2023 New production High Quality 3003 Alloy Aluminium Circle and Aluminum Disc

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Loading Port:
China main port
Payment Terms:
TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
10 m.t.
Supply Capability:
10000000 m.t./month
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1.Specification & Description


AA1xxx(1050,1060,1070,1100 etc.)


AA5xxx(5052,5083,5754,5154 etc.)





Thickness range

0.2mm—6.0mm (Or customized according to customer requirements)

Diameter range

50mm—1600mm (Or customized according to customer requirements)


Hot rolled (DC) or Cold rolled (CC)


Seaworthy Wooden pallet ,Wooden case,Aluminum plate case


GB/T 3880-2012, ASTM, EN




Flat clean surface without scratches, wholes, oil dirty, oxidation; cutting edge no burrs


For Aluminium cookware,pot,pan,stock pots,frypan,reflector of the light, 

for making electric rice cookers, non-stick pans/pots,
pizza pans,tea kettles,bakeware,traffic sign.



We can accept 500kg each size or less if we have the same specification in stock.

Delivery Time

Future Goods: 25-35 days, Ready stock: 7-10days

Payment Terms

T/T, L/C, D/P,O/A


2.Application :

 For Aluminium cookware,pot,pan,stock pots,frypan,reflector of the light



3.Packing Pictures



Q:How do aluminum plates paint?
Pretreatment is usually required. Acid and alkali cleaning can be done either by oil or by xylene,The paintings do not know, but most of them are painted or printed on the aluminum plate, usually by heat transfer, silk screen, or decorative board, which is sprayed directly and then painted.
Q:How many square meters does the aluminum plate engrave?
The price of aluminum sheet is calculated according to the price of aluminum ingot + processing fee (aluminum plate state), and the specific price is also different according to the size and size of aluminum sheet. If you have any questions, please ask, thank you.
Q:Im wondering what type of clutch would be better for my fox body mustang. A aluminum or steal. And why
aluminum if you are drag racing ( have to learn to feather the clutch a bit) STEEL on the street( easier to keep the fire lit for mere mortals ) course you can use aluminum on the street--most people cant, because you have to be easy with the clutch-but it gives you an excuse why people cant borrow your car
Q:10mm how much is the aluminum sheet?
The price is calculated according to the price of aluminum ingot + processing fees (aluminum state), the specific price according to the size of the aluminum plate, zero shear and the whole board price also has the difference, Jiangsu Yi Heng Liaoning Wang Zhong Nanshan aluminum do this thickness.
Q:i added aluminum sulfate to the soil from the bag with out mixing it with water and my hydrangeas look very sad. It burned them i guess... What is best thing to do to take some of it out or all if i can? will adding large amounts of water to the soil help it clear or will it make it worse? please before they die!!!10points!!!
Aluminum sulfate lowers the pH of soil (increases the acidity). To increase the pH, you need to add lime. The ideal pH for most plants is around neutrality, or pH = 7. I can't tell you how much lime to add, since I don't know how much aluminum sulfate you added. Try to add roughly the same amount as the aluminum sulfate and see if that helps. Overwatering may help some, as it will leach out some of the acid.
Q:bending, bending phenomenon will occur, I would like to annealing treatment. Does the master know the annealing temperature and time?
And the same direction in the rolling, more than 1.5 of the thickness of cracking is more serious; it is proposed to increase the bending angle of R, annealing may not be solved.Or on the bending line and calendering line to cross 45 degrees (comparison fee)
Q:we have the mass of an aluminum sample =.47g, and the number of atoms in sample =107
answer is 0.47/107 so each atom weighs 0.004392523364485981308411214953271g that can be rounded to whatever decimal places you want.
Q:On the web page to see more information on the plating aluminum plate, I do not know what is the difference between aluminized and aluminum plating performance?
Microstructure characteristics of hot dipped aluminized steelHot dip aluminizing steel to achieve the combination of atoms between iron and aluminum by metal bond, close together, as was shown under the microscope, from the outside to the inside with two aluminum film, three aluminum oxide layer, the alloy layer sequentially formed coating. If the coating of carbon steel, the banded structure and base metal contact.Coating thickness: if carbon steel, then the aluminum layer is 0.04-0.07mm alloy layer, the average 0.05mm. However, the thickness of each layer depends on the type of steel, the amount of carbon, and the temperature and time of the dipping. If the parent material is alloy steel, coating and the differences (omitted).
Q:I would like to use an alloy of copper often called aluminum bronze or aluminum brass for making wire wrapped jewelry but I am unable to find a supplier. An alloy that has no zinc or lead would be best to avoid toxicity problems. This alloy should be principally copper and aluminum but other added materials would be acceptable if not toxic. Nickel, silicon, manganese, and iron are sometimes added to increase performance of the alloy and should be acceptable (no lead or zinc please). The material obviously needs to be bendable enough to work with wire wrapping so if it is brittle it will not work. It should then be at least as usable as aluminum, copper, or stainless steel wire.
Aluminum okorder which is a site for serious jewelers to share solutions and they might have an answer.
Q:project on aluminum and i cant think of a good/funny slogan for it! HELP! i have already seen the other possibilities on google, try to be unique, and creative! but if you cant just answer the flipping question PLZ!
Aluminum: Keeping stoners amazed for over 50 years!

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