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Aluminium foil acts as a total barrier to light and oxygen (which cause fats to oxidise or become rancid), odours and flavours, moistness, and germs, it is used broadly in food and pharmaceutical packaging. The purpose of aluminium is to make long-life packs (aseptic processing|aseptic packaging) for drinks and dairy goods, which allows storing without refrigeration. Aluminium foil containers and trays are used to bake pies and to pack takeaway meals, ready snacks and long life pet foods.

Aluminium foil is widely sold into the consumer market, often in rolls of 500 mm (20 in) width and several metres in length.It is used for wrapping food in order to preserve it, for example, when storing leftover food in a refrigerator (where it serves the additional purpose of preventing odour exchange), when taking sandwiches on a journey, or when selling some kinds of take-away or fast food. Tex-Mex restaurants in the United States, for example, typically provide take-away burritos wrapped in aluminium foil.

Aluminium foils thicker than 25 µm (1 mil) are impermeable to oxygen and water. Foils thinner than this become slightly permeable due to minute pinholes caused by the production process.

Aluminium foil has a shiny side and a matte side. The shiny side is produced when the aluminium is rolled during the final pass. It is difficult to produce rollers with a gap fine enough to cope with the foil gauge, therefore, for the final pass, two sheets are rolled at the same time, doubling the thickness of the gauge at entry to the rollers. When the sheets are later separated, the inside surface is dull, and the outside surface is shiny. This difference in the finish has led to the perception that favouring a side has an effect when cooking. While many believe that the different properties keep heat out when wrapped with the shiny finish facing out, and keep heat in with the shiny finish facing inwards, the actual difference is imperceptible without instrumentation.The reflectivity of bright aluminium foil is 88% while dull embossed foil is about 80%.

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Hevay duty aluminum foil worksspray the actuall pan with PAM, or sum type of food grade oilthen cover with the foilthe reason for the holes is due to the water content in the drippingsthe oil will disperse it and the foil will actually catch itbeing that aluminum does NOT rust theyre should be no more issues and easy clean up to boot !!!
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Hi Nicola Paprika, Aluminum chloride is very deliquescent, and it can explode on contact with thewater under the effect of hydration. It ishydrolysis partially in the presence ofwater to form of hydrogen chloride (hydrochloric acid). In aqueous solution, AlCl3 is fully ionized , and the solution well led electric current. This solution is acidic. In a simplified way, the cation produced by the reaction of chloride of aluminium with water is written : [Al(H2O)6](3+) ======= [Al(OH)(H2O)5](2+) + H3O(+) AlCl3 is probably theLewis acid most commonly used and the most powerful. This compound has many applications in the chemicalindustry , including as a catalyst for the reactions of Friedel and Crafts, bothalkylation andacylation. It is also used for polymerization andisomerization of organic reactions. There is also an aluminium (I) chloride (AlCl3), but it is very unstable and is known in the gaseous State.
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Cover the pan with aluminum foil while cookingRemove foil, and top with your favorite Italian style melting cheese and return to the over for the last ten minuets of cooking time or until it looks like a pizza on top.

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