commerical washer extractor with big drum for the hotel

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Item specifice:

Metal:304stainless steel: Voltage:380V,220V,etc.

Product Description:

Product Name:

commerical washer extractor with big drum for the hotel

Product Application:

Our washer extractor has a wide range of applications like hotel,hospital,laundry shop,etc as below,

commerical washer extractor with big drum for the hotel

Product Advantages and Features:

1.Automatic and programmable controlling system with touching screen.

2.Adopt the most advanced international suspension structure to absorb vibration

3.Drum is made of stainless steel, corrosion resistance and durable

4.All closed, loading and unloading in front, water inlet and outlet at the back of the machine, so there is no environmental pollution.

5.Using high precision converter motor and famous brand frequency inverter to make the machine running smoothly and reliable.

Product Specifications:

Max.Capacity (kg)1520305070100
Drum Diameter(mm)636x470700x500900x5001080x5751080x7301200x856
Overall Dimension(mm)1240x1000x13001260x1050x14001460x1400x16351610x1550x18001760x1550x18001990x1690x2030
Washing rotate speed  (r/min)454536353331
Uniformity speed            (r/min)908580757065

High drum speed   


Motor Power (Kw)1.52.2345.57.5
Draining valve (mm)φ70φ70 φ100 φ100 φ100 φ140 
Power supplyStandard:380+N-3PH-50Hz

commerical washer extractor with big drum for the hotelcommerical washer extractor with big drum for the hotel

commerical washer extractor with big drum for the hotel

Why Choose Us

1.We have advanced production equipment including the CNC cutting machine,hydraulic plate bending machine,and open back inclinable press and soon on.

2.We inspect our machine from the raw materials,the use of high-quality 304,316 stainless steel.

3,We will present the vulnerable parts for customers’ spare.

4.Used the high quality motor that special in washing laundry plant.

5.We can ensure the monthly production capacity with more than two hundred staff,delivery the cargo to customers on time.

6.Completed after-sales service system, if you need, we can arrange the installation team for you.

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