Full Overlay/ Half overlay/ insert slide on (or clip on) 165 degree spring hinge

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1.Soft close full overlay cabinet hinge 
2. Butterfly four holes mount plate 
3.Available for 2 or 4holes


·         Material :steel cup nickel plated

·         Recommended plank thickness:14-23mm

·         Opening angle:95degree

·         Cup diameter:35mm

·         Cup thickness:0.7mmCup drilling depth   :11.3mm

·         Hinge arm thickness:1.2mm or 1.0mm

·         Mount plate thickness:1.0mm

·         Face panel(k) measurement:3-7mm

·         Full overlay,half overlay, inset type available.

·         Weight: 101g/103g/107g/pcs for 2holes mount pate

·         Weight: 104g/105g/108g/pcs for 4holes mount pate

·         2 or 4 holes mount plate available

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Q:Is the rail track of the cupboard important? Want to buy it?
The cabinet this piece on the whole, the surface is the same, how is a high quality cabinets, mainly is to see the details, see the two customer service, such as rail, hinges, pneumatic bracing are directly affected small parts cabinet life, I hope you pay attention to these points
Q:Two track wheeled drawer track, how to change into drawer three steel ball slide rail?
The installation position of the steel ball slide rail is mostly installed at the middle part of the drawer side plate, and the steel ball slide rail is pressed by the steel ball and the lubricating oil, and the hole position is clear at a glance, and certainly not the same.
Q:All say drawer, three section type, steel ball slide rail, bearing in 45 kilograms inside How do you figure out this 45 kilogram?
Choose drawer slide key 3, field test slide rail. When a good drawer slides out, you'll feel less resistance. When the slide reaches the end, the drawer does not fall off or tip over. On site you can also pull out the drawer with the hand in the drawer Click to see whether the drawer is loose, whether the clanking sound. At the same time, the slide in the drawer pull out the process of resistance, resilience appear where, whether smooth, also need you at the scene more push and pull several times, after observation can judge.
Q:How to properly install desk three drawer guide?
The guide rail is installed in the cabinet. According to the data, determine the length of your drawer and the depth of the counter to fit the size in the drawer. Secondly, the five plates are assembled by screw, drawer, drawer panel with a slot, after processing, the drawer has been installed in the drawer, let the adjusting screw holes coincide, then push the locking drawer locking nail and slide.
Q:How about the oil on the drawer of the furniture drawer?
Don't let slide into contact with more salty environment, regular cleaning to prevent dust on the rails, rail, rail can avoid weight exceed the standard, some Vaseline or butter.
Q:Drawer slide is not good, what should I do?
Put more lubricating oil onto the ball
Q:How to install a customized furniture drawer
The drawer slide is divided into three parts: movable rail (inner rail), middle rail and fixed rail (outer rail)Before the 4. slide is installed, the inner rail, that is, the movable rail, should be removed from the main body of the chute. Be careful not to damage the slide when it is disassembled. The disassembly method is simple. The circlip on the inner rail is pressed and the inner rail is removed.
Q:Test method for bearing of sliding rails
Then installed in the drawer, placed to test weight and reached the opening and closing times, can be considered, if only measuring load, only need to put heavy objects constantly increase the quality, to slide screw loosening, or deformation of the slide, the critical point is bearing the weight of
Q:Recently saw a drawer slide, installed up, as long as a light press, you can open, hands free, or personally feel good,
You should be hidden DTC Dongtai metal damping slide bar, it is a popular track, is to increase the rebound and damping effect, based on hidden slide on the one hand, it makes the cabinet drawer according to that, a push off, but also free in hand, look more beautiful and generous.
Q:Why is the slide rail drawer closed? How to avoid?
In foreign countries, pneumatic dampers seem to be doing well, but in China, many of the skid mills fail because of the high precision required by the pressure dampers and the failure of the manufacturers to break through. Even China's barometric damping hinges meet the same difficulties. I hope China can make a breakthrough in this project in the future. 3., using hydraulic damping rail better effect, this is proved to be a good choice, hydraulic damping rod at both ends sealed case, mature manufacturers of hydraulic damper made more mature. Just as hydraulic hinges are now popular around the world. But the hydraulic damping system is used for the slideway manufacturer, and the utility model solves the problem that the slideway does not leak oil, matches with the spring, closes the strength, and is suitable for pulling the moderate strength slide rail, but the manufacturer can not count a few.

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