Bulldozer Brand New High Quality SD08

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Product Description:

Quality Bulldozer  Brand New High SD08

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:SD08


Type:Small Loader

Usage:Universal Type


Scraper Type:Tractor-Scraper

Transmission:Hydraulic Transmission


Walking Mode:Crawler

Load and Unload Method:Front Discharge


Engine Power:<74kw

Certification:CE, ISO9001: 2000





Machine Weight:7650kg:Dimension(Long * Breadth * High):3973*2553*2785mm

Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:Nude Package

Standard:CE, ISO


Origin:Shandong, China

Production Capacity:1000units/Month

Product Description

 brand new high quality bulldozer SD08


Shantui 8ton mini bulldozer 85HP(Sd08) Dimension:3973*2553*2785mm Weichai WP4G90E235 engine(63kw)

 Dimension:3973*2553*2785mm Weichai WP4G90E235 engine(63kw) Straight tilt blade


The turbo charged engine features strong power, high efficiency and energy saving capabilities, and has a large torque reserve coefficient; The extended track ensures low ground pressure, high reliability and strong traction; The planetary power shift transmission features a compact structure, smooth gear shifting, high efficiency and a long service life; Forward and reverse motion, gear shifting and steering are all controlled by a single PPC lever; Integrated dashboard design makes observation of machine processes more logical; The hexahedron cab has a beautiful appearance, wide visibility and is very comfortable; Equipped with a straight angle blade, which is used for excavating, transporting, and backfilling in earth moving projects on roads, farms, rivers, urban areas and power plant projects.


L×W×H (Ripper not included)mm3973×2553×2785
Operating weight (Ripper not included)t7.65
Engine-Weichai WP4G90E235
Rated powerkW/rpm63/2350
Blade type-Straight tilt blade
Blade widthmm2553×890
Dozing capacitym32.02
Ma× drop below ground of blademm383
Lift height of blademm850
Ripper type--
Ripping depth of rippermm-
Lifting height of rippermm-
Number of carriers (each side)-1
Number of track rollers (each side)-6
Number of track shoes (each side)-41
Width of track shoemm460
Track gaugemm1450
Ground length and ground pressuremm/MPa2185-0.038
Forward speedkm/h0-2.53
Reverse speedkm/h0-2.76

Bulldozer  Brand New High Quality SD08

Bulldozer  Brand New High Quality SD08

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Q:Has there been a NFL player that was like a bulldozer?
Warren Sapp was like a bulldozer.
Q:is this a good build for a computer?
The FX6100 belongs to the bulldozer series of cpu that was long ago proved to be not so good in gaming. If you're really wanting an AMD cpu then may I suggest for you to change to one of the piledriver series of AMD cpu's like the FX4300,FX6300 of which AMD has made a great job since these cpu's perform better in gaming unlike the bulldozers. Another option which is better and would give you better performance is by getting an Asrock H77M mobo and an I5-3470, if you're budget is a bit tight, you can drop the water cooler since the stock cooler that comes with the i5-3470 would be good enough. Overall, when you changed your cpu , your build with a GTX 660 can play all games smoothly on max settings no problem, just make sure that you have a good internet connection when playing online, happy gaming =P
Q:What do you think of this quote?
WRONG if i take a bulldozer and drive it into the White House I WOULD THINK I JUST MADE HISTORY LOL
Q:Wait for AMD Bulldozer or build an APU?
AMDs APUs are aimed at extreme low power operation, netbooks etc. Performance-wise they are not great, though better than other low power solutions when it comes to graphics. The jury's out on Bulldozer. Potentially it could be as good if not better than the i7, on a straight $ to $ comparison, but for now we'll just have to wait and see. Which is what I'd advise you to do! Also be sure to factor in the cost of the appropriate motherboard when considering performance, as these can differ massively between the two platforms.
Q:I am looking for a game?
Q:Our company bought a bulldozer, mainly for engineering. Does the bulldozer need to declare a car tax?
The "non - transportation vehicles", as defined here, refer to excavators, graders, forklifts, loaders (forklifts), cranes (cranes), bulldozers and other construction machinery. Therefore, the bulldozer of the above company is a non - carrying vehicle with a fixed device, which shall be exempted from tax and shall not be required to declare the vehicle purchase tax.
Q:wrong or right? (About Israel)?
If Jews bought land in any other country, let us say the Uk. Do they have the right to change the name of the country and kick all the native english people and make them live in a refugee camp for 60 years. The question of debate here: Do the native people have the right to live on their native land.
Q:Where do the bulldozer blades get their power from? Do they consume petrol from the bulldozer itself?
bulldozers use diesel not petrol. The blade is lifted and lowered by hydraulic rams which as already said is powered by a hydraulic pump which is powered by the diesel engine
Q:Algebra help !!! The expression P= -2x^2+2500 describes the profit (P) of a company...?
You can factor it. P=-2x^2+2500 -2x^2+2500=0 -2(x^2-1250)=0 x^2=1250 x=+/- 35.35 Since the company cannot make a negative number of bulldozers, 35.35~ 35 is your answer.
Q:What are the three differences between bulldozers, excavators and scrapers?
For example in road construction, the bulldozer can complete the roadbed treatment, roadside soil lateral Tim building height not more than 1 meters along the embankment, the central line of the road to shovel transfer, transport roadbed the soil excavation, embankment soil embankment built half graben half mountain. In addition, the bulldozer can also be used for leveling, loose material, removal of obstacles in the work area.A excavator is an engineering vehicle consisting of a rotating platform, a large shovel, and a robotic arm, usually with tracks or wheels

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