35 Wide Full Extension Ball Bearing Slide 353

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Q:Is the rail track of the cupboard important? Want to buy it?
Look at the material. The quality of the pulley determines the comfort of the drawer when it slides. Plastic pulley, steel ball and wear-resistant nylon are the most common three kinds of pulley materials, among them, wear-resistant nylon is the top grade, and it is quiet when sliding. Look at the quality of the pulley, you can use one finger to push and pull the drawer, there should be no sense of astringent, no noise.
Q:300 what's the size of the deep cabinet drawer slide rail?
Drawer slide dimensions are on the market commonly: 10 inches, 12 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches, 22 inches, 24 inches. Different sizes of drawers can be installed according to the sizes of their drawers.
Q:What is the difference between a drawer pull type and half
Quite simply, the full floating end is supported in the differential and one end is supported on the wheel so that no bending moment is applied.
Q:What kind of drawer slides?
Finally, the installation of cabinet, you need to first side of the plastic hole on the side of the cabinet screw, and then installed on the track from the above, a slide, respectively, using two small screws, one after the fixed. Both sides of the cabinet should be installed and fixed.
Q:What are the specifications for drawer slides?
According to the length of drawer slide rail, it can be divided into 27cm, 36cm, 45cm and other length slide rail. According to the material of drawer slide rail, the commonly used drawer slide rails include roller slide rail, steel ball slide rail and damping slide rail. The structure of the roller slide rail is relatively simple. It is composed of a pulley and two tracks. It can meet the needs of daily push and pull, but it has poor bearing capacity and has no rebound function. The steel ball slide rail is basically a three section metal slide rail, and the common structure is arranged on the side of the drawer, and the installation is simpler and saves space.
Q:IKEA furniture, there is a drawer drawer testing machine is what? There can be tested sliding doors
I choose a drawer slide from the following aspects: a slide out of strength: use hands to pull open the hidden damping slide, cool looking it out whether to pull hard, intensity to be big, this is not mature performance.
Q:What are the dimensions of drawer slides?
The conventional width of the steel ball drawer slide is: 27 width, 35 width and 45 width.More than 500mm (20 inches) or more, you may need a reservation
Q:How do I use the damping rail for the wardrobe
The slide rail comprises a fixed rail, rail, slide, fixed track, moving track set connection between the slider at fixed rail, rail, fixed rail are fixed on the bottom card; the sliding piece is provided with rollers in different surface;
Q:How to properly install desk three drawer guide?
Many people may say the word drawer guide felt very strange, in fact, often appear in our life, all by the drawer slide rail, drawer rails generally called hidden three slide, rail, rail activities "inner rail", "fixed rail track", hidden three slide type in fact in the 2 section, 3 section can adjust the structure of the nail, can gently remove the inside rail from the two and three on the card to find spring internal rail press.
Q:Test method for bearing of sliding rails
Then installed in the drawer, placed to test weight and reached the opening and closing times, can be considered, if only measuring load, only need to put heavy objects constantly increase the quality, to slide screw loosening, or deformation of the slide, the critical point is bearing the weight of

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