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  • Usage: SVC

  • Phase: Three Phase

  • Current Type: AC

  • Certification: ISO9001


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20 days



1.Large capacity, high accuracy

2.Adopted compensate voltage technology

3.Wide input voltage range


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Q:Half-bridge switching power supply and the commonly used by the three-terminal regulator block compared to the power supply, what are the characteristics
Three-terminal regulator block is a series of regulated power supply, regulator tube work in the amplification zone, the tube dissipation power, low efficiency.
Q:What is the working principle of the series DC regulated power supply protection circuit?
Second, the cut-off       The cut-off type can be improved on the above protection circuit.       In the protection of the base of the transistor preset a voltage, such as 0.5 volts, at this time, the protection transistor will be turned on. And then the voltage across the detection resistor is superimposed on the B pole, when the detection resistor detects a voltage higher than 0.2 volts, the two voltages are added, the transistor is fully turned on, the CE is short, the regulator is shorted and the output voltage is approximately 0 , Protection is complete.      The cut-off benefit is that you can use a smaller sense resistor to reduce the power loss on this resistor.
Q:What is the use of negative pressure power supply output negative pressure
Most analog amplifiers have negative voltage, and some digital circuits also use negative voltage. The amount of negative voltage, multimeter hit DC voltage DC block, red pen on the ground, black pen on the negative voltage can be measured.
Q:DC adjustable power supply DC adjustable power supply manufacturers which is good?
Honghai Electric to the results as a new starting line, adhere to independent innovation, scientific development, take the market, brand, technology, production, personnel, management, capital internationalization of the road, and strive to build a red sea electrical power into a strong competitive enterprises.
Q:What is a linear regulated power supply
Linear power supply adjustment tube work in the amplification state, and thus a large amount of heat, low efficiency (35%), need to add a large volume of heat sink, but also need to also large volume of power transformer, when the production of multiple sets of voltage output When the transformer will be more large. Switching power supply regulator tube in the saturation and cut-off state, and thus heat a small, high efficiency (75%) and save a large volume of the transformer. But the switching power supply output of the DC above will be superimposed on the larger ripple (50mV at 5V output typical), in the output and then connected to the Zener diode can be improved, and the other because the switch is to produce a large spike interference, but also need In the circuit, the magnetic beads are improved. Relatively speaking, the linear power supply is not the above defects, its ripple can be done very small (5mV below). For the power efficiency and installation volume requirements of the place with switching power supply is better for electromagnetic interference and power purity requirements of the place (such as capacitance leakage detection) multi-use linear power supply. In addition, when the circuit needs to be isolated when most of the current DC-DC to do the isolation part of the power supply (DC-DC from its working principle is the switching power supply). Also, the switching power supply used in the high-frequency transformer may be more trouble around the system.
Q:Power supply 4.5v can drive 3.6v lithium battery
Can charge. But to the late to be careful, do not overcharge.
Q:Is it possible to power the regulator and the regulator? Please enlighten me
The general sense of the power supply and regulator is one thing.
Q:In the iso certification in the DC power supply is the instrument or equipment
In the iso certification DC power supply is a device. Including: DC power supply, DC power supply, high-power DC power supply, high voltage power supply, charger, communication power supply, adjustable power supply, inverter power supply.
Q:Can DC Regulated Power Supply Output Negative Voltage?
You are the three power nodes, there are positive and negative power supply and reference side GND, I do not know what you want negative voltage. But you said, "GND and the negative together," is absolutely not, so burned.
Q:DC power supply design and production of what materials
The simplest constant voltage DC power supply requires the following materials: 1, transformer 2, rectifier diodes or bridge heap 3, filter with electrolytic capacitors 4, the regulator circuit (78 series of fixed three-terminal or adjustable three-terminal regulator LM318, LM338) 5, other needs of electronic components (resistors, light-emitting diodes, potentiometers, etc.).
We are committed to provide high quality products and services to meet diverse customer requirements and diverse market requirements. With the same diligent customer-oriented spirit, we are dedicated to continuously designing, manufacturing, marketing, and introducing our products to the diverse demanding power market.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Zhejiang,China (Mainland)
Year Established 1997
Annual Output Value
Main Markets South America 3%
Eastern Europe 4%
Southeast Asia 10%
Africa 25%
Oceania 3%
Mid East 5%
Eastern Asia 5%
Western Europe 2%
Central America 3%
Northern Europe 1%
Southern Europe 1%
South Asia 3%
Domestic Market 30%
North America 5%
Company Certifications CE; CE Certificate for DC Power Supply; Association Techenologie Nouvelle De France; Certificate of UPS

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a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port
Export Percentage 71% - 80%
No.of Employees in Trade Department
Language Spoken:
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 8
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered Design Service Offered Buyer Label Offered
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