BMO Robot Laser Welding Machine CNBM from china

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Product Description:

BMO Robot Laser Welding Machine 

This machine is fiber transmission laser welding machine , it equip the Robot Arm’ stretch size is 1400mm or as customers request .This kind of laser welding machines can automatic and faster welding any shape products or complex designing welding application etc. BOAO laser not only just only produce the laser equipments and but also can designing the whole set of laser solution for the customers directly .


Main Features: 

 ♦This machine adopts 1064nm pulse laser as light source. It utilizes laser radiation to heat the surface of workpiece. The surface heat transmits to the internal part of the workpiece by heat conduction effect. The width, energy, peak power and repetition frequency parameters of the laser pulse can be controlled to melt the workpiece and then form melt pool. Because of its unique advantages, this technology has been successfully applied into micro & small metal parts precision welding and welding thin metal sheet.

 ♦Laser Beam is transmitted through flexible optical fiber and then is projected on the weld joint through the welding head. 

 ♦Laser welding is a non-contact welding process, no need of pressure infusion. Just required inert gas to prevent the melt pool from being oxidized. Precision Electric Slide.


Wide range of industrial applications of laser welding machine:

Such as batteries, electronics, optical communications, automotive, auto parts, sensor, microelectronics, hardware, household appliances, medical equipment, mold, bathroom, super capacitors, motors, instrumentation, aerospace, solar, glasses, jewelry, etc.


Welding material is mainly metallic material:

Such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, carbon steel, mild steel, brass, copper, galvanized sheet, rare metals, etc.


Laser welding has the superiority of small welding spot diameter, narrow weld seam and excellent welding effect. After welding, there is no need further treatment or merely simple further treatment. Furthermore, laser welding is applicable to a large scale of materials and can weld various different materials. There advantages enable laser welding be widely used in varieties of precision welding processes.


Applications:  laser welding machine can weld stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, spring steel, copper, brass, galvanized sheet, rare metals, metal sheets and pipes for batteries, solar panel, denture parts, PCB panel, eyeglasses frames, jewelry, mold repairing, motor, automotive parts, hardware, aerospace, phone shell, electric heat pipe, small flange, super capacitors, household appliances, cooker, cooking utensils, kitchenware, medical equipment, electronics etc


Technical Parameters:


BMO Fiber 400

BMO Fiber 600

BMO Fiber800

Average output power:       




laser wavelength


Beam divergency:  


Energy output:      


pulse frequency


laser material

Fiber Laser

pulse width


Running hour:          


Focus length:    


fiber core diameter


minimum diameter

of welding spot


rated laser power




overall power




Fiber output

It can split light in energy and time.

The standard fiber is one channel and

six channels at most.

cooling system

Water cooling

power supply





200kg around

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