2014 Hot Sale Metal Bunk Beds/Metal Beds Frame/Dormitory Bed CM-4503

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Product Description:

2014 Hot Sale Metal Bunk Beds/Metal Beds Frame/Dormitory Bed CM-4503

1. Description:

High quality metal furniture, suitable for homes,dormitories etc , durable and strong

2. Advantage:

. Modern design;

. Easy to assemble;

. Very popular in Europe markets;

. High quality tubes with epoxy powder coating;

. Certifications: ISO 9001, 14001, 14025;

. Punctual delivery.

3. FAQ:

1) Q: whats MOQ ?

    A: one 20ft container

2)  Q: Do you accept OEM?

    A:  Yes, OEM is welcomed. Models can be customized.

3) Q: whats your general payment terms?

   A:  TT or LC at Sight

4) Q: Do you offer quality warantee?

   A: yes, three years warantee based on normal use

4. Product Specifications:

2014 Hot Sale Modern Design Metal Bunk Bed CM-4503

Item No





Black/Silver/ optional

N.W /G.W.



1pcs per export carton/As requested




Epoxy Powder coating

Lead Time

Normally within 25days,subject to order size

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Q:California King Bedding?
I hope these help. I use to have a cal king and it was a pin in the butt to find bedding for it. No online ordering back then!
Q:Transition for crib to toddler bed?
It was a bigger deal for us than I expected... My daughter was almost 2 and she showed signs of being ready for potty training. The natural thing was to first transition her from her crib to her toddler bed so she would be able to go to her potty during the night. We then took down the crib and put up the bed in one go. I think that was a mistake and maybe why it took long for her to get used to the bed. For almost two months I slept in her beroom with her -- she was on her bed and I was camping on the floor. Some parents just let their children cry in the bedroom until they get used to the newness of a bed (or the dark or whatever they are afraid of), but I do not believe in locking the door and leaving my child screaming inside. So I was there with her until she didn't need me there anymore. Now she is three, sleeps by herself in her bed (sometimes on the floor!) and has been completely potty trained (day for a year and night for about four months). I put a potty in her room (so she does not need to leave her room during the night to go potty ) and a gate at her door (so her door is always open). If I had to do it again, I would have set up the bed in her beroom while the crib was still up. It would have given her the chance of becoming familiar to her bed and, during the day, she could have even napped and play on the bed.
Q:Do you have a bed of five and a half feet? I see. By the way, what's the size, and is there a six foot bed for five and a half feet?
The standard size of the bed is 1.5M/1.8M/2M, not measured by the ruler! The 5 and a half feet you said should be 1.8M. You can take a ruler to measure it! ~ should be able to buy the right, if your bed is tailor-made, non-standard size, bedding is also customized, is the best! ~ or looking for standard sizes of bedding with little difference in size! I hope I can help you
Q:Can you put the 10cm mat on the frame of the spareribs?
If the wood put thin pads straight 10cm no problem. But if it's bent wood. 10cm thin pad can feel wood bending, sleep a bit awkward.
Q:1 meters, 8 beds, what size should I buy?
Large sheets and quilt covers are now popular, and the shop is beautiful. 1.8 meters of bed, it is recommended to use at least 2 meters of four sets, when buying, pay attention to the size of the sheets, it is best to choose 2.5*2.7 meters of Kazakhstan
Q:Which is bigger? King size bed or queen size bed?
Hi, okorder.com/
Q:Can hamsters use rocks for bedding?
No... Bedding is supposed to be comfortable, and what if they were somehow able to get onto something higher up in the cage and then they fell? If there were rocks as bedding, the hamster would get hurt. You need to get soft, nest-able bedding for him, and if you can’t afford it then you shouldn’t have gotten a pet. As the owner, you have specific responsibilities that cannot be shirked off.
Q:How big are king sizes bed?
About 6.5ft by 6.5 ft.
Q:What are the principles for children to get out of bed?
Cleaning of bunk bedsJiyong alkaline wash furniture, or place the corrosive liquid, in the furniture on the surface of a high concentration of alcohol, banana water, boiling water and other objects, so as to avoid damage to the paint.
Q:What's the difference between a high box and a spare rib bed?
The skeleton of this product is foreign, and the rise is also a modern thing. In the past, the beds in China were mostly in one body. In modern times, the composition of the bed changed, and it was divided into a detachable bed, a bed, a mattress, a bedside table and a bedstead. The industry's name for the bedstead is the skeleton. The principal part of a bed consisting of a supporting body. Skeleton style diversity, the constituent materials also varied, with iron, wood, composite skeleton. On the other hand, there is an electric skeleton in addition to the stationary one.

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