100% Polyester Textile Fabric Bed Sheet From CNBM

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100 m
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1000000 m/month
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Product Description:

100 polyester textile fabric bed sheet

1) Weight: 85gsm

2) Material: 100% polyester 

3) Yarn Count:  75D*150D

4) MOQ: 5000 meter 

5) Payment: T/T, L/C

Quick Details


Duvet Cover Set



Age Group:



100% Polyester




Printed, customized


bed sheet fabric


3 pcs







Place of Origin:

Zhejiang, China (Mainland), Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

Brand Name:

OEM of China supplier 100 polyester textile fabric bed sheet, OEM textile fabric bed sheet

Model Number:



China supplier 100 polyester textile fabric bed sheet


100% polyester fabric








T/T or L/C


about 30 days

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:textile fabric bed sheet, loose packing, bale packing, roll packing and carton packing are all available.
Delivery Detail:30days




Q: Is the quality competitive in textile industry?

A: We have specialized in manufacturing and exportation printed fabric for 15 year. We can provide various fabric with diverse patterns. Each process will undergo strict inspection.


Q: What is the minimum quantity?

A: Usually 500m or more than 500m for each color, we can also accept order less than 500m. We offer discount for orders larger than 5,000 meters and the most favorable price for orders above 10,000 meters


Q: How about the package

A: We usually pack as follows:

1. In roll packing with tubes and plastic bags

2. In roll packing with tubes and cartons

3. According to customers’ request

4. Usually 50yds/roll, or according to customers’ request

5. Customized hanger tag, paper tapes and stamping or according to customers’ request

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Q:Is the washed velvet fabric good?
First of all, washed fabrics should be washed with special detergent, supermarkets are available, can not be washed machine. After soaking with your detergent, gently squeeze the moisture out. Can use the washing machine, after drying in a cool ventilated place, washed fabric clothes dry 8-9, with a stick like pat, make the water inside hair became loose, then completely dry on the line.
Q:Excuse me, chemical fiber, blending and polyester is not very different, if you choose these two kinds of clothes as the main fabric, which is good?
Blended fabric is cotton, chemical fiber and other silk, hemp textile products of natural fiber blended yarn fabric. For example: polyester cotton, polyester wool gabardine etc..
Q:What is Model fabric?
Modal fiber fabric garment effect, shape stability, has the natural crease resistance and easy care, make people more convenient and natural.
Q:Which fabric is the best?
GOER-TEX is the most used in many current suits. What else is HYVENT THE NORTH FACE own technology?.
Q:What are the women's fabrics?
Chemical fiber is the abbreviation of chemical fiber. It is a fabric made from polymers and made from raw materials. Usually it is divided into artificial fiber and synthetic fiber two major categories. Their common advantage is bright color, soft texture, drape neat, smooth and comfortable. Their disadvantages are abrasion resistance, heat resistance, moisture absorption, poor permeability, easy to deformation when hot, easy to generate static electricity. Although it can be used to produce all kinds of clothing, but the overall level is not high, difficult to get in good taste.Blending is a kind of fabric made of natural fiber and chemical fiber mixed in a certain proportion, which can be used to make all kinds of clothing. Its advantage is that it not only absorbs the advantages of cotton, linen, silk, wool and chemical fiber, but also avoids their respective shortcomings as much as possible, and is relatively cheap in value, so it is very popular.
Q:What do you mean by four piece cotton fabric 128*68 cotton?
Hello, 128*68 is the longitude and latitude density, which refers to the number of warp and weft threads arranged per square inch. 40*40/128 *68 generally refers to the warp and weft respectively 40, longitude and latitude density of 12868 longitude and latitude density, the same number of bed products, the higher the density, the better, the high count to high-density. The higher the count, the thinner the yarn, the better the softness.
Q:What are the benefits of wool fabric. For example, what are the benefits of wool suit. Why do the wool wool suit, what is the main synthesis such as
Wool fabric is a blend of wool and polyester fabric. The blended fabric with higher wool content. With the 50%97% wool; wool fabrics containing 97% ingredients to a lot of high-end.
Q:What fabric is Lurex?
Wire line "commonly known as" gold and silver, gold and silver decorations made of silk wire for weaving "by chemical method. Due to the gold and silver two, hence the name." "" line "is used to call, is no actual twist piece wire. Ancient gold and silver silk is gold and silver by hand into a thin foil, mounted in the thin sheepskin or paper, then cut into a filamentous, known as the" gold "," silver "flat expensive components, a thick and hard line, easy to wear, easy to change color.The common varieties of modern gold and silver wire are made of polyester film and made by vacuum transition LI. The.20 century originated in the United States in the early 50s, and our country began to produce industrial production in 70sThe gold and silver wire, now fine, soft, light, bright colors, the price at the end. There are: 1 polyester, gold and silver thread, single-layer polyester film vacuum Du LI, resin coated with protective film, used for dyeing fabric, 2, composite gold and silver thread, polyester film of the two layer, a layer of foil clip LI that will be used for dyeing fabrics, 3, and round type gold and silver line with stage clothing, clothing now (Fashion).4, in addition to the "Rainbow" gold and silver "for flower color fabric, especially decorative fabric"
Q:What do you mean by the number of yarns used in cotton textiles?
Fibers can only be made into textiles when they are woven, and the first step is to spin the yarn.
Q:What fabric is it?
The main use of no down pile is pants class, wearing a tight fitting, self-cultivation, warmth, soft features, and therefore loved by the majority of women like beauty. Not cashmere fabric excellent in gloss, elastic, soft, warm and good many advantages, popular and sought after, is widely used in modern textile industry; with cashmere fabric clothing before cleaning again in front, not dry, not bleach, should wash water, the water temperature should not exceed 40 degrees, if the cleaning washing machine you should choose to ease cleaning procedures. Steam ironing, the temperature is not more than 110 degrees, and finally hang dry.

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