Container energy power storage system battery pack solar energy

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Item specifice:

Material: Lithium battery Max. Power(W): 26000 Number of Cells(pieces): 14

Product Description:


Container energy power storage system battery pack solar energy

Safety and reliable

● Optimized LFP route, strict cell safety test;

● Thermal simulation design of the whole process from PACK to container;

● Full range of electrical protection: high and low voltage separation, insulation monitoring, grounding protection, lightning protection design;

● Industrial grade temperature control system, to ensure the efficient and reliable operation of the system;

● Intelligent fire control, strategic linkage, multi-level protective measures.


Multidimensional integration

● Easy to transport, installation and operation;

● Easy to copy and expand modularized;

● Highly integrated battery module design to reduce internal resistance, improve consistency and energy efficiency;

●Intelligent local controller unified scheduling management in the box to improve the overall security and stability of the system.

Intelligence and Efficiency

● Large capacity, low internal resistance, long life of the cell design, improve the economy;

● High stability chip level BMS technology, improve battery SOC and available capacity accuracy;Cell level monitoring, improve the consistency and life of batteries;

● Full scene integrated EMS system architecture, high efficiency, digital, intelligent to ensure the reliability, stability and economy of energy storage and power supply;

● Fault prediction, fault identification and quick positioning.


Item NO.TSMG00002650TSMG00002660TSMG00002800TSMG00003100
Battery specification
Rated discharge rate1C0.5C0.5C0.25C
Battery cell3.2V/120AH3.2V/145Ah3.2V/120Ah3.2V/145Ah
Voltage range604.8-788.4V672-850V638.4-809.4V672-850V
Nominal capacity2.65MWh2.66MWh2.80MWh3.10MWh
Communication InterfaceCAN,RS485,EthernetCAN,RS485,EthernetCAN,RS485,EthernetCAN,RS485,Ethernet
System specification
Number of battery pack32121614
Size( L*W*H)13716mm*2438mm*2896mm12192mm*2438mm*2896mm12192mm*2438mm*2896mm12192mm*2438mm*2896mm
Weight(Include/exclude the battery)48.4T/8T38T/7T39T/7T38T/7T
Battery temperature control modeIndustrial grade temperature controlled air conditioningIndustrial grade temperature controlled air conditioningIndustrial grade temperature controlled air conditioningIndustrial grade temperature controlled air conditioning
Fire extinguishing systemHFC-227ea fire extinguishing systemHFC-227ea fire extinguishing systemHFC-227ea fire extinguishing systemHFC-227ea fire extinguishing system

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Container energy power storage system battery pack solar energy

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Q:What is the internal structure of solar panels
EVA used to bond fixed glass and power generation body (such as battery), transparent EVA material directly affect the quality of the component life, exposure to air in the EVA easy to aging yellow, thus affecting the component's light transmittance, thus
Q:How do solar cells work to become the solar energy?
Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells is intended as a vehicle for the dissemination of research results on materials science and technology related to photovoltaic, photothermal and photoelectrochemical solar energy conversion.
Q:How does the solar panel produce it yourself?
Step 4: Add Electrolytes Use iodine-containing solutions as the electrolyte for solar cells, which are mainly used for the reduction and regeneration of fuels. One or two drops of electrolyte can be added to the surface of the titanium dioxide film.
Q:What information can I get from the Internet about the solar cell modules? Such as what it is? How it is made?
The solar cell module is composed of two loop circuits located respectively on two sides of the solar cell module, and converge respectively to the junction box.
Q:What kind of products can be considered as the solar cell products?
Solar cell product, as simple as it is, is the products which is made of solar cell, or generated by the power converting from solar cells.
Q:How is the solar panel and the battery connected?
In the case of solar power to charge the battery at the same time, the battery power supply is completely feasible, in this case, the load will use the power of electricity directly to the use of solar cells, the remaining charge to the battery; the contrary, if the solar battery power is not enough , Will also take electricity from the battery at the same time.
Q:What are the short-circuit currents of solar cells affected by the factors?
Silicon cell: the life of the minority after the diffusion, silicon impurity content, silicon chip resistivity, cashmere suede, PE anti-reflective film anti-reflective effect, the front gate line printing and so on affect the short-circuit current.
Q:Which brand of the solar cells is sold with the lower price on the market? Which brand is more practical for the countryside?
The low price solar cells do not always mean lower quality, because sometime the government may provide the tax refund to support saving the energy.
Q:Where can I buy the 156x156mm high efficiency poly solar cells assembly?
My company name is Shana'xin West Control Electric company, and we are one of the biggest poly solar cells assembly. We can offer a very competitive price to you.
Q:Can a solar cell be used in commercial buildings?
Solar cells can not only be used in the factories, but also in commercial buildings!

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