Rice and Flour Packaging Machine

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Sealing MethodHot-Melt Glue
Compressed Air Supply0.5MPa 250NL/min
Container Capacity30Case/Min
Carton Size L=340-440 W=245-270 H=198-238
Voltage3Phase 380V 50HZ
Product Dimensions180≤H≤250mm 240≤W≤320mm 380≤L≤450mm
Product Size136*102*106

 Note:The specifications are for reference only;Details may change due to the difference in shape, size, traits and packing materials of the product.

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Q:What is the filling machine's workflow?
Remove the empty bottle from the unloader, from another conveyor belt into the bottle washing machine disinfection and cleaning, the bottle inspection machine inspection, in line with cleaning standards into the filling machine and capping machine.
Q:Vacuum packaging machine new creativity
China's vacuum packaging industry has been slow, restricting a lot of industries to the world market, because the packaging of products for enterprises is to attract customers to the eyes of the first visual system, the face of the characteristics of the vacuum packaging machine industry
Q:The range of products for sterile corrugated tube heat exchangers
High viscosity or heat sensitive food and beverage products;
Q:The working principle of three - dimensional packaging machine
and the use of local point instant low temperature package, will not make the box packaging material temperature changes, relatively known as the cold charter
Q:What are the parameters of the three-dimensional packaging machine?
Dimensional packaging machine learn from foreign advanced three-dimensional packaging machine on the basis of improvement, more in line with the use of domestic users, it is my company developed the latest body-mounted low-temperature high-speed sealing packaging machine.
Q:Principle and Microwave Power Applications Microwave electromagnetic waves have two transmission states.
In the hollow waveguide in the spread of microwave electromagnetic waves, is the energy sealed up and transmitted.
Q:The airtight operation of the strapping machine is checked
When the power is turned on, press the "CONTINUOUS" button, and the air is running continuously to check that the position of the proximity switch is correct.
Q:What is the microwave sterilizer?
Equipment, a high degree of advanced, other equipment can not be replaced by high-tech products.
Q:How to open the box acceptance
acking list, and fill out the equipment out of the box acceptance, deposited in the equipment file,
Q:Filling machine washing and washing
4, filling machine with needle, 10 with standard 5ml or 10ml syringe, 20 with 20ml glass filling device, 100 with 100ml glass filling device

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