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Adopt international popular arcs, streamline, curve surface modeling, beautiful shape, more streamlined.
Change the longitudinal drive motor to transverse ; sink battery to the bottom frame,so it is excellent stability.
"Angle adjustable steering wheel that is designed according to ergonomic ;seats can be adjusted before and
after the 150MM range,so the operator can choose the best driving position."
"Optimized design of wide-view mast,not easy to block the operator’s attention;open frame fork block size
increases, so it has a broader view."
Intelli-sense drop buffer. when the fork is 100-60MM to the ground, the decline speed can automaticly mitigate, and pallets and goods do not impact the ground to protect your precious cargo and high ground.
New integrated portfolio instruments can be intuitively read.
Quiet, clean, environmentally friendly and energy saving.
Communication and promotion integrated controller to ensure smooth running and the lifting precision, speed, excellent performance, with regenerative braking, reverse braking, ramp down defense functions, making operation more efficient, more safe and comfortable.
World-class brand LCD charge indicator with a big-screen , time tables and fault diagnosis table, can be accurately displayed in a poor environment.
"The advanced communication controllers makes truck running, lifting, turning movements controlled by computer."
Regenerative braking (when forklift is during parking, reversing, clambing, the drive motor changes into a generator , and anti-charge the battery.So it is energy efficiency)
The fully open lid makes battery maintenance very convenient.
The sealed electronic cover protects the electrical components from rain, dust and erosion.
VI.Reliability, security
Motor controllers, contactors, power plugs, emergency power off switch, instrument panel and other major electrical components are used foreign famous brands.
Emergency power off switch as standard equipment is in line with European safety standards.
Electronic and hydraulic overload protection device.
Vehicle passed CE safety certification.
AC control system advantages:
Free electrical maintenance reduce maintenance costs.
Eliminating the need for multiple series excitation electric contactor control (such as commutation, bypass, now Health and contacts, etc.)
AC electrical power, protection function, reliability and service life greatly improved.

IdentificationsModel  CPD50Rated capacitykg5000Load centre distancemm500Lift heightmm3000Free lift heightmm150Fork sizemm55×150×1070Mast tiltdeg6/12DimensionsSeat heightmm1185SizeLength to face of forksmm3015Overall widthmm1380Lowered mast heightmm2185Extended mast heightmm4117Overhead load guard heightmm2280Turning radiusmm2650Wheelbasemm550Aisle width for pallets crosswaymm4566PerformanceSpeedTravel speed(laden)km/h13Lift speed(laden)mm/sec230Gradeability(laden)/(unladen)%13/14Drawbar pullN27000Service weightkg7200TyreFront  250/15Rear  7.00-12Wheel baseFrontmm1130Rearmm1100Axle basemm2000Min ground clearancemm219MotorBatteryV/AH80/700Motortravel motorKW16.6oil pump motorKW25.4ControllerAC  AC


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Q:Who knows what a round wheel is on the steering wheel of a forklift truck, and what is the name of the car? Did you buy it on taobao? Reward: 0 - the end of the question is 14 days and 23 hours It's a rocking principle This makes it easier and easier to make the rounds at a slower pace
Who knows what a round wheel is on the steering wheel of a forklift truck, and what is the name of the car? Did you buy it on taobao? Reward: 0 - the end of the question is 14 days and 23 hours It's a rocking principle This makes it easier and easier to make the rounds at a slower pace
Q:Where is the forklift certificate in which department?
This is usually done by the local labor skills appraisal center. It is usually about 1,200 yuan, including training. Electrical work: installation, maintenance, power generation, distribution, explosion proof electrical appliances, other Metal welding (cutting) job: electric welding, welding gas cutting, argon arc welding, other 3 hoisting machinery operation: bridge crane with door crane, tower crane, mobile crane, portal crane, container crane, construction hoist, hoist, rope, commander, elevator maintenance, elevator, elevator installation and other operation 4: the business enterprise inside a motor vehicle driving forklift truck, forklift truck, grab hopper, excavator, bulldozer, grader, bulldozers, loading and unloading machines, dump truck, other registration address: local registration agency address Signing up for training materials: registration certificate, a photocopy of an id card and two photos
Q:The forklift license test is for those
Ordinary driving forklift belongs to the special vehicle, can't registration, registration unit is the local bureau of quality and technical supervision of special equipment safety supervision department registration first, when they reach a certain number of unified exam. The exam is organized by the "special equipment operator exam center". Exam fees according to the local "about special equipment operating personnel safety skills examination fee standards", usually specialized technical theory test costs 40 yuan/person. Time, practical test costs about 120 yuan/person.. For six years, every two years.
Q:What are some of the common failures of forklifts?
Forklifts cannot be started with the following conditions: 1, the battery without electricity Failure of starter The key switch is bad 4, the oil pump does not supply oil 5, there was no oil tank 6, no oil 7, the crankshaft lock The engine was completely scrapped
Q:Why is the forklift water tank heating?
It may be the water pump problem, suggest you go to repair shop to see, we didn't see the original car not to be able to make a conclusion. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Q:What certificate is required to train the forklift
You will drive a forklift to register for the certificate. Will not still go to zhongshan's dongfeng town, zhongshan real kung fu professional forklift training to study and test.
Q:Basic requirements for forklift operation
4, the forklift safety manual: The operation of an electric forklift driver must meet the safety requirements Before running, check the effectiveness of the brake system and the battery charge. If the defect is found, it will be processed before operation 2, when transporting the goods are not allowed to use a single pallet fork goods, goods are not allowed to use fork tip to stir up the goods, must be all goods fork inserted below and make the goods evenly on the pallet fork Make a smooth start, make sure to slow down before turning, not too fast for normal speed and smooth braking
Q:The operation specification of forklift truck
It is strictly forbidden to drive people and drink and drive. No eating and small talk during the journey; No mobile phone calls on the way. Before the vehicle is used, it should be strictly inspected, strictly forbidden to go out of the car, not to be forced through the dangerous or potentially dangerous section of the road
Q:How do you tell if a forklift is retrofitted?
The simplest method, listen, listen to the sound of the engine to have the noise or heterophony, look at the engine to smoke the smoke, the door frame bearing has no wear and tear. Look up from beneath the car, such as no sludge in the sag, paint thinner, door frame without wear and walk it sounds small, small gap control system, the basic is new. Certificate of conformity, the invoice may be.
Q:Does anyone know what the anti-explosion forklift principle is
Watson explosion-proof forklift truck quality is not bad, it is also one of the domestic rare good explosion forklift truck manufacturer Passed the national explosion-proof test, explosion-proof principle of specific can consult on Watson website, there will be a professional solution for you. The hope can help you..

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