Custom Antique White Delicate Carved Marble FireplacesFireplace

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Product Description:


Product description

Custom Antique White Delicate Carved Marble FireplacesFireplace


The  marble mantel




Co. Ltd.



Place of Origin

Quyang County -Hebei  of China

Texture of  material

Top white  marble; cream; sunset red; black and white  dragon; beneath Guangxiwhite stone exhibition!


1500*1200*350(High width thickness,mm)Otherdimensionscan be customized!

The time limit  for a project

Usually 10-30  days(Except for large products)


Block processing, pure  hand carving, polishing


Professional solid  wood crib


Logistics (According  to the weight charge)


Advantage Of Custom Antique White Delicate Carved Marble FireplacesFireplace

Natural marble

Pure hand carved
25 years experience
Value of art


Custom Antique White Cultured Insert The Marble Fireplaces


Custom Antique White Delicate Carved Marble FireplacesFireplace

Custom Antique White Delicate Carved Marble FireplacesFireplace


Custom Antique White Delicate Carved Marble FireplacesFireplace

Custom Antique White Delicate Carved Marble FireplacesFireplace



Custom Antique White Delicate Carved Marble FireplacesFireplace


Custom Antique White Delicate Carved Marble FireplacesFireplace

Custom Antique White Delicate Carved Marble FireplacesFireplace

Custom Antique White Delicate Carved Marble FireplacesFireplace

Quick Details

Place of Origin:

Hebei China (Mainland)

Brand Name:

JSBS-The Marble Fireplaces

Model Number:



Indoor,Decoration, outdoor, indoor


With Remote Control,Without Remote Control


Other Fireplaces

Installation Type:



100% Natural Marble


100% hand carved

Export Markets:



100% quality insurance

Surface Finishing:

High polishing


As per customers requirement


Durable and artistic


T/T, Western Union


The Marble Fireplaces

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:

The Marble Fireplaces:Strong Wooden Crate with Plasitc & Foam inside

Delivery Detail:





Q:What price for each watt?

A:It depends on the quantity, delivery date and payment terms

Q:What is your warranty system?

A:Our fireplaces aer pure hand carved
Q:How do you pack your products?

A:We have rich experience on how to pack thecells to make sure the safety on shipment when it arrives at the destination.

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Q:Confucius stone carving like the installation of what is the argument
The fifth: by the Shaolin Temple of the sea lights Master again and again the disciples of the three lines of the master for the elephant - 1, prickly cocks blood. 2, stained cinnabar. 3, open eyes, view of the Quartet near the distant far. 4, open the mouth light, teach no tired to teach no class 5, slap in the face, listen to eight square repair Qi Ping. 6, open nose light, smell for the fragrance of the Qing Dynasty. 7, start light, holding the holy volume; to the Guangxi Oriental Foreign Language Vocational College new school. Is willing to holy first division of the spirit, cross the crane to return, to see Guangxi Oriental Foreign Language Vocational College Zhuang Rong! Sunrise in the sky The sixth item: by the director Lee to assist the master for the iconic flower;         By the director of Lee to assist the master for the elephant ornaments;         By the master for the holy spree holy water blessing. Common blessing: willing to heaven and earth to Ning, may the world clean, may be prosperous, willing to Valley of the gods, may like the image of the full, Qi Fu, God bless and harmony; willing all things all over the world can be happy and auspicious harmony!        Ritual perfect, 100 industry by the blessing! The ceremony is over, thank you and the ladies!
Q:Stone carving (carving) learning
Want to try their own stone carving, to have the most basic masons, practice line start, pay attention to action essentials, and strength, a row of parallel uniform, practice playing round, you can use a different alloy steel chan (mason common tools) , There are sharp flat, flat with different width and width.    Boring words can learn to inscription, help to describe the details of the future, followed by learn to use the machine: engraved machine, polishing machine, grinding machine. Hand grinding machine to learn to use a different wheel, especially King Kong film; engraved machine to learn to use a different grinding head, and now most of the stone is grinding out. To practice hard martial arts that first worship a mason master from the basic skills from the practice. I guess you want to directly carve a portrait of the human Han, out of play attitude it! To find a plaster like, a little line of the best instrument, with the ruler, a large caliper (you can do their own simple) the amount of bold with a diamond film with Zanzi cut large, and then for small diamond slices, and then the size of praise Child repair OK. Pay special attention to the use of the machine to pay attention to safety. It is best to bring glasses, hats, masks, to prevent the gravel.
Q:What is the central work of stone carving at the tomb
Western Han Dynasty Chinese sculpture art achievements, highlighting the performance of large-scale commemorative stone carvings and decorative sculpture, in which the Han Dynasty hussars general Huoqi disease tomb stone is retained a group of very representative of the large stone works. Huo Qubing (about 140 BC - 117 years ago), the famous generals of the Western Han Dynasty, six times within six years of troops to fight against the Huns infestation, six and six, in order to lift the Huns on the military threat to the Han Dynasty and open up the Western Road established immortal meritorious service , The official to the hussars general, champion Hou, but the young died, died only twenty-four years old. After his death, got the Han Emperor's burial.
Q:On the Similarities and Differences between the Stone Terra - cotta of Qin Shihuang 's Terracotta Warriors and the Stone Carving Art at the Tomb of Huo
Books to the two dynasties of the carving art style classified as a class can be seen that they have the same place Qin Dynasty belongs to the real art and the Western Han Dynasty Huo stone disease is exaggerated deformation of the former fine the atmosphere
Q:Shenyang Palace Museum stone carving
These stone carvings, stone is the focus of the protection of cultural relics, the majority of marble carved.
Q:What are the stone used to make stone carved statues?
To this look at "Xiamen City Xi En Trade Co., Ltd.", the larger domestic supplier of imported stone is their.
Q:What is the world's largest ancient stone statue of stone?
Qingyuan Mountain Laojun statue - China's largest existing Taoist stone Leshan Giant Buddha 14.7 meters high, 10 meters wide, is the world's largest stone statue of stone
Q:What is the largest stone statue in ancient China? Anonymous | View 161 times
Leshan Giant Buddha, also known as Lingyun Buddha, is located in Leshan City, Sichuan Province, south of the Minjiang River Lingyun Temple side, near the Dadu River, Tsing Yi River and the Minjiang River Sanjiang confluence. Buddha for the Maitreya statue, 71 meters high, is China's largest statue of a cliff stone. Leshan Buddha excavated in the Tang Dynasty Kaiyuan first year (713), completed in Zhenyuan nineteen years (803 years), which lasted about ninety years.
Q:The Characteristics of Stone Buddha in the Stone Carving Process in the Six Dynasties
Stone art is not only a symbol of religious spirit, but also a variety of social life reproduction, so in fact the Wei Jin Southern and Northern Dynasties stone content is very extensive.This is also introduced by the Northwest national cultural factors, they gradually fundamentally changed the Central Plains people Living life and its handling of interior space furnishings. During this period the formation of the main stone art, are influenced by the influence of Buddhist art, which is reflected in the stone carving art is particularly full. Art of architecture is a very comprehensive art, in which the stone carving process occupies an extremely important position.The Northern and Southern Dynasties stone art can be described as the culmination, unparalleled, which in the excavation of large caves and their statues, as well as crafted image processing and Decorative composition, have a full performance. On the one hand, we in Taiyuan Tianlongshan and other places on the grottoes, see the mason to a very superb skills to shape the wooden structure of the grotto architectural form, this large-scale stone carving a large number of buildings, no doubt for the extensive implementation of later stone carvings Laying the technical foundation.Currently in China before the ancient buildings have no longer exist, the cave temple left the standard architectural style, which is more commendable. Chinese classical architecture style and decorative components are rich and colorful, which in stone carving art also have different forms of reflection.For example, the image of the Northern and Southern Dynasties building components, compared with the Han is a more gentle and refined style, pillars appear basin And the lotus two forms, the column is also different styles, the purpose is to enhance the visual beauty of the viewer at the same time, through the stone form of observation, we can also appreciate the Buddhist statues and paintings in the performance style consistency.
Q:Jiangxi Sanqingshan that stone carved the world's first mountain who title, and solution
Sanqingshan modern stone is mainly distributed in the south and central Yu Jingfeng of Sanqingshan, there are red calligrapher Shu "Sanqingshan", chairman of the Chinese Calligraphers Association Shen Peng's "German with heaven and earth", the famous calligrapher and Chinese painter Liu Bingsen's " "Shangrao Artists Association Chairman Huang Yong-chen book" Wonderland ", the famous seal carvings and calligraphy Qian Jun Tao's" Jiangnan first Xianfeng, the world blessed blessing ", the Chinese calligrapher association vice president Tong Wei" Road law nature " Zou Dezhong "show Jiangnan", the famous calligrapher Liu Yi's "python out of the mountain", Jiangxi provincial government leadership Wu Guanzheng "created love thick", Jiangxi Province CPPCC leadership Zhongguang Huang's "Sanqing Shengjing" and other ink.

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