LED Module Light Engine IC On Board For Highbay Light

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$24.00 - 26.50 / watt
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China main port
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TT or LC
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100 watt
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50000 watt/month
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Item specifice

IP Rating:
Color Temperature:
Warm White
∅195mm * 2mm
Viewing angle:
Emitting color:
white lighting
Working lifetime(Hour):
Luminous Flux(lm):
Chip brand:
Input voltage(V):
Working Temperature(℃):
CRI (Ra>):
three years


AC LED technology, driverless, widely used for Highbay light, flood light, tunnel lights,downlights and retrofits to traditional lighting source .


  •  High quality Aluminmu PCB 2mm.

  •  Using IC on board AC LED technology, AC power input directly, no need AC to DC tranformer..

  •  Using high quality electrical parts and SMD LED, high efficiency, and cost saving.

  •  Glaring free design.

  •  3 years warranty, extendted warranty 5 years.

  • Lifetime is more than 50000 hours

  • Replace Hallogen and CFS light source directly, energy saving up to 60% to 70%.

Basic Parameters:

Desc.: IC on board LED light engine(LED Module light source, AC INPUT)

Power: LED 150W/80W

Output lumen: 15000lm - 16000lm/8000lm-9000lm

Color tempt(K): 4000K/5000K/6000K 

Color rendering (Ra): >80Ra 100lm/W, >70Ra 110lm/W

Color Torlerance adjustment: SDCM 7

Power Factor :>0.9

Application:  Highbay light, flood light, tunnel lights,downlights and retrofits to traditional lighting source.

Highbay application example:

Highbay light

Highbay light

Q:How does the LED module calculate the configuration power of the J?
In the process of using LED light emitting module, the problem of voltage drop must be paid attention to. Do not just do a loop, from the first series tail. This will not only lead to inconsistent brightness between the head and the tail due to different voltage, but also cause the problem that the single circuit current is too large and the circuit board will be burned out. The correct approach is to shunt as many loops as possible to ensure a reasonable distribution of voltage and current.
Q:What are the main parts of the LED module?
How can the LED module cascade be obtained?
Q:How many specifications are there in the patch LED module?
The patch LED is also called SMD LED. Its principle of luminescence is to pass the current through the compound semiconductor. Through the combination of the electron and the hole, the excess energy will be released in the form of light to achieve the effect of luminescence.
Q:What's the difference between the LED module and the LED dot matrix? Is it the same?
The LED module arranges the LED lights on a circuit board in a certain order and adds a card slot to the outside
Q:Parameters of the LED module
1 color: according to color categories can be divided into monochrome, colorful, full-color, single point control three.2 voltage: 12V low voltage module is more common. In connection with the power and control system, must check the value of the correct voltage, to power, otherwise it will damage the LED module.3 operating temperature: that is, the normal working temperature of LED. Usually between -20 and +60 degrees centigrade.
Q:How many watts does the LED module have?
The 4 lights of high power LED are usually 4W.LED module is the light emitting diode arranged in accordance with certain rules, and then wrapped up, plus some waterproof processing products composed of LED module.
Q:What brand LED modules at home and abroad, please give advice and advice professionals, the boss to use the best, I do not know that brand is the best.
The best product is lattice optics. Lattice photoelectric LED module
Q:Instructions for use of the LED module
In order to avoid the switch power supply working at full load for a long time, the switching power supply and the LED load power are best 1:0.8. According to this configuration, the service life of the product will be more safe and lasting.
Q:What's the difference between the LED module and the case?
Refers to the DIP packaged lights will light foot through the PCB board, through welding tin filled in the lamp hole, the process made by the module is inserted lamp touch group, the advantages are: high brightness, good heat dissipation, the disadvantage is that the pixel density is small.
Q:Classification of LED modules
According to the power of a single LED can be divided into low power (below 0.3W), power (0.3-0.5W), high power (1W and above) three, high power module power is higher than the small in brightness, and the use of a longer period of time, after the development trend of the LED lighting, more preparation practical.

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