Double Wall Drawer Slide (Lower Drawer) 660H

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Q:How should buy slide windows
Bottom drawer slides: track hidden in the bottom drawer, durable, sliding friction, no noise, can be self closing.
Q:How to install furniture slide way?
First of all, you need to determine the kind of slide at home, such as three tracks, two tracks. Then pull out the cabinet easily, but when you pull out, you must maintain a smooth state, so that when you pull out, it will not damage the cabinet and track. Take a look at whether there is a sharp button on either side of the cabinet. If you see it, try to press it downward with your hand. If you press it, you will hear a click, and then you will take out the cabinet.But when you press, you must not too hard, if the pressure does not understand that something stuck, you need to check. After pressing, take it out gently, and keep it flat so that it doesn't hurt the rails too much. Then pull out after check whether the drawer rail is due to deformation, or other situation, if the deformation, usually adjust the location of deformation in the fixed well, according to the original way, put it into one, this can easily complete the drawer slide disassembly, and two a big problem of installation.
Q:How to install the drawer in the wardrobe?
Wardrobe drawer installation steps are as followsFirst determine what install drawer drawer slides, is generally used in section three hidden slide, please according to certain data, determine your drawer length, and the depth of the counter, to select the appropriate size installed in the drawer.
Q:The drawer slide is broken. How do you fix it?
The drawer slide is broken, and the inside side of the cabinet is used for the drawer pushing and pulling. The track is called the slide rail. There are many kinds of specifications and styles of the two tracks. Recently my old cupboard drawer can not easily pull out, check after found on one side of the slide is broken, so he decided to slide down the old are replaced, the following is my change slide step, and share with you, that never installed drawer slide friends learn how to install a drawer slide.
Q:Wooden furniture drawers can not be opened in case of water
May lead to extrusion expansion to slide off sup, re correction is not installed, such as far the drawer slide installation place and cut half a cm (average side cut about three mm)
Q:How to install the push and pull table slide?
Secondly, the five plates are assembled by screw, drawer, drawer panel with a slot, after processing, the drawer has been installed in the drawer, let the adjusting screw holes coincide, then push the locking drawer locking nail and slide.
Q:The drawer slides out when it slides out
Since you do not have a rail adjustment machine (arm press), therefore, it is recommended that you change a new reinstall and choose a good quality slide rail. In the choice of rail, we should pay attention to surface plating evenly, without a lot of scraping cross. The thickness of the inner rail and the outer rail is 1.2*1.2mm, and the slide rail is relatively durable, so please send a picture for reference. Finally, I wish you an early resolution of the problem
Q:Excuse me, solid wood desk, drawer is also solid wood, that solid wood is suitable to use the guide rail?
If you put something light, make sure you use a bit of the guide rail, for example, the three stage type, the drawer can not pull directly, free of time derailed long
Q:How to install a customized furniture drawer
The outer rail and the middle rail part of the split slideway are firstly arranged on both sides of the drawer box body, and then the inner rail is arranged on the side plate of the drawer. If it is finished furniture, in the drawer box and drawer side, there are manufacturers in advance to make a good hole, easy to install, if it is on-site production, you need to drill their own.
Q:Three drawer drawer how to assemble and disassemble?
The slot is usually fixed by two wood screws on both sides of the drawer, and the two slots on the side of the table are the same. Unscrew the screws to remove the guide rail.4. Install the three drawer rail, measure the size and position, then fix the slot on both sides of the drawer and the side of the table.

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