36V 220W PV Monocrystalline Solar Module with CE FCC Approved

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1000 watt
Supply Capability:
10000 watt/month

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Item specifice:

Material: Monocrystalline Silicon Max. Power(W): 220 Number of Cells(pieces): 72
Size: 1650*992*35mm IP65 Junction Box: Output Power:10 Years 100%, 20 Years 90% Warranty Low-Iron Temperd Glass/3.2mm: Anodized Aluminum Alloy/Silver

Product Description:



Basic Info.

Model NO.

SPP-JT220W 230W 240W 250W


Monocrystalline Silicon

Peak Power Pm

220W 230W 240W 250W

Max. Power Voltage Vmp


Max. Power Current Imp(a)


Dimensions(L*W*T)/ Weight

1650*992*35mm/19.0 Kgs

Front Cover(Material/Thickness)

Low-Iron Temperd Glass/3.2mm


Anodized Aluminum Alloy/Silver

Junction Box Protection Degree


Warranty:Output Power

10 Years 100%, 20 Years 90%

Product Certification / Standard


ISO Certification


ISO 9001:2008

Export Markets



36V 220W PV Monocrystalline Solar Module with CE FCC Approved

36V 220W PV Monocrystalline Solar Module with CE FCC Approved

36V 220W PV Monocrystalline Solar Module with CE FCC Approved


Additional Info.


Packing:Carton and Pallets

Standard:CE, ROHS, TUV, IEC61215, IEC61730


HS Code:8541409000

Production Capacity:10000PCS/Month

Product Description

Take the solar panel under sunlight, the solar panel convert the sunlight into DC electricity
The electricity can be used directly or stored in battery for mobile phone charging, LED lighting, TV sets, fans,  refrigerator and can changed to be AC power by inverter
The solar panel is green energy supply, markets supported by all country's governments
Warranty and long Life-time(for example):
100W after 10 years is still 100W
100W after 20 years is 90% 90W
100W after 30 years is 80% 80W
DC electricity providing
AC electricity providing by connecting with inverter
Battery power charger
LED and loading power supply
Accessories and material:
solar cells, tempered glass, EVA,TPT,  aluminium alloy frame, connector box, shunt diode, 5m double wire 
carton package, Logo(if necessary), bar code(if necessary), solar panel specification back label
Agent Support: Company Overseas Department
After-sale Service: Company After-sale Service Center
220W 230W 240W 250W  polycrystalline solar PV panel performance and specification:






Peak power Pm(W) 





Open circuit voltage Voc(V) 





Max. power voltage Vmp(V)





Max. power current Imp(A) 





Short circuit current Isc(A) 





Solar cells Efficiency 





Model efficiency 





fill factor 


Dimensions(L*W*T)/ Weight(kgs)

1650*992*35mm/19.0 kgs

solar cell / No. of cells and connections

Poly crystalline silicon 156*130*0.19mm/72pcs in series

Front cover(material/thickness) 

Low-iron temperd glass/3.2mm


Ethylene vinyl acetate(EVA)


Anodized aluminum alloy/silver

Junction box protection degree 


Cable /Cable connector Model

PV1-F 1×4.0mm2×900mm/ MC4


Irradiance:1000W/m2,Cell temperature:25ºC,AM:1.5

Max. static load ,front(e. g .,snow/wind)


Max. static load ,back(e. g .,wind)


Max. hailstone impact (diameter/velocity)

25mm/ 23m/s

Max. over-current (A) 


Max. system voltage (V) 

1000V DC

Application Class

Class A



Operating temperature limits

-40ºC- +85ºC

Coefficient current TK 


Coefficient voltage TK 


Coefficient power  TK 



≥25 years


Output power: 10 years 100%,20 years 90%

Product Certification / Standard


Other Certification

ISO 9001:2008


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Q:Battery for 2V .5W solar panel?
There okorder.com/ Why pay thousands of dollars for solar energy ($27,000 average cost) when you can build your own solar panel system for just a fraction of the retail cost. You can build a single solar panel or you can build an entire array of panels to power your whole house. Some people are saving 50% on their power bill, some people are reducing their bill to nothing. But what’s most impressive is that just by following these instructions some are even making the power company pay them!
Q:80 watt solar panel ? what dose that mean?
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At this very moment, most of the people already have an idea on how to create their own solar panels, And creating your own company takes a lot of necessities such as permits ans other stuffs like that,.
Q:Solar Panel System companies at the swapmeet?
Hard to say. Solar panels are becoming more common these days. May want to ask if the vendor is licensed and bonded contractor (if he's doing installation as well as panel sales). Find out the name of the equipment that this guy is selling (panels and other hardware) and do a search. For that matter, get the guys name and do a search on it to see he pops up elsewhere.
Q:Wiring in solar panels?
You okorder.com/ If you are planing to build an off grid system or a grid tie system, it should be wired by an electrician. At the lest by someone that knows what they are doing. If it is a grid tie system you will need the local building inspector to sign the paper work before the public utility will allow you to hook in. To get the inspector to sign off you have to get a permit which requires a lic. electrician.
Q:Solar Powered Propeller?
Solar panels produce electricity. To move the propeller you need mechanical motion. An Electric motor converts from electrical to mechanical power. Most Solar Panels produce DC electricity as do batteries so you need a DC motor that is sized to match the Output of your solar panels. For small temporary projects like this I find that hot melt glue is great to assemble parts. Using a voltage meter you can expose your solar panels to a strong light (or one equal to what you expect during your demonstration) and measure the voltage across the terminals. This may help to size the motor. It depends upon the size of your propeller and how it is made. Your three choices are to use it to power an airplane, to power a boat underwater or to power a boat like an air boat. You might also use the air boat concept to make a car. (air car) The air boat might be the simplest to make but you will need a body of water to demonstrate the concept. The air car doesn't have such a requirement.
Q:installing solar panels on roof?
Biggest problem is availability of sunshine in the UK. Do you get enough to warrant the fuss or financial layout? Another problem is the orientation of your roof. Facing directly south, with a slope (in degrees) equal to your longitude would be ideal. As far as electricity goes, you have to be tied into the grid to take care of the times you are not generating all the power you need. When you are generating more than you need, you sell it but get paid at the rate the utility normally pays, a lot less than you would pay to buy from them. Still, it's something.
Q:Solar panel for your home?
it all depends on how much electricity you use for heating/cooling and cooking.......if you just need lights, TVs etc then you could get away with about $5-8,000 US for a system depending on how far north you live.....to go completely off the grid is near $25,000 by the time batteries and inverters and all of that is figured in....
Q:Charge Laptop with Solar Panel?
humm..... .need HUGE solar panel (alot) 2. wires 3. aligato clips . put the panels on the roof 2. use the aligator clip to clip the wire from the panel to the bars of the pluger of the comp. charger 3.tada mark me best:)
Q:What is the most powerful solar panel made?
Yeah lead acid is the desirable yet once you've a higher image voltaic setup like 200watts or extra you extremely want a cost controller in addition they favor to be vented because even as they're charged the produce hydrogen that once concentrated burns and is no longer good to respire in. the worst section about lithium ion is they imeadiatly commence to decompose once they're used so that they in straight forward words very last 2-4 years the position lead acid can very last over 2 years if good maintained.

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