COFDM Video Transmitter with Two Way Audio Transmission System

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Brand Name: Safe Guard Model Number: SG-VT10 RF power: 10Watt(adjustable)
Modulation: COFDM 2K QPSK RF Bandwidth: 42/2.5//8MHz(adjustable) Customization: All features can be changed as your prefer!
Max speed: 450km/h Video input: BNC/RCA RF Interface: N (two aerial connectors)
Transmission Distance: Appr. 5km NLOS (for manpack) Video compression: H.264

Product Description:

SG-VT10 system is new generation of broadcast-quality good resolution image transmission and walkie-talkie system. It adopts the current leading COFDM modulation technology and relative narrow-band frequency(2/2.5//4/8MHz), it has the strong anti-jamming capability, overcomes the reflection and cover caused by transmission multipath simulation technique and conventional modulation techniques, to realize high-speed photography and near real-time transmit high quality image in NLOS or complicated working conditions. Especial suitable for army training, fire rescue, marine remote control security application.

COFDM Video Transmitter with Two Way Audio Transmission System

Main Feature

1) COFDM modulation, stable transmission
2) MPEG-4 video compression, DVD video quality
3) Video and walkie-talkie Simultaneous transmission;
4) RF power can up to 10W, long range distance.
5) Works well in NLOS and fast-moving conditions
6) LCD screen shows parameters and working status.
7) Dual aerials connectors.

Product Parameters


 138-4400MHz (option), but only 100MHz space for user

 RF power

 10Watt (adjustable)

 Power supply

 DC11-14.5V/2.7A (aviation plug)



 RF Bandwidth

 2/2.5/4/8MHz (adjustable)


 1/2 2/3 3/4 7/8 (option)

 Guard Interval

 1/32 1/16 1/8 1/4(option)

 Data Encryption

 AES 128/256 Bits

 Max speed


 Video input


 Audio input

 standard Aviation plug, support two-way intercome

 Video compression format


 Video Resolution

 standard 720P,1280*720

 RF Interface

 N  (two aerial connectors)

 Work environment


 Transmission Distance

Appr. 5km NLOS (for manpack)

 Case Material Aluminum






Product Application

This special designed system is for long range distance for any AV equipments, has been widely used in Police Forces, First Responders, Security Services, Fire Services, Port Security, Homeland Security, Traffic Management, Police Technical Support Units, Special Forces, Military Command and Control Posts, Airport, Border Control, Major Incident Support.

COFDM Video Transmitter with Two Way Audio Transmission System

Our Services

One year free warranty;
Three months for free spare parts (Replacement parts will be charged after a year);
24-h technical guidance;
One-stop ODM/OEM solution;
We provide professional system design and construction;
We have over 15 years experience's study, design and manufacturing in wireless microwave transmission area;
We are the professional plant source,so we can provide you high quality in best price.

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Q:District security monitoring center layout?
3, the residential area monitoring center should be equipped with reliable wired and wireless communication tools, when the police situation, should be able to quickly and the scene of the crime and external contacts.4, residential quarters monitoring center and residential district management center merger.
Q:How to be a security minister
As a security minister, you need to know your responsibilities:I. responsible for the overall management of the company's security and defense;Two, publicize the party's principles, policies, laws and regulations, strictly abide by the law and enforce the law, safeguard the interests of the company, and ensure the normal production and living order of the company;
Q:Intelligent security and smart home profit space which big?
The security monitoring system, according to the different functions of system components, the whole security monitoring system is divided into seven layers: presentation layer, control layer, processing layer, transport layer, execution layer, support layer, data acquisition layer. Of course, because of the increasing integration of devices, for some systems, some devices may exist in the system at the same time as multiple layers.
Q:How is the security monitoring cost charged?
1. buy computer ah meter materials are purchased when stock commodity or raw materials and related subjects, staff wages and travel expenses and other expenses included in expenses for the period (management fees, sales expenses and financial expenses) etc... As for the end of the period, you need to transfer the cost, the main transfer period expenses, the main business tax and additional, income tax and other subjects.2., the specific entries are: Borrow: main business costs;Credit: business taxes and surchargesManagement expensesFinancial expensesSelling expensesIncome tax
Q:What line is the security monitoring power line?
In some cases,.3 root leads to RVV3*X are also usedIn the construction of rigorous design, it is best not to use ordinary civilian electrical lines, one is different and without protective sheath, twist, resistance to electromagnetic interference is not good.
Q:How about the acceptance report of security monitoring?
Such as wire can be in the local agents, because it is too heavy, if you want to come with the manufacturers, freight is self - care! It'll probably be more expensive by then! Those other, no weight, you can follow the manufacturers, the price is good, the freight is not expensive!
Q:Security monitoring plan how to draw? Please expert advice!! Urgent!
I drew some simple pictures before. Make the floor plan first, then insert the camera icon, and have a walking map. In the lower right corner of the diagram, you should have a legend!
Q:Will security monitoring work be dangerous?
Monitoring the construction of the project requires constant contact with alternating current;Power tools are required;
Q:What do you need to open a security monitoring shop?
You need to apply for a self-employed business license1., you need to prepare a copy of the store property certificate (rental house, but also rental agreement)2. photocopies of ID cards and one inch of photos
Q:Does it require 3C and other certifications to produce wires for sensors such as security, surveillance, medical and electronic sensors?
3C certification must be done, and other certifications can be done. What are not specified, then you need to do is wire into the private letter ah

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