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Powerful and economic
Turning easily and flexibly
Low lift cycle costs
efficient and quiet hydraulics

1KG=2.2LB 1INCH=25.4MM

CharacteristicModelUnitCPD15ExCPD20ExExplosion-proof mark  Ex SdⅡBT4Type of operation (hand,pedestrian,standing,seated,order-picker)  SeatedSeatedLoad Capacity/rated loadQ(kg)15002000Load center distancec(mm)500500Load distance,centre of  drive  axle to forkx(mm)428428Wheelbasey(mm)14601460WeightService Weightkg35203680Axle loading,laden frontkg42104790Axle loading,laden rearkg810890Axle loading,unladen frontkg16001660Axle loading,unladen rearkg19202020TyreTyres size, frontrun-flat tire6.50-10-10PR ExTyres size, rearrun-flat tire5.00-8-8PR ExWheels, number front(x=driven wheels)  22Wheels, number rear(x=driven wheels)  22Track width,frontb10(mm)970970Track width,rearb11(mm)920920DimensionsMast tilt forward°33Mast tilt backward°66Lowered mast heighth1(mm)20902090Free lift heighth2(mm)00Lift heighth3(mm)30003000Extended mast heighth4(mm)36173617Overhead load guard(cab) heighth6(mm)19921992Seat height/standing heighth7(mm)980980Coupling heighth10(mm)480480Overall lengthl1(mm)32303230Length to face of forksl2(mm)21602160Overall widthb1(mm)11401140Fork thicknesss(mm)3636Fork Widthe(mm)120120Fork Lengthl(mm)10701070Fork carriage type  AAFork carriage widthb3(mm)980980Ground clearance,laden, under mastm1(mm)100100Ground clearance,center of wheelbasem2(mm)130130Aisle width for pallets 1000x1200 crosswaysmm36003600Aisle width for pallets 800x1200 lengthwaysmm34003400Turning radiusWa(mm)19801980PerformanceTravel Speed, ladenkm/h11.511Travel Speed,unladenkm/h1211.5Lift speed,ladenmm/s280260Lift speed,unladenmm/s300300Lowering speed,ladenmm/s460500Lowering speed,unladenmm/s380380Gradient performance,laden%1010Gradient performance,unladen%1515Service brake  Hydraulic-ElectricMotorDriving motor powerKW7.5(AC)7.5(AC)Oil pump powerKW8.2(AC)8.2(AC)BatteryVoltageV4848Voume capacityAh480540Battery weightkg750860OtherType of drive control  AC inverterAC inverterSound level at driver’s ear according to EN12053dB(A)6868Plug  boltbolt


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Q:What are some of the common failures of forklifts?
Forklifts cannot be started with the following conditions: 1, the battery without electricity Failure of starter The key switch is bad 4, the oil pump does not supply oil 5, there was no oil tank 6, no oil 7, the crankshaft lock The engine was completely scrapped
Q:The width of the forklift truck aisle should be left over
Linde R14 forklift rectangular storage radius, for example, 800 * 1200 along the fork, if the width is 2455 tray security extended length of 75 mm, so both sides is 150 mm, the minimum width of roadway is 2605 mm, width of general design in more than 2800.
Q:What do you need for a forklift?
A special equipment operator shall meet the following requirements: According to the special equipment operating personnel supervision and management method "(order no. 70 of the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine) article 10: apply for special equipment operating personnel license for personnel shall meet the following conditions: The age of 18 or above; The physical fitness and the requirement for the type of work that applies to the applicant; 3, the degree of culture that is appropriate to the type of job application; 4, having a working experience with the type of job application, Having relevant knowledge and skills in safety and technology; (if you don't have to train)
Q:What is the responsibility of the forklift driver for the job?
If the driver of a forklift truck is employed, the unit shall be liable for compensation. If the driver of a forklift is employed by an individual, the employer shall bear the liability for compensation. The two sides may negotiate a compensation dispute in advance and fail to bring a suit to the court.
Q:How many kilograms are on the top of the forklift truck
Second, a forklift is typically designed to prevent a high-flying object from falling and hurling a protective device. So don't put too much weight on the top shelf. Finally, good luck to you!
Q:How long does the electric forklift replace the battery
It's about two to three days 1.5 meters * 2 = 3 meters, Two tons of electric bottle forklifts are fully available at a height of 1.1 tons For now, domestic batteries need to be replaced with 750 charges. At your current workload, it will take at least four years. Of course also need to see the maintenance condition of the battery, maintain good can be able to use a bit longer. If the operation error is likely to be replaced in two or three years The product is detailed to the website of the company
Q:What if the forklift oil is burned and the oil is burned
Gas in the tubing, not oil.Have you had electricity for half a day? Electricity is not enough,
Q:What is a forklift truck
Forklift front end of the apparels, paper roll for efficient, safe, without damage of handling operation, widely used in papermaking, carton packaging production, printing and other industries and the newspaper.
Q:What are the types of battery forklifts
Electric forklift can be divided into three categories: balanced, heavy electric forklift, storage electric forklift, and pre-moving electric forklift. A balanced, heavy electric forklift is powered by an electric motor and a battery is energy. The load capacity is 1.0 ~ 4.8 tons and the width of the job channel is usually 3.5 ~ 5.0 meters. No pollution, no noise.
Q:What is the principle and function of the forklift differential
Forklift differential principle: is mainly composed of several gear (driving wheel polo shape gear), plate Angle gear, planetary gear and driven gear to organize, mainly using planetary gear to the rotation and revolution of the conversion principle of actual differential role to implement the revolution and rotation when turning.

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