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Diameter Specification:0.3mm-5mm
Purity : Zinc content > 99.995%
Weight : 10kg-20kg/spool  20kg-50kg/bundle    50kg-250kg/bucket
Zinc wire surface properties: smooth surface, no other corrosion products, no glitches, cracking , shrinkage, lap, scales,  necking, welding , curling and other defects.
Application :
Widely used in steel surface corrosion preservative, such as: the containers, bridges, derricks, tank, tower, towers, capacitor, metal stent, ductile iron pipe, transportation equipment and other the zinc spraying anti-corrosion industry.

smooth surface, no other corrosion products, no glitches, cracking , shrinkage, lap, scales,  necking, welding , curling and other defects.

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