Aluminim Foil Jumbo Roll for Industry Application

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Product Description:



Specifications of Aluminium Foil:


Name: Aluminim Foil Jumbo Roll for Industry Application



Application: Industry Application

Alloy & Temper: 1100 / 1050 / 8011 / - O

Prodution standard: GB/T, ASTM, EN Standard

Packaging: First, plastic cloth; Second, Pearl Wool ; Third, wooden cases with drying agent, without fumigation


In the above all purposes, can be the most effective use of the aluminum foil performance point as a packaging material. Aluminum foil is soft metal film, not only has the moistureproof, airtight, shading, resistance to abrasion, the sweet, avirulent insipidity advantages, but also because it has elegant silvery white luster, easy to work out all kinds of colour beautiful designs and decorative pattern. Especially aluminum foil and plastic and paper compound after aluminum foil of shielding sex and the strength of the paper, plastic hot sealing is an organic whole, further improve the packaging materials as necessary to water vapor, air, ultraviolet ray and bacteria, and shielding performance, greatly widened the application of aluminum foil.


The Features of Aluminium Foil:



 Be easily and economically recycled

Superior barrier qualities

Good formability

Offering a bright finish for decoration

The Images of Aluminium Foil:

Aluminim Foil Jumbo Roll for Industry Application



1. Minimum Order Quantity?

MOQ is 25 tons, your quantity is ok, the aluminium foil sample is available.


2. What kind of terms of payment?

T/T, L/C,D/A,D/P,Western Union are available.


3. What grams of the product can you offer?

Our products can be customized according to your requirment


4.Can you do Customization & Reproduction if I provide a photo?

Yes, we do Customization & Reproduction service, please check the details and sample above. 

You need to send the pictures to our email, tell us the specification you want, 

then we will quote you exact price. We will take photos for you check.


5. Does the packaging safe and arrive in good conditions? 

Yes, Safe Packing guarrantee, all the products will arrive your door under good conditions. 

We response to problem of shipping if there unfortunately is.


6. How long does it usually take to deliver the product?

We'll make the shipment to you immediately. It will take about 18 to 40 days arrive worldwide.

Accurate delivery time depends on the specific quantity 


7.Is drop shipping abailable?

Yes, it is, we can send to worldwide.







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a salt of aluminium choloride will formHeat will be evolved, since it is an ACID-METAL reaction, so it's exothermicThus the tempafter the rxnwill bet greater(hotter) than beforeAll reactions, have to do with enthalpy, lol ;-)
Q:how do you prevent aluminum foil from rusting?
Rust is a fairly specific term and it applies to the oxide coating formed on ironAluminum passivates by forming a layer of Al2O3 on the surface of fresh aluminum metal almost immediatelyYou basically can't keep it from forming unless you remove the aluminum from exposure to oxygen, which is a bit tough for a school project.
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Q:Does the aluminum foil bag prevent x-ray
The aluminum foil bag can prevent the X-ray.The common indusrial (LED,mask packaging,audio card,food packaging,ect.,the kinds of aluminum foil bag have the function of anti-static and radiation.The common aluminum bag can't prevent the static and radiation,only the special aluminum foil bag can prevent the X-ray)doesn't have such function.The common aluminum bag and PCB board,like the package of tea leaves,can't prevent static and radiation. there are many kinds of aluminum bag.
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Q:What's the aluminum foil used in experiment?
Aluminum foil used in experiment means some other materials with aluminum coating which has special application. Such as: 1. Asbestos aluminum foil tape. Asbestos tape is made by interweaving the asbestos yarns (plain weave). FMD206 surface composite aluminum foil paper which is widely used in aluminum foil tape and channel for tube bulk glass fiber, boiler insulation, factory construction, power plant and heat insulation of the ship. 2. Single side coated aluminum foil of glass fiber tape is applicable to heat preservation and insulation for the tube which is convenient to use.

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