Daily Chemical Packaging Machine

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Packing Speed≤150Packs/MIN
Film Width≤450mm
Cut Off Length90-9999mm
Product SizeW: ≤200mm H:≤100mm
Machine Weight~1100kg
VoltagePhase 380V 50HZ
Power Consumption OF The Shrink Tunnel16kw(BSF-24)/19kw(BSF-3000G)
End Seal TypeLengthwise/Crosswise
Center seal typeStatic Electricity/cutting edge/heat seal

 Note:The specifications are for reference only;Details may change due to the difference in shape, size, traits and packing materials of the product.  

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Q:How to classify by automation
At the top of the table there is a belt track frame, when the package into the binding station, that is automatically carried belt belt, pull belt tight, fixed cut and other processes.
Q:What is the filling machine's workflow?
Box, remove the empty box by the conveyor belt to the washing machine, the cleaning, and then transported to the packing machine next to the bottle filled with drinks into them.
Q:What is the high-tech field from the world of research trends
The main areas are: microwave catalytic chemical reaction, microwave processing of new materials, microwave gas discharge of a variety of applications such as research.
Q:What are the classification of shrinking machines?
It is the use of shrink film wrapped in products or packaging outside, and then heating, so that packaging materials shrink and tighten the product or equipment, fully display the sale of goods in order to increase the sense of beauty and value;
Q:The characteristics of the labeling machine
It is suitable for the ideal equipment of high precision and accurate labeling on the small size plane material such as circuit board, automobile precision parts, carton
Q:Magnetrons need to DC high-voltage power supply
DC high voltage or constant magnetic field excitation current, can control the microwave power output.
Q:What is the bag vacuum packaging machine
Casual small food such as chicken feet, duck claws, duck neck, bean curd, small fish, fish and other types of cooked food can only use vacuum packaging, high temperature sterilization in order to market.
Q:The meaning of vacuum packaging machine
The degree of gas dilution in the vacuum state is called the degree of vacuum, usually expressed as a pressure value.
Q:Adapt to the needs of new areas of applied research
In order to ensure the accuracy of the monitoring and the reliability of the adjustment, it is necessary to proceed to improve the performance of the high-power waveguide components and to develop a variety of adaptable feed structures for the application.
Q:Why different labeling machine manufacturers offer are not the same?
We will be puzzled, why consult the various manufacturers, given the price is not the same? Xin Ruihua experts tell you: This is because the automatic labeling machine parts, the choice of the core processor PLC, labeling machine brand

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