0.9mm PVC Inflatable Boat 320 with Aluminum Boat

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Specifications of Aluminum Boat

1.High Performance
2.Super quality
3.Great Value
4.Humanized and Elegant design
5.Enjoy excellent boating amusement


 Structure of Aluminum Boat

Standard Equipment

Heavy duty Aluminum Deep -V hull

Filling fuel hole

Inflatable tube( PVC or Hypalon)

Drain automatic bilge pump

Steering console with front seat

Engine recess drain system

Plexiglass windshield

Stainless steel arch with navigate lights

stainless steel of Console rail

Foot pump

Console installation kit

Tank of air holes

Rubbing strakes

Non-slip floor

Battery container

Floor drain

Bow towing eye


Bow lifting eyes

Small blind window

Stern lifting eyes

Fuel tank

Front locker with removable cushion

One bench seat on the back


Optional Equipment

Anchor Windlasses

Steering cable

Mechanical steering system

Fuel level gauge

steering wheel

water tank

Cup holder


Power Switch

Overall cover

Switches of electrical equipment

Speed meter

music loudspeaker equipment

Stainless steel fishing relax table

Rope ladder



Gasoline oil-water separator


 Aluminum Boat Images

 0.9mm PVC Inflatable Boat 320 with Aluminum Boat

FAQ of Aluminum Boat

Alloy transom is double layers;

Reinforced corner on the inside of transom;

Much Wider flat deck for more comfortable;

Long watersheds for more stability;

Special protection under V-keel;


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Q:How do rafts fix rubber boats?
In the above point A threw a stone, go boating to B direction after the walk to the AB middle position pull A stone rope, until the stone stuck underwater pull, then do not use A stone rope fixed to the ship, but with A stone rope row to the B in addition, to cast a stone under water.
Q:My rubber boat is broken. Does anyone know how to repair it
Buy a special repair bicycle tire rubber, and then get a slightly larger bicycle tire leather, you have 5cm long hole, or get the best 10cm * 3~4cm stained, the leather with a file or sandpaper grinding thin, then you can fix the tire repair method according to the line!
Q:What is the difference between a 2 stroke and a 6 stroke on a rubber boat?
2 stroke internal combustion engine, a stroke to complete two projects, in order to complete a work cycle, crankshaft rotation 360 degrees a week.
Q:Does the rubber boat go out for fun? What are the conveniences?
Convenience: it can be disassembled, saved and flexibly transferred, and can be quickly used in urgent situations;Safety: hull boundary inflatable buoyancy tyre, can greatly avoid the danger of overturning waves;
Q:What documents do I need to use to drive a rubber boat in inland waters?
Age.The holder is not less than 18 years of age. 65 years old or above, the holder of the "rubber kayak driver's license" deadline is not more than 70 birthday. The holder of more than 70 years of age, if it is necessary to operate the dinghy, should be in the "oak kayak driving certificate" before the deadline of 1 months, submit to the original license issuing agency qualified "proof of physical condition" renewal, valid for 1 years "oak kayak driving certificate".(three) completing the required training and passing the examinations conducted by the maritime regulatory authority.
Q:How do inflatable rafts detect adequate gas?
From the experience, as long as a pressure by hand to work, a little bit to the pressure inside, very difficult, very good very goodIt's about the same thing as inflating a basketballReference: Austrian rubber boat
Q:What types of rubber boats do you have? Is it convenient to go out to play with a rubber boat?
Rubber boats are generally inflatable, the better domestic brand, that is, the Dragon BoatRubber boats according to the appearance, use, but also divided into several categories, I only say the usual two kinds, generally fishing, surfing, work needs, etc., military and civilian.A light paddle of the elliptical ring like inflatable tube, there is a hanging behind the motor, with the power to run faster, the two ship is more suitable for the play out, it is very convenient to carry, put gas can be folded, can be put in the car after preparing the box, can put down, want to buy specific advice, contact you, Qingdao dragon boats, I bought from, or very good oh
Q:Just bought an inflatable rubber boat, manual
Not illegal, but not more than one nautical mile from the land, otherwise, the Shenzhen marine police will expel you, and the rubber boat is safer than the wooden boat that is leaking,
Q:The last time I saw someone playing a rubber boat in the lake, it felt very fresh,
This brand is much older, the emergence of Baidu big bar, as for which better, it is difficult to say, good or bad, the key depends on material and production, must be less than what level,
Q:I heard that some rubber boats can inflate automatically. How do you do that?
Because the raft frame has a device called "under hydrostatic pressure release" this thing is in the water under the 2-4M it will automatically decoupling, decoupling it after all the movements with inflation above the manual hook after the action is the same, the gas filled time not exceeding 15 seconds of the raft.

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