Vacuum Packaging Machine MS-2500 /MS-2300

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CapacityVacuum Bag:12Action/MIN(MAX)
Inflatable Bag:10Action/MIN(MAX)
Bubble Bag:15Action/MIN
Width Of On BottomA:300-359mm(Standard)
B:360-419mm(Wide In Width)
C:420-480mm(Wide In Width)
Shape DegreePull Up:85mm Pull Down:70mm(MAX)
Product For PackingFood/grocery/Medical Objects/Industry
Body LengthStandard:4170mm
The Side Of Cutting:≤500-1000mm
The Side Of Supplying:≤500-1000mm
Air Supply.0.6Mpa/·~100L/Action
Water For Cooling>0.25Mpa·4-5L/min
VoltagePhase AC200V 12KVA
Machine Weight~1100kg

 Note:The specifications are for reference only;Details may change due to the difference in shape, size, traits and packing materials of the product.  

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Q:The development history of labeling machine
In 2006, the total industrial output value of all the packaging equipment enterprises in China reached 12,181,594 thousand yuan, and the cumulative output of the packaging machinery was 92,167.50 units. The total sales income of the products was 11,036,951 thousand yuan, and the accumulated profit was RMB 644,591 thousand.
Q:What is the high-tech field from the world of research trends
Food processing to a number of high-tech fields, as a new tool for research work.
Q:Drying machine selection
Materials, raw particles, powder, particles, sludge, crystals, liquids, pastes, suspensions, solutions, continuous flakes, slabs, irregular materials (small or large), sticky or massive.
Q:About pillow packing machine longitudinal seal
Pillow packaging machine longitudinal sealers are generally designed two sets of pressure wheel, what role under the next.
Q:How to classify by automation
The machine belt track frame fixed, generally suitable for single size, large batch of packaging bundles.
Q:What is the main sign of this foundation?
On the national situation, China's microwave power application technology promotion, more than 20 years is a very difficult journey, and achieved initial results, laid the foundation for continued development, the basis of the main signs are: (1) microwave
Q:The working principle of labeling machine
Mechanical fixtures A mechanical system that separates the objects to be separated by a fixed distance and pushes the object in the direction of the conveyor belt includes a drive wheel, a label wheel, and a reel.
Q:The use, maintenance and installation of filling machines
4, whenever the machine to adjust, be sure to loose the screws tight, with the handle shake the machine to see whether the action to meet the requirements, the side can drive.
Q:What is the future of the dryer?
master the optimal operation of different materials under the conditions of development and improvement of the dryer; In addition, large-scale, high strength, high economy,
Q:The structural characteristics of pillow packing machine
5) temperature independent PID control, better suited for a variety of material coating.

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