1kw off-Grid Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbine Generating Set

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Product Description:




Overall length


Rated power


Wind protection mode

Electromagnetic brake +   mechanical brake

Cut-in wind speed



Permanent magnet synchronous   generator

Rated wind speed



Direct drive

Cut-out wind speed


Blade material

Reinforced glass steel

Safe wind speed



Maximum altitude at rated   working conditions: 1000m

Number of blades

3 pieces

Temperature and humidity

Temperature: -40ºC~ +55ºC,   humidity: 0 ~90%

Wind wheel diameter


Environmental requirements

50m/s wind resistant(It may   be used in the harsh environments such as the dusty and salty conditions)



Product Description


The wind turbine is driven by natural wind to drive the wind wheel and wind turbine to rotate, and the wind energy is converted into three-phase AC electric energy and then into DC power by controllers, and finally stored in the new energy power generation equipment of battery pack. Electrical energy stored in the battery pack may directly supply power to the DC loads or be converted into AC 220V/50Hz ( or 110V/60Hz) by inverter to supply power to AC loads.



Mechanical brake technology with completely independent intellectual property right is highly reliable;

1kw off-Grid Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbine Generating Set

1kw off-Grid Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbine Generating Set

With good low-speed power generation capacity and the resistance to 50m/s strong wind, it is suitable for use in harsh environments such as dust and salt spray;

Blade is made of GFRP and processed through RTM and special surface coating;

Efficient permanent magnet and optimized magnetic circuit are adopted, high-permeability and heat-resistant materials are selected; stator assembly is processed by vacuum impregnation to greatly improve the insulation resistance and service life;

With the low maintenance requirements, it has no part in need of regular maintenance.


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