Dairy Products Packing Machine

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Packing Speed≤100Packs/MIN
Film Width≤600mm
Cut Off Length90-9999mm90-400mm
Product SizeW: ≤280mm H:≤140mm
Machine Weight~1000kg
VoltagePhase 380V 50HZ
Power Consumption OF The Shrink Tunnel16kw(BSF-24)/19KW(BSF-3000G)
Center seal typeStatic Electricity/cutting dege/heat seal

 Note:The specifications are for reference only;Details may change due to the difference in shape, size, traits and packing materials of the product.  

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Q:Vacuum packaging machine according to the basic purpose can be divided into the following three categories
Such vacuum packaging machines should have a vacuum that allows the product to be stored for a longer period of time. Since the vacuum packaging machines should be used in places where the dust-free aseptic workshop is required, such vacuum packaging machines can also be used
Q:What are the development potential of the dryer?
The development of the dryer should also pay attention to the comprehensive utilization of energy saving and energy, such as the use of a variety of joint heating, transplanting heat pump and heat pipe technology, the development of solar energy dryer, etc .; also develop the dryer automatic control technology to ensure optimal operating conditions
Q:Why put the capsule shell into the machine can run their own positive and negative capsule shell into a consistent fall in the module, what is the principle?
and then through the capsule under the capsule to push the capsule,
Q:The working principle of pillow packing machine
In the production of packaging, due to packaging materials printed on the positioning between the color error, packaging materials, stretching and mechanical transmission and other factors, the packaging material on the scheduled sealing and cutting parts may deviate from the correct location, resulting in error.
Q:Vertical packaging machine common faults which
Foshan Sheng Qiao packaging machinery to provide quality services and after-sales service
Q:The advantages of vacuum packaging machine
Automatic operation in the packaging machinery industry is changing the way the packaging process and packaging containers and materials processing methods.
Q:What are the workflows for the strapping machine?
(12) → the middle knife down (13) → the middle knife again rise, so that the two straps firmly bonded (14) → the top knife down, left and right top knife at the same time down (
Q:Heat shrink packaging machine failure solution
If the upper layer of material deviation from the folder chain, the upper triangle can be adjusted clockwise; such as the lower layer of material deviation from the folder chain, the upper triangle can be adjusted counterclockwise.
Q:Vacuum packaging machine features
Flexible ingredients area, to meet the different requirements of different packaging products
Q:Overview of the filling machine
The latest patented products with the world's leading level of the new generation of filling equipment, using the most advanced world of high-tech, fully automated, full digital control, touch screen digital display technology, equipment and other computer computer printers, the central monitoring to facilitate modernization

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