12 Ton Full Hydraulic Double Drum Vibratory Roller

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Loading Port:
China main port
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1 set
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100 set/month

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Product Description:

Quick details:

Condition: New

Type: road roller

Place of Origin: Liaoning, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: CCMG

Model Number: LDD208H

Certification: CE, GOST-R

After-sales Service Provided: Overseas service center available

Engine power: 82 KW

Dimension(Long * Breadth * High):5080x2160x2850 mm

Warranty: 6 months or 1200 hours

Moving Type: Other

characteristics of our products :

 1.Mechanical travel drive, double amplitude, hydraulic vibration and steering with optimal function/price ratio and reliable performance.

  1.  2.Reliable Cummins or chinese diesel engine for convenient operation and maintenance.
     3.Two sets of brake devices, a hand brake and foot pedal brake, assure the machine's safety and dependability.
     4.Spacious and comfortable cab mounted on top quality rubber damping elements.
     5.World advanced technology is adopted for the hydraulic vibration technology, high in reliability, simple and convenient in maintenance, and low in cost.
     6.Equipped with padfoot or removal padfoot as option. 

specification of the products:

12 Ton Full Hydraulic Double Drum Vibratory Roller


1.How about the shipment?

1. The loader machine load one 40HQ container.

2. The loader disassemble into 3 parts, major machine, bucket and cabin.

3. Before shipment, we have done the rust-proof and antiseptic treatment.

2. What about your service?

We have our factory, we can meet customers needs as soon as possible.

We have first rate professional technology and provide good after-sales service.

3. What Can we Do For You?                                                                 

1. During the period of 12 months or 2000 working hours warranty, Chaogong factory are responsible for maintenance and replacement of spare parts.

2. We attend the machinery exhibition in your country and please contact us when we are with you at that time and solve the problem you have.

3. For the sole agents, we will go with senior engineer to your country and offer the technical service. 

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