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1.Durable,large size and lighting 
2.Good ventilated performance 
3.Laminated glass 
good pictures aluminum window and door

Casement Aluminum Window Suitable Beautiful Low price 



* Aluminum Alloy:

6063-T5, thermal break, good pictures aluminum window and door .

* Thickness:

2.0mm profile thickness.


* Surface Treatment:

Customized (Powder coated/ Electrophoresis/ Anodizing etc).

* Color:

Customized (White, black, silver etc).


* Type:

Customized (Tempered Glass/ Laminated Glass/ LOW-E Glass/ Tint Glass etc).

* Thickness:

Customized(can be Single: 8/10/12mm..., Double: 5+9+5mm/6+9+6mm/5+0.76+5mm etc)

* Color:

Customized (Clear, Obscure, Green, Gray etc)


* Brand:

China Brand, German Brand, etc.

* Color:

White, Black, Silver.etc.

* Sealant:



* Quality certificate


*Glass certification



1.protective tape +plywood crate


3.accept customized package














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Q:A lot of how to do ants on the windowsill
In the ants often come and go where the red pond, sprinkle around the low concentration of red paint, no words, red paint is also OK. Find the ants after the lime to the inside, that is, not to hurt the building, but also to kill all the ants, because you pour lime water, a lot of ants are not directly burned to you, but their own to die. But pay attention to the low concentration of lime water, and do not hurt himself, pay attention to that.
Q:What are the national standards for broken aluminum doors and windows?
Broken aluminum doors and windows of the specifications: strip to use imported EPDM products, its service life of 30 years, poor quality product life is only about 5 years. Sealant to use silicone weathering adhesive Natural color, the smell should be not pungent, not strong. Pull. Stretch: Rally strong, flexible, not easy to fold. High-quality aluminum doors and windows used in aluminum, thickness, strength and oxide film, etc., should comply with the relevant national standards, wall thickness should be more than 1.2 mm, tensile strength of 157 Newton per square millimeter, yield strength to reach per square millimeter 108 Newton, the oxide film thickness should reach 10 microns. If you can not meet the above criteria, indicating that this is a poor quality aluminum alloy doors and windows, can not be used.
Q:What are the types of windowsill
According to the use of points: electric open, manually open, fire linkage; According to the use of location: indoor doors, outdoor doors, doors and other doors.
Q:How to deal with the gap before the putty putty
Gun-type to buy a special spray gun directly on the screw, the plastic mouth to connect the location of the glue to play the switch from top to bottom to fill the gap. Be careful not to play too much easy to take out the expansion of foam is very strong, and hit other parts is difficult to deal with.
Q:Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows and ordinary aluminum doors and windows vary greatly
Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, the use of insulated bridge aluminum and hollow glass, with energy saving, noise, noise, dust, water and other functions. The thermal conductivity of the aluminum windows and doors of the bridge is limited to 3W / ㎡ · K, which is less than half of the heat loss of ordinary doors and windows, reducing the heating cost by about 30%, the sound insulation is more than 29 dB, the watertight, Good sex, all up to the national A1 class window standard.
Q:Marble windowsill board works how to calculate
Calculation of the amount of external wall decoration plastering. ① the external walls of various decorative plaster according to the size of the figure to real cast area calculation. Should be deducted doors and windows hole empty area, the sidewall area does not increase. ② eaves, gutter, waistline, railings, fences, doors and windows sets, window line, pressure top, etc. according to the size of the figure to expand the area in square meters, into the corresponding external wall area.
Q:Artificial stone windowsill plate with a good glue, or cement sticky good, with that effect good?
Generally by the installation of stone windows are cemented with cement. Because the sill is exposed when the rough wipe the cement surface with glue bonding leveling difficult, both trouble and cost money. Cement bonding is also very easy to use, and can better adapt to external environmental factors.
Q:General room window size how much
Standard window is 1.5 m * 1.5 m, is 2.25 square
Q:Aluminum doors and windows installed and how to do their own waterproof
Analysis on Water Seepage of Aluminum Alloy 1. doors and windows themselves seepage 1.1 their own closed lax; 1.2 own drainage system drainage is poor; 2. doors and windows installed improperly produce gaps, resulting in water seepage 2.1 doors and windows frame deformation caused by the gap between the wall and the wall; 2.2 doors and windows frame material and the filling between the wall of the material is not uniform, and the resulting gap; 2.3 installation, different materials, hot and cold shrinkage coefficient is different, and the resulting gap;
Q:Artificial stone windowsill how to clean the table
General stains clean: artificial stone is a synthetic entity without pores of the dense material, strong stain resistance, so most of the stains on artificial stone does not constitute a major threat. Daily only need a simple cleaning and maintenance can be, such as artificial stone countertops with water stains or large stains, wet cloth can be used with detergent or soapy water to remove.

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