2014 Ul Dlc Listed Lm80 Chip 4Ft Smd T8 Led Tube 16W

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Product Description:

2014 UL DLC Listed LM80 Chip 4ft SMD T8 LED Tube 16w   



Description for T8 led tube

The OKT SMD T8 LED Tube 16w for Linear Panels conversion for use only with fluorescent luminaires. it delivers high lumens of exceptional 83CRI light while achieving 100 lumens per watt. This smd T8 LED Tube is available in 3500k,4000k, 5000k using a UL/cUL internal driver or external power supply,widely used in office spaces, major retail stores, education, government, healthcare, and hospitality,designed for new construction applications or retrofitting existing the fluorescent tube.



Specification for T8 led tube

ModelItem NO.Input PowerLuminous FluxEfficacyInput VoltageDriver OptionsCertificate
2FT 10W T8 led tubeT82-ID-10W-XX 10W1000LM>100LPW100-277VACInternal or External Driver for 3 or 4 TubesUL
4FT t8 led tube 16wT84-ID-16W-XX16W1750LM>113LPW100-277VACInternalUL,DLC
4FT 18W T8 led tubeT84-ID-18W-XX18W1950LM>110LPW100-277VACInternal or External Driver for 2 or 3 TubesUL,DLC
4FT 22W t8 led tubeT84-ID-22W-XX22W2300LM>107LPW100-277VACInternal or External Driver for 1 TubesUL,DLC
5FT 26W T8 led tubeT85-ID-26W-XX26W2600LM>100LPW100-277VACInternal or External Driver for 1 TubesUL



Advantage for T8 LED Tube

OKT SMD T8 LED Tube 16w is UL, CUL certificate listed(UL file number: E355621), which covers characters: :

  • cULus Listed,DLC Listed,LM79 Report

  • UL Driver MTBF> 500,000 Hours

  • Isolated Internal or External Driver

  • 110LPW for Milky Lens, 114LPW for Clear Lens

  • THD<20%(At 277V)

  • 5 Years Warranty 



Customer Feedback

  • We are happy with SMD T8 LED Tube 16w and quality. let’s continue discussions.  ---  Luca (from NY,USA)

  • 100% love the smd t8 led tube . I will be ordering more this week. ----Kody(from LA,USA)

  • We are very pleased with the quality of T8 led tube and the performance.------Richard from CANADA

  • the t8 led tube 16w has arrived and is excellent------John from Canada

  • I have installed some SMD T8 LED Tube 16w for my customer-----Adam from US



Packing Information 

ModelQTY/CTN   (PCS)Length(CM)Width     (CM)Height   (CM)Gross Weight (KG)
2ft T8 led tube5066442517
4ft T8 led tube30130282714.5
5ft T8 led tube30156282425




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Q:Can a fluorescent tube be used in series?
Because 20 watts bulb needs about 450 v high voltage to the breakdown, 40 tile tubes need about 550 volts can be breakdown. Usually ballasts provide high voltage is slightly more than, but not more than a lot.
Q:The output of the led lamp is low
This should be unsegregated, and the output should be around 75v.He is unsegregated, and the output voltage is high if there is no load.
Q:What material is LED fluorescent lamp fittings, such as shell, block?
Shell is commonly aluminum and plastic, aluminium is made LED lamp cooling body aluminum profile, molding is a PC or PMMA material, high transparency requirement light effect is good, ACTS as a chimney - the light part of the leds. Plug, there are all kinds of resin, plastic (white PC/PP), metal stamping (aluminum), the role of is sealed on both ends of the tubes, at the same time support the light foot.
Q:What is the minimum starting voltage for the fluorescent tube?
The fluorescent lamp is under the influence of the ballast, the voltage is 810 volts. 810 volts is transient and can only be observed with a digital oscilloscope. I measured the data in three different meters, and the data doesn't really have the same data.
Q:Does daylight bulbs damage electronic lamp heads?
Lamp tube burn black affirmation not to be able, current become big, affirmation want to burn the lamp head, change, oneself open repair also can, very simple
Q:Does the installation of LED fluorescent bulbs need to be positive and negative
It depends on whether your power is external, or is it built in, so if you have an external one, you don't have to have it built in,
Q:What kind of lamp tube is the 2G11 lamp of LED fluorescent lamp
It is mainly used in the Japanese market, at home, like in the living room lamp of the home is this kind of four needle tube, some people also call it the H tube. Now, LED2G11 is conventionally available in four sizes, all of which can be replaced by traditional H pipes
Q:Why is the household daylight lamp attached to the battery?
No, there aren't more than 40 fluorescent lights. Anything else.How big is the tube and the battery? There is nothing else.
Q:The problem of LED lamp compatible ballast
Online are the so-called compatible led ballast, inside it is a constant current for high power led drive power supply, in order to adapt to a variety of different types of leds, it also has different output current varieties, also wants when buying according to the current to select the same current in the led lamp ballast compatible led, it with the ordinary led special-purpose ballast (is actually led a dedicated switch type constant current drive) is the difference on the power (which is the same kind of led do various tubes are common) is large, the range of output current of 300 ma compatible ballast, for example, it can automatically adapt to the current 300 ma from 9 w - any power between 25 w led bulb, but also has the smallest biggest range, the only requirement is that current to be the same.
Q:How to replace old lamp tubes with LED tubes
LED fluorescent lamp, does not need a ballast, regenerator. Simply remove the ballast from the traditional fluorescent lamp holder, and then install the LED fluorescent lamp.

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