ZHPSOC-01H High Back Swivel Office Chair with PU Leather Surface

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ZHPSOC-01H High Back Swivel Office Chair with PU Leather Surface


We are professional manufacturer of Office Chair and Public Waiting chair with more than 10 years experience, we can supply mesh and PU leather office char, mesh and swivel office chair, steel public waiting chair, aluminum alloy public waiting chair and stainless steel public waiting chair.


Following with the rapid development of market, we are updating our types of different chairs continuously in order to catch requirement of customers. Until now ZH chair has been exported to different areas of the world. We strictly insist on “quality and customer is the first”. With the great honor, we sincerely wish to have opportunity to build mutual benefit cooperation with you.



1.360 degree swivel function.

2.High quality luxury PU leather with recycling .
3. Lumbar support . 
4. soft design

5.Good durability with breath ability.

6.Easily cleaned.

7.Strong 5 castor-wheel base.

8.stable structure 


Model number



Fashion and Simple




Plating Steel Structure


PU Leather for back and seat

Connecting component






Similar Types:

ZHPSOC-01H High Back Swivel Office Chair with PU Leather Surface

ZHPSOC-01H High Back Swivel Office Chair with PU Leather Surface

ZHPSOC-01H High Back Swivel Office Chair with PU Leather Surface


1.       Are you free for samples?

I am sorry, we could not provide you a free sample, but what you need pay is just cost of product. And we can help you to arrange delivery by TNT or DHL with discounted delivery charge.

2.       What is your MOQ?

MOQ is 30pcs for stocked chair and 50pcs for customized order.

3.       How long will it take to be ready for shipment of my order?

Generally, delivery time is around 15 days, but it also depends on your order quantity.

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Q:How do you upholster a wing back chair?
I'm new to the upholster game but the best fabric is they heavy ones with that plastic like backing. it's water/spill proof and very easy to cut. now i would lay the fabric on the chair. cut it to size, leaving room for sewing ..i'd say an inch. pin it in place inside out and they sew. now most fabric stores have a chart that has picture diagram on how much you need for whatever kinda chair. I would add 5 yards to that being you're a beginner. Never have too much but OMG if you don't have enough. Good luck!
Q:Snowboarding! Getting off chair lifts?
your problem is you cant turn 1 footed, not that you cant get off the lift. what i suggest to all beginners is, place your foot on your board and brace it on your back binding like you have tried, take your back hand and put it on the chair as you stand up, keep your arm stiff. let the chair push you, it wont hit you i promise. and then coast STRAIGHT off the chair (unless someone is in your way) once you slow down and want to try to turn go ahead, or you can just coast to a stop. you dont need to turn right away getting off a chair unless someone/something is in your way. if you must turn remember to turn your shoulders, just like your making your normal turns. if it helps hold your arms out and point both in the direction you want to turn. also you can drag half your back foot off the uphill side, this will help your board flip around sideways.
Q:Is high chair necessary for toddlers?
we've been handling this and my son for a lengthy time period (he's eighteen months). He likes to climb into the rocking chair, and onto our dinning room chairs. I tell him to sit down on his bottom. i am going to tell him two times, and the 0.33 time i am going to get rid of him putting forward mommy reported no no. he's by no potential allowed to climb a table (espresso table or dinning room table). If he does that, I tell him no and redirect him to at least something else he can do. I attempt no longer to make issues a huge deal till I actual could. the bigger a deal I make, the added probable he's to desire to push the limitations. yet no does propose no in our domicile (no count number who's reported it). i imagine what you're doing is giant!! that is sturdy for them to income limitations and that no potential no. Be consistent and be agency! they are going to learn!
Q:Chair Rail Install?
I've always installed chair rail at the height of the back of the chair so that if the chair hits the wall it would prevent damage to the wall. but put it wherever it floats your boat
Q:Good Office Chairs for back pain?
you want the back somewhere between 110 and 120 degrees. A full back chair (Manager Chair/Executive Chair) will help. The biggest thing you could do is fit the chair to you, dont try and fit yourself to the chair. That is how you end up with pain in your neck, back, shoulders, hips, etc.
Q:are there any cheap alternatives for wedding chair covers?
you could skip the cover totally, and just make a large bow and put it at the top of the back of each chair, and have the ribbon flowing down in your color. I read that it looks less cluttered and more elegant to only place a bow on every OTHER chair. I saw TONS of rental places come up, so you could always just rent, but i see you said you could just buy cheaper. I sell on OKorder, and I sold a sofa and chair slipcover for a great profit. Wedding things are always in demand on OKorder, Definitely a good idea. I hope this helped some! congratulations! sara :)
Q:Trans and Cis Chair Structure?
For a cyclic hydrocarbon like Lindane, cis and trans refer to the stereochemistry between adjacent carbons in a flat representation of the structure. Cis means the bonds (in this case, C-Cl bonds) go in the same direction, whereas trans means the other direction, when drawn flat. If you draw a hexagon, the C-Cl bonds at positions 1, 2, 4 and 5 will have the same type of bond (either a wedged or a hashed bond, whichever way you draw it, but they must be the same). The bonds at the 3 and 6 positions will be the other type. However, when you draw the hydrocarbon in chair conformation, the rules change a bit. Draw in the first C-Cl bond on the chair structure for carbon 1, and check what position it is in, axial or equatorial. Then go to the next carbon and see what the configuration is. If it is cis relative to carbon 1, draw the opposite type (if 1 is equatorial and 2 is cis to 1, draw 2 as axial). If it is trans, draw the same (if 2 is trans to 1 and 1 is equatorial, draw 2 as equatorial). Next, go to carbon 3 and check relative to carbon 2. Here, 3 is trans relative to 2, so draw it the same as 2. Now go to 4 and check relative to 3. In Lindane, 4 is trans to 3, so draw 4 the same as 3 again. Then for 5, it is cis to 4, so draw it the other way as you drew 4. Finally 6 is trans to 5, so draw the same as you drew to 5. If 1 is axial, then 2 is equatorial, 3 is equatorial, 4 is equatorial, 5 is axial, and 6 is axial.
Q:Places to find colored faux leather chairs? Even websites?
Faux okorder.com
Q:Help with fixing an antique rocking chair?
Mr. Bill .... you need to drill pilot holes for dry wall screws [[[ that is those black one that have wide threads == and you need to be sure those spindles and other parts of the wood will support the drilling and the screws == use the woodworkers ye
Q:How do you reupholster a chair?
Go okorder.com and get a book, it is complex.

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