0.9mm PVC Inflatable Boat 320 with Aluminum Boat

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Specifications of Aluminum Boat

1.High Performance
2.Super quality
3.Great Value
4.Humanized and Elegant design
5.Enjoy excellent boating amusement


 Structure of Aluminum Boat

Standard Equipment

Heavy duty Aluminum Deep -V hull

Filling fuel hole

Inflatable tube( PVC or Hypalon)

Drain automatic bilge pump

Steering console with front seat

Engine recess drain system

Plexiglass windshield

Stainless steel arch with navigate lights

stainless steel of Console rail

Foot pump

Console installation kit

Tank of air holes

Rubbing strakes

Non-slip floor

Battery container

Floor drain

Bow towing eye


Bow lifting eyes

Small blind window

Stern lifting eyes

Fuel tank

Front locker with removable cushion

One bench seat on the back


Optional Equipment

Anchor Windlasses

Steering cable

Mechanical steering system

Fuel level gauge

steering wheel

water tank

Cup holder


Power Switch

Overall cover

Switches of electrical equipment

Speed meter

music loudspeaker equipment

Stainless steel fishing relax table

Rope ladder



Gasoline oil-water separator


 Aluminum Boat Images

 0.9mm PVC Inflatable Boat 320 with Aluminum Boat

FAQ of Aluminum Boat

Alloy transom is double layers;

Reinforced corner on the inside of transom;

Much Wider flat deck for more comfortable;

Long watersheds for more stability;

Special protection under V-keel;


Q:How about the rubber boat of CNT brand in China boat? I want to buy one
I suggest you buy this brand on the line, anyway, we use all very good, and has not been any problem, bought a lot of instructions, right, you search under the Chinese rubber boat nets,
Q:What material is good for a rubber boat?
Generally used temperature range of -50~150 degrees, non flammable, fire can be extinguished, with anti burning characteristics. Should be the preferred material for making rubber boats.
Q:How do you bleed the rubber boat?
It depends on the rubber boat you bought. The ordinary rubber boat is black, and it is unscrewed directly
Q:What are the raw materials for inflatable rubber boats?
The main component of PVC material is plastic rubber boats, to adapt to the growing demand for entertainment in modern society, mass production of production lines, the advantages are: low cost, colorful appearance, wear resistance, and if the scratch defect is poor, easy to repair, the service life of 6 years, mainly for civil entertainment.
Q:I heard that some rubber boats can inflate automatically. How do you do that?
Finally, you will leave the raft because of the length of the cable is limited by the weight of the whereabouts of the raft when the air baffle is falling, air compressed gas bottle will quickly enter the body to inflate the raft, if the ship sank quickly in no hurry when you come to the raft put down the water does not matter,
Q:My rubber boat is broken. Does anyone know how to repair it?
Buy a special repair bicycle tire rubber, and then get a slightly larger bicycle tire leather, you have 5cm long hole, or get the best 10cm * 3~4cm stained, the leather with a file or sandpaper grinding thin, then you can fix the tire repair method according to the line!
Q:My dad wants to buy a raft for fishing on the Internet. Ask friends to tell me what material is best What is the thickness of the material? Is PVC and rubber a kind of thing? What is the material of a military rubber boat? I know the rubber dinghy is stronger, but I don't know what it is. Can you tell me? There are sellers to see, to advertise, because I want to buy it, so you can leave contact information about the O (a _ U) for O~ size ~ best to let two adults take it for fishing. ~ prices are generally much, see the selling price fluctuation is very big, do not know why. Master to help me answer! Thanks, urgent answer O (smiling _ U) O thank you!
However, military and civilian are two different things, saying that military is not necessarily reliable. Do not buy cheap words, remember outdoor sports safety first, do not save money for what happened to regret. Last fall, I bought a more than 300 Taobao PVC fishing boat, because of a stone tip of the water did not see, drew a thirty or forty cm big hole, fortunately close to the shore is not much, nothing
Q:Rubber boats, inflatable boats, folding fishing boat, which is more cost-effective?
Two 、 portability comparison inflatable boat: at least 60 minutes to install and inflatable; installation site must be very flat and wide in order to support the aluminum alloy fixed plate; disassembly needs gas leakage, disassembly difficult. Seasnake portable boat: can be installed in any environment, a person 5 minutes of simple installation, you can without any encouragement. The car can be loaded in 3 minutes.Three, security: inflatable boat hull with PVC cloth due to collision, sharp rocks, sea drift, oyster shell spikes punctured and leakage etc.. Snake: portable boat like hull plates, the resin material space technology development, any sharp rocks, sea drift, etc. are difficult to pierce the oyster shell.
Q:What is the difference between a 2 stroke and a 4 stroke on a rubber boat?
The internal combustion engine has 2 strokes and 4 strokes, and the crank angle of each stroke is 180 degrees. A cycle of internal combustion engines is: intake, compression, explosion, exhaust, four projects.
Q:How do rubber boat engines usually cool?
There are two kinds of rubber boats: soft bottom (inflatable keel and bottom board), this is enough with 15PHard bottom (RIB): fiberglass reinforced inflatable airbag, which can be used for a larger power, because it is necessary to use a trailer

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