couple of minutes. and if its not pumping with the hose hooked up, the impeller is probably bad already anyways. however, if you do even get it near warm, its already hotter then you think it is where the heat is produced, the cylinders, and where you have tight clearances on fast moving parts, the cylinders and pistons. and if it gets too hot, major damage is quickly done. BTW, service period on a merc impeller is always 100 hours or 3 years. or NOW, before the motor is damaged, if unsure of when it was last done. when the impeller is less then $50 (and about an hour labor, if paying for it) and a new motor is THOUSANDS, you cant replace it too often. dennis, you have NO clue. i suggest getting one before you ruin the motor in your own boat. and in the meantime, keep your bad advice to yourself.
Hi, I need to create a portable shower and was going to go the DIY route, i wanted to use water pumps normally used in ponds, aquariums etc etc as the means of creating water pressure for the shower, the shower need not be really strong in pressure but it should be strong enough such that a person can take a bath using it.height of the shower would for sure be less then 6 feet,question , water pumps are rated at gallons per minute or some equivalent rating, how strong a pump or how much GPM should i be looking at ?
Himin newly has launched a solar patented booster pump for non-pressure solar water heater and it's quiet and gives comfortable pressure for shower.This pump fits for area where water pressure is small or rural area.