ZHSMC-07P Swivel Office Chair With Colored Painted Legs and Mesh Backrest

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Produced strictly according to ergonomics
360 degree swivelling
Seat height adjustable


Model number



Fashion and Simple






molded foam





Connecting component







1.       Different colors for mesh, as well as can be customized

2.       Soft Foam Washer.

3.       High strength PP plastic Structure

4.       Smooth Swiveling and Rolling

5.       High Permeability

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Q:What brand is a computer chair?
Home computer chair of the center can be divided into 2 kinds, one is the special computer chair at home, the other one is when the computer chair breaks at home sitting on the internet. The two do not seem to be very different, but the essential difference is that a sitting time is very long, and is continuing, one is a comparison leisure, relatively short time situation.
Q:My cat is scared of our new chair?
Cats don't deal well with changes in their environment. And a new chair is a big change to a cat. The way it sounds and the way it smells. It will take some time but she will get used to it and stopping hiding. The important thing is to let her adjust in her own time. You might try taking something that she has slept on and rubbing it over the chair, then putting it in the seat for a while. This will transfer her scent onto the chair. I used to have a cat that would stop in the doorway of my apartment just because I'd moved one piece of furniture 2 inches. When he finally came inside he would have to go around and sniff everything before he'd settle down. I hope this helps.
Q:Where can I get a good lounge chair?
Heres okorder.com/
Q:Antique Photography Chair?
I know it's not a photographers chair, and I know it has a specific name, but I can't remember it. Try OKorder. No, I'm serious. Just search chairs. They have thousands. Look for a similar one.
Q:Looking for a Cheap Office Chair?
Office Chair Cheap
Q:Help! Found an antique wooden chair from the 1900s?
I've them in antique shops for a few hundred dollars when in good condition. do you live in the Boston area? that would look great in my 1869 house
Q:How do I lower the height of my pneumatic chair?
Some old chairs adjusted just by screwing in and out of the central column. Since yours has a lever, this is probably not the case. If you have never used the lever, then we can't be certain what it does, but on most I have used, pulling up on the lever while seated should allow the chair to lower. Pulling up while off the chair should allow the chair to rise. Some I have seen also let you push or pull the lever to lock or allow the back to tilt some. If you have tried this, the pneumatic cylinder may be shot. Likely just need a new chair.
Q:do i understand this correctly? no power chairs for disabled?
As already said - there is no health plan yet - so nothing is set. BUT, if you read what Obama has wanted the reverse is true. Obama does want to change the way power chairs are authorized - but the rules will be different, not harder or less hard. Currently the rules are unfair. People who do not need power chairs at home - only when out in the community are unable to get them through medicaid/medicare. So a person who lives in a very small house and can set it up to hold onto furniture to get from place to place - and whose home is too small for a power chair - cannot get one, because it is required that you need them at all times to get them paid via Medicaid/Medicare. Obama has stated that is unfair and it should change.
Q:Do you know where I can get a gaming chair?
you can get one from bargain pagesor you can go argos
Q:Reupholstering a desk chair?
rosebud has given you the right steps, but if you would like to learn more try youtube. it is very helpful if you are a visual learner

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