Voltage stabilizer

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Product Description:

  • Usage: regulator

  • Phase: Single Phase

  • Current Type: AC

  • black: black  


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inner color box and outer export standard box

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The product is the leading select of chip by our company, using the computer digitization procedure to control the functional movement of the entire machine. It improves many shortcomings of the formerly simulated voltage stabilizer and made the quality of the products to be more reliable, the performance to be more stable, the function to be more formidable.

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Q:Is it possible to power the regulator and the regulator? Please enlighten me
Regulated power supply and regulator is one thing, the regulator output is the power supply.        The stabilized voltage supply is an electronic device that provides stable AC power or DC power for the load. Including AC power supply and DC power supply two categories.       Voltage stabilizer (English: voltage stabilizer) refers to a kind of electronic engineering is designed to automatically maintain a constant voltage device. A regulator may be a simple "feedforward" design or may contain a negative feedback control loop. The regulator may also use an electromechanical mechanism or an electronic module. According to the different design, the regulator can be divided into DC regulator and AC voltage regulator. Regulators are often used in power supply systems and work with rectifiers, electronic filters, etc. to provide stable output voltages, such as the operating voltage required for microprocessors and other components. In the generators and even large generators in power plants, regulators control the stability of the output voltage. In a distributed distribution system, the regulator may be installed in a substation or along the direction of the wire extension to ensure that the user regardless of the power level can be a stable voltage.
Q:Classification of DC Regulated Power Supply
There are many kinds of power supply classification methods, according to the type of output power supply DC power supply and AC power supply; according to the regulator circuit and the load DC power supply connection points are connected in series power supply and parallel power supply; According to the working state of the regulator tube with a linear power supply and switching power supply; according to the type of circuit is divided into a simple power supply and feedback power supply, and so on. So many of the classification is often so that beginners puzzled, do not know where to start. In fact, it should be said that these seemingly a lot of classification between the methods have a certain level of relationship, as long as the level of this level can naturally distinguish the type of power.
Q:What is the switching power supply?
Switching power supply is a voltage conversion power supply circuit, the main component is a transformer and a function as a "on and off" transistors, transformers and transistors in series in the circuit, the DC through the transistor "on and off" state in the The pulse voltage on the circuit in the transformer core to form an instantaneous change in the magnetic field, and then in the same magnetic field in another coil to induce the pulse voltage, the pulse voltage through the rectifier and filter, is the output of the DC voltage, the regulator part is provided by the output voltage to control the transistor on and off the time and amplitude, to achieve the purpose of regulation.
Q:Why is the power supply in front of two capacitors, behind the two capacitors?
Capacitor has a filtering effect, the capacitance value is large, filter out low frequency, small filter high frequency. The front two are the diodes rectified out of the corrugated DC, become more stable, remove the high frequency of clutter and low frequency fluctuations. The better DC power supply regulator block work. The output voltage of the regulator block has been relatively smooth, and the high-frequency harmonics are filtered out, and the low-frequency ripple is filtered out so that the output voltage is very smooth.
Q:Half-bridge switching power supply and the commonly used by the three-terminal regulator block compared to the power supply, what are the characteristics
So the efficiency is very high. Through the switch transformer can output a variety of voltage.
Q:What are the main types of power supply?
Commonly used AC power supply are:   Magnetic Resonance Resonant AC Voltage Regulator. By the saturated choke and the corresponding capacitor composition, with constant voltage volt-ampere characteristics.   ② magnetic amplifier type AC voltage regulator. The magnetic amplifier and autotransformer in series, the use of electronic circuits to change the impedance of the magnetic amplifier to stabilize the output voltage.   ③ sliding AC voltage regulator. The output voltage is stabilized by changing the position of the transformer sliding contact.   ④ Inductive AC voltage regulator. By changing the transformer secondary, the primary voltage of the phase difference, so that the output AC voltage stability.   ⑤ thyristor AC voltage regulator. Use thyristor as power adjustment element. High stability, fast response and no noise. But cause interference to communication equipment and electronic equipment. After the 1980s, there were three new AC regulated power supplies: compensated AC voltage regulators. NC and stepped AC voltage regulators. Purified AC voltage regulator. Has a good isolation, can eliminate the spikes from the power grid interference.
Q:DC power supply function is?
DC power function is to stabilize the DC power to stabilize the load in accordance with the required voltage, which is its function! DC power supply is the main role of the load to provide one or more groups of constant, no fluctuations, and can meet and meet the circuit or load working conditions of the DC power supply, is the DC power supply!
Q:Why there will be 12v power supply what is the use
As the individual circuit strictly requires the stability of power supply! So there is a variety of voltage regulator power supply!
Q:How to describe the power supply voltage accuracy
Output voltage accuracy: (measured value / actual value) * 100%   Voltage load regulation: When the input voltage is constant, the load changes from zero to the rated value, the output voltage changes. Load regulation = (output voltage at full load - output voltage at half load) / output voltage at rated load.
Q:Strange op amps and trips made of adjustable regulated power supplies, how does it work and where is it?
I was the first time I saw this structure, I understand this: LM338 - 5.0 is a precision 5V voltage reference, the dynamic internal resistance is very low, the typical value is 0.6Ω, op amp LM308 is the emitter follower connection, 2,3,6 feet equal, that is, V2 = V3 = V6 = 5V, Rs and triodes constitute a parallel regulator circuit, and the op amp is the controller. Vin ↑, V3 ↑, V6 ↑, Io ↑ (op amp output current), I7 ↑ (op amp supply current), Ie ↑, URs ↑, Uout ↓.
We positively introduces and nimbly utilizes the domestic as well as foreign advanced managerial experience and the specialized technology. We contributes to the technical R&D department which has become mature and perfect day by day.We have got ISO9001: 2000 international quality systems authentication.

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