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1.0-2.0t wide view three stage all free mast tableModelExtended mast height H 4(mm) The capacity(Load centre distance 500 mms) of Load(kg)CQ10CQ13CQ15CQ18CQ20RTFM5005000700800115013001400RTFM5605600600700105012001300RTFM6006000500600100011001200RTFM6606600--85010001100RTFM7207200--700800900RTFM7507500--650700750RTFM8008000--550600650RTFM8208200--500550600
ModelExtended mast height H 4(mm) The capacity(Load centre distance 500 mms) of Load(kg)Mast height h1(mm)CQ10CQ13CQ15CQ18CQ201.0t1.3t1.5t1.8t2tRM30030001000130015001800200020802080212021202120RM3603600800100014001600180023802380242024202420RM420420070085012501450160026802680272027202720
ModelLift height h 1(mm)Free lift height h 7(mm)1.0t1.3t1.5t1.8t2t1.0t1.3t1.5t1.8t2tRTFM5002340234023402340234016101610161016101610RTFM5602500250025002500250017701770177017701770RTFM6002660266026602660266019301930193019301930RTFM660--288028802880--215021502150RTFM720--310031003100--237023702370RTFM750--320032003200--257825782578RTFM800--332033203320--274827482748RTFM820--338033803380--281528152815
Identification1.1ModelCQA101.2Driveelectric1.3Type of operatingstand on1.4Rated loadQ(K)10001.5Lifting heightH 3(L)6000-80001.6Load centre distanceC(L)5001.7Travel speed(laden/unladen)(km/h)71.8Lift speed(laden/unladen)(L /S)1601.9Max.gradient performace,laden/unladen(%)>121.1Minimum turn radiusWa(L)21801.11Fork frame lateral distance X(L)10001.12Fork frame move times91.13The fork rotation angleDeg1801.14The fork revolves times91.15Service brake  Hydraulicdimemsions2.1Ovwerall lengthL 1(L)35002.2Overall widthB 1(L)15802.3Lowered mast heightH 1(L)37702.4Free liftH 2(L)26502.5Extened mast heightH 4(L)90902.6Overhead load guard heightH 5(L)22902.7Fork size(L)900 *100 *352.8Ground clearance,centre of wheelbaseH 6(L)352.9Minimum aisle width for palletsL17502.1Net weight(K)6300others3.1Driving motor(Kw)6.33.2Lifting motor(Kw)8.63.3battery:( for 5 hours)(V/Ah)48/D6594.1Tire  Solid tyre4.2Front wheel size  250 *1504.3Rear wheel size  430 *1804.4Balance wheel size  130 *504.5The front round is apart fromB 2(L)13505.4Change direction a form  Hydraulic5.2High control method  Automatically settle a layer5.3The speed controls a way  Curtis


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Q:What is the tonnage of a few tons of forklifts?
There are more than 10 tons of forklifts in the harbor, as well as the container size forklift. The standard forklift truck is usually one ton, two tons and three tons. Special choice in addition to the standard forklifts, forklift with a container for container operations, points into the tank container forklift forklift (2 ~ 5 t), the empty container stacking forklift (7 ~ 10 t) and a tank full of loading and unloading container forklift (20 ~ 42 (t). Each rating of the forklift truck crane quality refers to the cargo weight within the standard load center distance forklift, forklift truck door frame, vertical lifting by forklift standard lifting height (hoisting height provisions in China standard is 3000 mm) when lifting the quality of the goods. User when choosing forklift tonnage, therefore, should be based on the center of gravity of the loading and unloading goods compared with the size of the forklift truck standard load center, such as cargo center of gravity is equal to or less than the standard forklift load center distance, is the selected forklift lifting quality rating equal to or higher than the goods quality. If the center of mass of the cargo is greater than the standard load center of the forklift truck, the loading curve of the forklift truck will be determined according to the loading curve of the forklift truck.
Q:What are the advantages of various forklifts
Manual and flexible operation, the workshop is often used, but is often the card wheel, the load is lower, 1. About 5 tons, it can't rise very high; The automatic forklift truck has diesel fuel, but there is a certain amount of pollution, which is big and the volume is relatively large. The electric forklift is better and lighter, and can rise to about 7 meters high, with a load of 2 tons to 2. About 5 tons, no pollution, but the drawback is to charge
Q:The forklift license test is for those
Security, the structure of the car, the books. The main thing is to do the exercises. Requirements for forklift license: According to the special equipment operating personnel supervision and management method "(order no. 70 of the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine) article 10: apply for special equipment operating personnel license for personnel shall meet the following conditions:
Q:The width of the forklift truck aisle should be left over
Linde R14 forklift rectangular storage radius, for example, 800 * 1200 along the fork, if the width is 2455 tray security extended length of 75 mm, so both sides is 150 mm, the minimum width of roadway is 2605 mm, width of general design in more than 2800.
Q:What type of work is the forklift worker in the new labor law
Multiple labor relations due to the labor contract law acknowledged in this concept, so the labor relationship is weakened, as long as the original unit will your affiliated to the labor contract the legal procedure, you should be and the labor service company to sign labor contract, the labor service company with your former unit labor dispatching agreement, you have no relationship with the original state-owned enterprises, they're just burden you overtime, security protection and training support.
Q:What procedures are required for a forklift licence
The forklift should be known Number one: you need information for the inspection (2) inspection of motor vehicles in the factory Certificate of forklift (original and copy of each) A copy of the owner's code certificate A copy of the business license of the owner It is not directly handled by the legal person (which is required to submit a power of attorney)
Q:Where is the enterprise forklift special operation certificate?
The operation certificate of special operation of the forklift truck is handled in the administrative service center. A special operations training organization shall apply for a certification procedure The training courses for special operations must be reported to the city security bureau in advance. The special operations training organization shall, in the week before the application for examination, be submitted to the municipal security bureau for reference. 3, city bureau to apply for the inspection report, and training institutions agreed to the inspection date and send inspection member to the examiners training institutions, examination paper copies, according to the register population to determine test after sealed by the inspection member carry. After the evaluation is over, the appraisals will be evaluated within 2 days.
Q:Is the stack a forklift truck
The stacker is not a forklift. Forklift truck is an industrial transport vehicle, which is a variety of wheeled transport vehicles for loading and unloading, stacking and short-range transportation. International standardization organization ISO/TC110 is called an industrial vehicle. Often used for the transportation of large items in storage, usually with a fuel engine or battery.
Q:What is the section 4 and 3
Give you detailed answers. 1, the forklift professional qualification certificate: first, medium, high, technicians, senior technicians, five levels, in turn: five, four, three, two, one level. Level 4 is intermediate, level 3 is advanced. This is from the human society bureau. Used to evaluate technical workers' wages. The forklift also has a certificate, which is called the operation certificate of the equipment, which is issued by the bureau of quality supervision, regardless of grade. Commonly known as operation certificate.
Q:The operation specification of forklift truck
It is strictly forbidden to drive people and drink and drive. No eating and small talk during the journey; No mobile phone calls on the way. Before the vehicle is used, it should be strictly inspected, strictly forbidden to go out of the car, not to be forced through the dangerous or potentially dangerous section of the road

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