Camping Cot Portable Cots for Sleeping Easy Setup Camping Bed

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Color: customizable

Weight: about 3.5kg

Weight: 150 kg

Fabric: canvas

Support: aviation aluminum alloy

Packing quantity: 9PCS/CTN

Packing size: 56x48x48CM

Gross and net weight: 32.5kg / 31.5kg


Two Heights Off The Ground 13 Inch and 7 InchUnique product design to meet your different needs, 13 inch camping cot height you can sit or sleep on the bed, and the bottom of the bed can store your camping equipment, such as backpack, water bottle, trekking pole; 7 inch camping tent cot ,don't worry about the short height of the tent.


Tough Aluminium Alloy Support 330 Lbs: Using the principle of triangular stability makes the camping cot is stable and durable. Don't worry that the load-bearing rod will deform after long-term use; the bottom of all frame feet are non-slip plastic feet, which are more slip-resistant, so you don't have to worry about slipping when you use them


Very Comfortable: 600D ripstop Water-resistant polyester, high strength - strong impact resistance, good elasticity, sturdy and durable. 2-in-1 Side Pocket of this folding camping cot can put your items, such as mobile phone, power bank, small snacks, etc


Suitable for a Variety of Scenarios: Suitable for Outdoor Travel, Camping, Hiking, Office, Home. If you have a bad back that you worried would keep you from participating, buying this cot and sleeping off the ground was integral to keeping up on the trip.

Q:I'm moving home from college and bringing the bed risers that i was using on my twin bed at school, can i use them for a full size bed at home? They are 6in.
I am using bed risers for my full size bed right but it all depends on the bed. I think that you need to check out the label/package (if you still have it) for information on how much weight the risers can hold. If you don't, I would look at other risers that are the store which are similar to yours. I know that mine can only hold 300 pounds, which includes the frame, the mattress, and me... So, it all depends on how heavy your bed is and how durable your risers are!
Q:I am 15 years old. I am looking for a cute bedding set. It does not matter what type of bedding. I want something that is pretty. It can be wild or calm. Help please!!!!
Well okorder /
Q:Where can I purchase bedding for this?Do you like it?
I okorder . You can get a two pack for $25 + s/h.
Q:First aid! What's that thing on the back of the bed?
The back of the bed, originally belonged to the "bedside", should now be called "bed by."".
Q:call me thick, but you know those beds that have the headboard at the top and then one at the bottom,foot area,what are they called???????
Do you mean a sleigh bed? It looks like someone put a mattress in the middle of an old-time sleigh but the sleigh is made of wood rather than steel.
Q:1 meters, 8 beds, what size should I buy?
That's 1.8 of the four sets, and they all have size choices
Q:Im getting new bedding and i need good websites to order from. Im 13 years old and i love polka dots. Lol. Btw: I have a queen bed
Here okorder /
Q:Where can i find a cheap dog bed for a large dog? Beds are so expensive!
Go shop the goodwill stores in your area and be creative. I used to get old bed comforters and fold them up for dog beds. Once I scored a few old down pillows, bought some heavy fabric and made a huge dog bed filled with down feathers. I still have it and it's a favorite. Washes well. Cost me about $10, fabric and old pillows.
Q:whats worse the tanning beds or the sun?
I have tanned in both the sun and tanning beds and beds are def faster but the sun leaves my skin dryer and a lot tighter and rough feeling. I have heard from people who own tanning beds and such that tanning beds control the amount of UV radiation where as the sun does not. Your best bet is to go without either if you can, but if you must tan in a bed or in the sun, use a tanning lotion with some kind of SPF or use will still tan even with sunblock on, it just blocks out the harmful UV rays. Oh and look for a lotion or sunblock with UVA and UVB protection because those are the 2 kinds of harmful rays. Hope this helps!
Q:im in bed right now and its soo cold outside of my bed and im tired ANDD I CANT GET UP but im gonna b lte if i stay in bed any tips on how to get up??
Haha. Try this. Shoot out of your bed, do 10 starjumps fast on the spot then run out of your room! This way you're awake Can't see your bed. then brush your teeth. Once you've brushed you won't want to sleep. If you're still sleepy splash ice water on your face or walk outside.

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