Crawler Crane Hydraulic Truck Crane Model of QUY80 Mobile Crane Capacity 80T

Ref Price:
$150,000.00 - 300,000.00 / unit
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Payment Terms:
TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
1 unit
Supply Capability:
20 unit/month
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Description for Crawler Crane QUY80

·  Model Number: QUY80

·  Brand:Crawler Crane hydraulic truck crane for sale

·  Model: QUY80

·  Type: crawler crane

·  Capacity: 80 ton

·  Boom length: 13-57m

·  Fixed jib length: 6-18

·  Engine power: 153kw

·  Overall weight: 15 ton

·  Dimensions: 13.5*3.3*3.2

·  Condition: New brand


Features for Crawler Crane QUY80

Rated power/ rotational speed kW/rpm : 209/2100

Max. output torque/ rotational speed Nm/rpm: 1425/1400

Engine: 199/2200  153/2200  EU Stage III  TIER 3


Specifications for Crawler Crane QUY80

Crawler Crane




Max. lifting capacity × Radius t × m


Deadweight with basic boom t


Main boom length m


Fixed jib length m


Max. lifting capacity of fixed jibt


Offset angle of fixed jib°


Max. length of main boom with fixed jib m


Max. speed of single rope on drum



The 4th rope layer



The 4th rope layer



The 4th rope layer

Slewing speedrpm


Traveling speed km/h




Ground pressureMPa


Overall dimensions (L×W×H) m


Incl. mast, boom bottom section







Pictures for Crawler Crane QUY80

 Crawler Crane Hydraulic Truck Crane Model of QUY80 Mobile Crane Capacity 80T

Crawler Crane Hydraulic Truck Crane Model of QUY80 Mobile Crane Capacity 80T


FAQ for QUY80

Q:Which payment terms can we accept?

A: 1. on T/T term, 30% down payment is required in advance, and 70% balance shall be settled before the shipment. Or against the copy of shipping documents.

2. On L/C term, a 100% irrevocable L/C without soft clause can be accepted, pls seek the advice from the individual sales manager whom u work with.

Q: which interms 2010 terms can we work?

A:Oriemac is a professional and sophisticated international player, can handle all incomers 2010 terms, and we normally work on FOB, CFR, CIF, CIP,DAP.

Q:What is the advantage of a car crane?
With the rapid development of modern economy, municipal engineering, industrial and mining enterprises, terminals, airports, water conservancy, hydropower, petrochemical and other aspects of the construction scale is growing, the need to lift the quality of goods, volume and height to reach the height
Q:What is the process of handling the truck crane?
Unit code certificate (valid annual inspection period), introduction letter, official seal.
Q:What is the basic structure of a car crane?
Due to the development of hydraulic technology, electronics industry, high strength steel and automobile industry, the development of automobile cranes has been promoted.
Q:How the position of the crane crane boom is arranged
Generally by adjusting the screw to make additional adjustments or increase the gasket under the slider method to make additional adjustments, the form of the slider with the different shape of the boom, the adjustment must ensure that the slider and the boom to ensure a certain gap between the
Q:Is the crane (a truck crane) a truck?
Article 2 of the Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Road Transport stipulates that "the road transport operations referred to in the preceding paragraph shall include road passenger transport operations (hereinafter referred to as passenger transport operations) and roads
Q:What is the hook crane technique?
Of course, different conditions, tonnage, work conditions but also their own long practice to grasp
Q:How to get the weight of the truck crane
The crane center of gravity is not provided nor is it obtained,
Q:What is the speed limit of a motor vehicle crane?
Due to the lifting and lifting of the crane, the boom is extended and retracted, and the stroke of the boom is long. The acceleration phenomenon caused by the action of gravity during the movement of the mechanism or load is also a more prominent problem.
Q:The world's largest car crane can be heavy?
Seven main arm up to 84 meters, the arm up to 63 meters, the total length of the crane close to 150 meters
Q:What are the characteristics of the development of car cranes abroad?
The remote control system is used in a truck crane and other mobile crane, which includes a controller on the controller and a receiver mounted on the crane, the controller having an electromagnetic radiation generator, a receiver acting on a crane

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