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Item specifice:

IP Rating: IP65 Color Temperature: Warm White Working lifetime(Hour): 35000
Power(W): 150 Certification: BV,CCC,CE,CQC,EMC,Energy Star,FCC,GS,LVD,SAA,SASO,VDE Working Temperature(℃): 85
CRI (Ra>): >80 Warranty: three years LED type: SMD
Body material: Aluminum Alloy PF: >0.9 Input voltage(V): 100-240
Lamp luminous flux(lm): 100

Product Description:



l  Pressed Aluminum body, light and neat design.

l  Using AC LED light engine, driverless.

l  Using high quality electrical IC, high efficiency.

l  Efficiency 80lm/W, CRI>80Ra, 70lm/W CRI>90Ra

l  Glaring free design. 

l  3 years warranty

Product Description

  • Using LED Light engine AC LED MODULE, no external driver. 

  • Lifetime more than 35000 hours

  • 3 years warranty

  • Energy saving up to 60% to 70%.

  • LED Driver: IC ON BOARD, PF>0.9

  • LED Light source: AC LED Light engine 150W

  • INPUT: AC110V-240V

  • Product size: 550*280*260mm

Advantage and Benefit

  • Using AC LED Light engine, flexiable and conveniently application on light source.

  • IC on board technology, no need separately driver.

  • Less electrical conponents, more controllable on quality  and LED lifetiem.

  • Cost saving effective.

  • Installation convenience effective.

  • Light source could be easily changed and installed.

Other options 80W



Light engine 80W 95lm/W CRI>80Ra




Lighting Distribution Curve:



Light engine 80W 95lm/W CRI>80Ra





l  Don’t power on this product before it is properly installed

l  Don’t cover this product by anything.

l  Don’t dis-assemble this product, unless by professional people.

l  No pro-notice for updating.

l  Product specifications are subject to change please refer to the latest edition.

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Q:What are the main parts of the LED module?
For places where large screens need to be installed, advertisements on the stage, in front of the market, etc..At present, each LED size is large, each LED is a pixel, so too close, the effect does not seem to be good, it is clear that point by point can only be seen in the distance, or more clear. So if you want to buy a TV at home, you can't do it.
Q:When stitching the LED screen with the LED module, must the stitching be done in the same size as the LED module?
Simply, if you 1 of the size of the 100*100 module and 2 50*50 modules are the same interface, respectively with a control card, without changing the setup program can normally lighted, PCB line is the same, then you can mosaic.
Q:When the LED module heats up, to what extent does it affect the LED lamp, especially the life impact?
Generally speaking, LED modules are low voltage products. Unless you have a very tight number of lights, you have what you call modular heating. Now the LED module is more successful, it is difficult to appear dead light phenomenon. You can't buy cheap goods Usually power problems. I suggest you use a good point of power, it will not appear any problems
Q:Classification of LED modules
According to the tightness, and can be divided into two kinds of waterproof and waterproof. Waterproof and waterproof module is mainly used to distinguish between the general environment, waterproof LED module can be used in outdoor lighting and promote the use of it, the problem does not occur because the water, more suitable for harsh environment applications, and waterproof module is mainly used more indoor. Of course, waterproof modules are more expensive than non waterproof ones.
Q:What is the temperature tolerance of the LED module?
You can check the LED parameter manual you use. The maximum allowable junction temperature is 120 degrees C. Then look at the thermal resistance of the package, then the maximum allowable temperature for the LED pin is 120-Rja*P, where Rja is thermal resistance.
Q:What is the LED patch module?
Application range: 1 advertising signs, signs, lighting (SLIM) light box, solid light, plastic characters, lighting and other advertising; 2 KTV, hotel, shopping malls, entertainment city (the dark trough), indoor wall lighting, landscape layout, stage decoration, city lighting etc.. 3. family shoes cabinet, wardrobe, ceiling, dark box, exhibition hall, art hall, museum, office, reading room and other local decorative lighting; automobile lighting; aquarium equipment (fish tank light source), bathroom (bathtub light source) and other applications.
Q:What's the difference between the LED module and the LED dot matrix? Is it the same?
Application of LED module in general refers to the two categories of products: one is to use the unit plate lamp or surface mount package made of, commonly used in outdoor door Dan Hongping, outdoor full color, indoor full color; in addition, for night decoration light string is also known as the LED module.
Q:What's the difference between the LED module and the case?
The basic unit with circuit and installation structure, which has display function and can realize the function of display screen by simple assembly
Q:How many watts does the LED module have?
It depends on how many lights you have and how many strings you have. These are calculated according to the current and voltage
Q:How can the quality of the LED module be resolved? How can we choose the right manufacturer?
Do you mean the module of LED luminous characters?Ha ha, this is also simple, lit after:Look at the brightnessSee the light angle sizeLook, there is no color difference between the lights (this is very important)

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