Full Extension Push Open Concealed Drawer Slide 663F

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1.full extension push open slide rails for drawers 
2.handle free touch open slide 
3.easy put-in&take-out with full extension

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Q:300 what's the size of the deep cabinet drawer slide rail?
Drawer slide dimensions are on the market commonly: 10 inches, 12 inches, 14 inches, 16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches, 22 inches, 24 inches. Different sizes of drawers can be installed according to the sizes of their drawers.
Q:How do you open the drawer?
Remove screw. But it takes time. Split slowly. Drawer locks are not difficult.
Q:The drawer slide is broken. How do you fix it?
Then according to the original installation cabinet appearance, to buy a new one rail replacement installation must pay attention to the original alignment of the screw hole, if you want to find a place to turn the screw, then slide position on the drawer, will correspond to the cabinet and slide position, otherwise it will not push into the drawer or card in the middle, after installation, you can try,
Q:How to ensure the durability of drawer slide
First, it is necessary to calculate the width of the drawer, and the width of the drawer has a great influence on the service life of the drawer slide rail. The two is to ensure the level of the slide installation, including the front and back levels and up and down levels. Three is the use of high-quality drawer slides, such as imported brands, Heidi poetry and other drawer slide.
Q:How to support slide rail installation steps
Keeway hardware to introduce how to install drawer support slide rail. Five boards, 1 solid drawer assembly, screw, drawer panel with a slot, with two holes in the middle place is installed with handle.
Q:What types of slides are available on the market?
The steel ball slide rail is basically a two section and three section metal slide rail, and the common structure is arranged on the side of the drawer, the installation is simpler, and the space is saved. A good quality steel ball slide rail can ensure the smooth sliding and large load bearing, and the slide rail has the functions of buffering, closing or pressing, rebounding and opening. In modern furniture, the steel ball slide rail is gradually replacing the roller type slide rail, becoming the main force of the modern furniture slide rail.
Q:Cabinet drawer guide how to buy?
By pumping underpinning advice than riding also pumping light, is not expensive, generally have 50 to 100 yuan a set, but slightly higher technical requirements,
Q:How about the oil on the drawer of the furniture drawer?
The drawer slide is not in need of cleaning, maintenance, but when it comes to it, try not to let the slide contact to more salty environment, secondly to regularly clean up the slide, slide again to avoid weight exceed the standard, achieve the above points, rail should be holding the best condition.
Q:How to choose pulley?
The steel drawer is a deep silver gray with delicate texture, and the thickness of the steel drawer side plate is larger than that of the aluminum drawer. The painted steel drawer is lighter in color than the steel drawer. It is light silver gray, thinner than the steel drawer, but thicker than the aluminum drawer.
Q:The cabinet drawer? Riding? Tiebang? Underpinning the drawer?
At least smoke, also called luxury smoke, drawer help is saddle shaped, relatively beautiful appearance, slide rail is used for a dedicated slide rail, generally divided into damping and self closing, and some have pulled out of all out.

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