Colorful 3.5Mm To 3.5Mm Small Flat Audio Cable, 3.5 Audio Input Adapter Cable For Mobile Phone,Mp3,Speaker

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Product Description:

 Hot Sell The Cheapest Colorful 3.5mm To 3.5mm Small Flat Audio Cable, 3.5 Audio Input Adapter Cable For Mobile Phone,Mp3,Speaker  


Product introduction:



2* 3.5mm standard male jack plug

Color available:

white, black, red, green, blue, purple, pink, orange,yellow

Cable length:


Cable width:


Product weight:


Packing type:

Polybag or bulk

Compatible with:

car,computer, mobile phone, TV set, DVD player, CD Player, headphone, speaker microphone, loudspeaker, MP3,MP4 and any other device which have 3.5mm audio port




  • Connect your phone with 3.5mm input jack to any 3.5mm stereo or receiver and output your favorite music and podcasts

  • If your vehicle's stereo has an aux-in port, then use the 3.5mm stereo audio aux cable to listen to MP3 or internet radio from your cell phone, PDA, or MP3 player in your car

  • Buy the extension cable if you need a male to male 3.5mm connection for audio output

  • Listen to music on any stereo that features a 3.5mm aux input port

  • Great way to hook up your phone/iPod/other phones to your cars stereo

  • Expand the way you hook up and listen to your music

  • Can connect any digital devices with 3.5mm interface


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Q:Motor operation column with open and stop button and open and stop the light, it should be selected with a few feet
You buy the USB cable is not OK. Material is not good. Line resistance is too large. It is recommended to buy high quality wire
Q:How does the computer connect to a digital media player and a TV
Insulation punched clip mainly by the insulation shell, puncture blade, waterproof pad, torque bolts. As the cable branch connection, the branch cable into the branch cap and determine the main line branch position, with a socket wrench to tighten the clamp on the torque nut, with the torque nut tightening, clip up and down two hidden puncture blade insulator Gradually closed, at the same time, wrapped in the puncture blade around the arc seal pad closer to the cable insulation layer, puncture blade also began to puncture the cable insulation and metal conductors. When the sealing pad and insulating grease seal and the puncture blade and metal contact to achieve the best results, the torque nut automatically fall off, this time, the installation is complete and the contact point seal and electrical effect to achieve the best. Advantages: easy to install: do not need to strip the cable insulation can do cable branch, the connector completely insulated. Do not cut off the main cable, you can do any branch in the cable. Installation is simple and reliable, just use the socket wrench, can be charged installation. Use safety: joints resistant to twisting, shock, water, flame retardant, anti-electrochemical corrosion aging, no maintenance. Has been successfully used for more than 30 years. Cost savings: minimal installation space, savings of bridge and civil construction costs. Construction applications, no terminal box, distribution box, no cable back line, saving cable investment. Cable + puncture clip costs less than other power supply system, only about 40% of the plug-in bus, is about 60% of prefabricated branch cable.
Q:Three-phase 4 square copper wire 380V voltage, can be connected to how high power appliances?
Hello: in the combination of materials or cement solid, combined with good, durability.
Q:How is the disc drive cable? Only red and white two lines!
This is not difficult to identify! . see inside the accessories have not been grinding, many factories do not spare parts, but lost and wasted, had to wear it will be used. . the number of accessories, accessories more, the greater the problem may be. . the quality of the motor, lock the heart of the problem is the largest motor, and now is better Wanbao to. . switch, lock heart inside there are three switches, one is the lock switch, one is the lock switch and there is a tongue switch, a good switch is the price is several times worse. This may not see all of a sudden, but you can look inside the line, the core will not use too bad switch. . look at the lock heart of the bracket, this is the insulation used to do the best is not the use of plastic, but with nylon, nylon color does not look good, no gloss, but can not 10 years of aging, and plastic Can only use 3 years or so .. look at the lock heart shell, the national standard is 2 mm thick Oh, now the market is mostly 1.2-1.5. 7 to see the tongue, oblique out of not less than 14 mm, the tongue can not be less than 25 mm. Insurance out of 7 mm to start the insurance function. The The The I know so much
Q:What is the distance between the power cable and the thermal pipe when it is laid above the thermal pipe?
You can use the first picture and the second map The first power output interface SATA and P6 interface The second SATA data cable The third graphics card power conversion head The fourth with the second The fifth did not see is not the conversion head is extended line
Q:I am a salesman who sells a cable tray, how can I sell my product, and now it is so depressing
Dear Hisense users, how are you! Video 1 can only connect the video signal, video 2 is the video and the components share the open download the palm of your hand, the audio needs to be connected separately to the individual audio input port, there is no difference in the use effect. Because most of the current television stations are the resolution of 480I below the ordinary video, the network video 720P above the maximum can reach 1080P, so the clarity difference is obvious. Up and down the black side is because the TV program to play wide-screen movies or high-definition film source width and height ratio and TV signal is different, in order to show the full size of the image will meet the width, then there is a part of the height of the image, the TV itself can not be adjusted.
Q:The new room wire soaked in the court to support the line
First of all, in accordance with the way you take the DVD set-top box, connected after the cable TV signal line connected to the set-top box signal input interface on the line.
Q:How to draw the bridge, can directly pull out the four lines composed of the bridge?
. if the computer monitor with HDMI interface, directly with the HDMI cable from the set-top box HDMI port to connect the HDMI interface can be displayed. . if the monitor does not have HDMI interface, only HDMI to VGA or DVI converter (to have audio output interface), the video directly connected to the monitor, the audio needs to use a one end is 3.5mm plug connector and converter On the audio output port connection, the other end access to a speaker can be. . if the monitor also connected to the computer to use, that only select a TV with more than one HDMI interface. Otherwise, only often plug the cable.
Q:How are these jacks connected to the computer?
View your computer graphics interface. There is no control of the same TV interface. And then set the computer inside the settings can be set, and your TV may also have VGA interface, now see HDMI (picture from the network)
Q:What brand of cable is good, what are the top ten brands of wires?
YJV22-4 * 185 cable pipe can only be a tube. SC150-FC that wear 150mm welded steel pipe, dark laying in the ground.

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