Vegetable Packaging Machine

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Packing Speed30-80RPM 30-120RPM
Main MotorAC servo motor
Film Width220-550mm
Tray SizeWidth 80-210mm Height 15-35mm Length 100-400mm
Product Height5-80mm
Product Feeding WayConveyor belt flowing feeding system
Machine WeightAround 700kg(Exclude shrink tunnel)
Machine Power3PH 200V 4KVA(Main body of machine)

 Note:The specifications are for reference only;Details may change due to the difference in shape, size, traits and packing materials of the product.  

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Q:Heat shrink packaging machine failure solution
Heating process depends on the heater, you should first check the heater main power lines, the heater line is the main power line through a magnetic switch to the electric tube, it should first check the magnetic switch contacts are normal.
Q:Vertical packaging machine working principle and applicable industry
Vertical packaging machine suitable for all types of powder, granules, tablets, liquids and other products packaging.
Q:Shrink packaging machine how to maintain some better?
In fact, clean, tighten, adjust, lubricate, anti-corrosion is the key to the maintenance and maintenance of shrink packaging machine, if we do not know how to do it, then more about the equipment maintenance manual and maintenance procedures, as long as the required cycle
Q:What is the development in the food industry?
In 2010, the national enterprises to enter the scale of more than 5666 rice processing enterprises, annual production capacity of 94.63 million tons, of which: processing capacity of 100 tons of drying capacity of 4741, 100 to 200 tons of enterprises for the 754, 200 ~ 400
Q:What is the PU value of the sterilizer?
Insufficient or excessive will be on the shelf life of beer and flavor impact, so the PU value is controlled within a certain range is the main technical indicators of the sterilizer.
Q:Determination of Drying Parameters Conversion Standard Conditions
British wheat dry when the standard conditions for the initial moisture 20%, the final water clever%, ambient temperature 20 ℃, 80% of ambient humidity.
Q:Vacuum packaging machine model classification
After the packaging of products to prevent oxidation, mildew, moth, moisture, can be shelf-life, and extend the storage period of the product.
Q:The basic profile of the strapping machine
The strapping machine is a machine that binds the packing with a strapping tape to complete the strapping operation.
Q:The mechanical use of the strapping machine
5. The strapping machine should be operated in a clockwise direction.
Q:How to open the box acceptance
check the equipment in the transport process for damage, loss, accessories, random spare parts. Special tools

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