V350 Series High Performance Vector Control ac Frequency Converter 50hz 60hz

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Product Description:


Single phase 220V,380V; 
Vector control, 
cost efficiency 


Product Description


V350 series low-power closed-loop vector inverter

  To satisfy the needs of equipment like machine tool, printing, textile and chemical fiber, V350 series inverter is designed on the basis of new hardware platform. Characterized by the excellent performance, compact structure, perfect protection function and various peripheral interface, V350 series inverter can be used for the secondary development in accordance with process

requirement in all kinds of field.

Basic function

Open/closed-loop vector control

Torque control

Motor parameter’s self-identification


Excessive current, voltage inhibition and low voltage inhibition

MODBUS/Profibus-DP communication

Synchronous communication linkage

Three-phase balance protection

Short circuit of protection

Function highlights

Setting simplification

One-click setting of common parameters

Virtual I/O port





Rated voltage/freq.

Three phase(4T****)380V 50/60Hz

Single phase(2S****)

220V~50/60 Hz

Output voltage



Output freq

Low freq running mode:0.0~300.0 Hz. high freq running mode: 0.0~1000.0 Hz

Digital input

V350-4T0030/2S0022 model below: standard five-way (DI), V350-4T0040 above:standard six-way(DI)

Digital output

V350-4T0030/2S0022 model below: standard one-way (DO),V350-4T0040 model above: standard two-way DO

Impulse input

0.0~100.0K Hz impulse input, connect optional NPC OC output

Impulse output

0.0~100.0kHz impulse  output NPC OC output available, support choosing PWM output method as the expansion analog output terminal

Analog input

Standard configuration:0~10V voltage input(AI1), 0~20mA current input (AI2); standard expansion I/O card: -10V~10V voltage input

Analog output

V350-4T0030/2S0022 model below: one-way 0~10V analog output signal ( optional 0~20 mA current output mode)

V350-4T0040 above: two-way 0~10V analog output signal ( optional 0~20 mA current output mode)


Contactor output

Standard one pair of frequent open/closed AC 250V/2A  contactor, allowing for expanding one to six pairs of contactors




control characteristics

Control method

Close-loop vector control

Open-loop vector control

V/F control

Starting torque

 220% at zero speed

200% at zero speed

180% at zero speed

Adjustment range




Speed stabilization accuracy




Torque control accuracy



Torque response time



Freq resolution ratio

Low freq running mode: 0.01 Hz: high freq running mode: 0.10 Hz

Freq accuracy

 Low freq running:digital set—0.01Hz analog setting-the highest freq 0.1%

High freq running: digital set-0.1 Hz, analog setting-the highest freq 0.1%

Loading capacity

110% for long term; 150% for 60s, 180% for 2.5s;

Carrier freq

Three-phased voltage vector synthesis mode: 1.5~10.0 k Hz, two-phased voltage vector synthesis mode : 1.5~12.5 k Hz

Acceleration/deceleration time

0.01~600.00Sec./ 0.01~600.0 Min

Magnetic flux brake

Increase the motor magnetic flux(30%~120% optional) to realize the fast brake for acceleration and deceleration

DC brake/ clasp brake

DC brake/clasp brake starting freq:0.0~upper rate limit, brake/clasp injection current 0.0~100.0%

Starting freq




Typical function

Multi-segment running

16 freq/speed running, independent setting of direction, time acceleration and deceleration of each part, 7 PID setting

Built-in PID

Built-in PID controller which can be used as external equipment


Simple sleep and wake up function

MODBUS communication

Optional standard  MODBUS communication protocol, flexible parameter reflexive function

Dynamic braking

Dynamic voltage: 650~760V, braking rate: 50~100%

General function

Failure restore, power to restart, motor parameter dynamic.static self detection, starting delay, current inhibit over voltage low voltage inhibit,V/F self defining curve



Function highlights

Virtual I/O port

Eight-way virtual output/input port with no need to combine any external wiring to realize the complex application

Synchronous communication linkage

Synchronous driving between different motors with no limit to communication linkage, freely choose linkage balance according to current, torque and power

Loading dynamic balance

Realize several motors’ dynamic balance and torque motor characteristics

Powerful starting torque

Support setting powerful starting torque in a certain time to deal with the load of large inertia and static friction

Priority setting

Freely choose prior sequence according to the freq, rotating speed setting channel, adjust to all kinds of field

Portfolio setting

More than one hundred of freq, rotating speed and torque


 Three built-in timers: five kinds of clocks, five kinds of starting trigger mode,,several gated signal and working mode, seven output signal


Two built-in counters : the choose of clocks, four kinds of starting trigger mode, seven output signal

Macro parameter

Application macro: convenient to set several paris of fixed parameters and simplify the parameter set of general field

System macro: convenient to switch the working mode,such as the switchover between the high and low freq., and automatically define parts of parameter

Parameter debugging

Any unsaved parameters in the spot can be saved, abandoned and restored into the original value

Parameter display

Automatically shield the parameters of unused module or selectively display the parameter altered, saved and changed


Installation environment

Vertical installation with no direct sunshine, dust, corrosive and combustible gas, smoke and steam 


0~1000 meter . 10% reduced output current for each 1000 meter rise


Working environment: -10°C~ +45°C   storage environment: -20°C~ +60°C


95% below (no frosting)




Q 1. what's the payment term?

A. We accept T/T, L/C, WEST UNION

Q 2. What's the delivery time ?

A. Normal model,0-3days,

For big order(more than 10,0000 usd),it takes about 7-15days. Customer make will be longer but with not over 15 days.

Q 3. What is the standard of package?

A. Export standard package or special package according to customer requirement

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Q:What is the principle and implementation of the inverter?
How the inverter works: 1. DC can be converted into alternating current through the oscillation circuit 2. The resulting AC power is then boosted by the coil (in this case, the alternating current of the square wave) 3. Rectify the resulting alternating current to obtain a sine wave
Q:Three sets of batteries (540V) DC power supply U / f inverter.
This is the reason for the battery characteristics, your group of easy to burn the battery discharge characteristics of the curve should not be partial to engage, so easy to burn. Ultimately it is your group of battery quality is relatively poor!
Q:Ordinary 4-pole motor Under the control of the inverter, the higher the speed, the higher the power or the slower the power
The original you are the ordinary motor ah, this ordinary motor can not afford too high frequency. Often at high frequencies or low frequency work will burn the motor. The higher the speed, the current will increase, the lower the speed, the current will be reduced. Its power is not much change. You still with a special frequency control motor it. Frequency conversion motor is a special design, the use of frequency converter for the drive power, the motor and inverter electromechanical integrated frequency control system, so as to achieve low frequency constant torque operation and high frequency constant torque operation. This motor has good speed performance and significant energy saving effect
Q:The Schneider inverter reports the nlp command
Schneider inverter reported nlp ??? main circuit no electricity 1 re-power up 2 connected to the DC reactor terminals PO, PA / + between the short wiring, the main circuit can not be powered
Q:What is the difference when using inverter frequency conversion ordinary motor and variable frequency inverter motor
First of all you have to understand the difference between variable frequency motor and ordinary asynchronous motor. 1, inverter motor cooling fan is not connected with the motor spindle, is independent, the fan rotation from the motor speed, to ensure that the motor cooling.
Q:Taian inverter 3.7KW 380V with 4.0KW 2 pole motor 18000 to 300HZ can it?
With green wave Jie can experience to judge, there may be two possibilities: First, the inverter power selected small. Bipolar motor, not a four-pole motor, the inverter is designed according to the four-pole motor model, so in the inverter selection, can not only look at the power, but also the rated current of the motor;
Q:What is the difference between variable frequency motor and variable speed motor?
The variable frequency motor requirements are high, are special motor, so the general motor can not use the inverter to speed. According to the above formula, it can be seen that increasing the frequency, the motor speed will be faster, reduce the frequency of the motor speed is slow, variable frequency motor core is also a special material, because the ferromagnetic material There is a saturation period, to the saturation period, regardless of whether the motor current increases, the motor will not continue to increase the intensity of the magnetic field,
Q:In the case of the inverter, why can not the normal operation after removing the gearbox? The motor is 4 pole.
If there is a load, it may be less than the torque. So it can not run.
Q:Do not the laptop directly connected to the power adapter?
2, due to the different configuration of the notebook, its power consumption also has a variety of specifications. Common for more than 60W, the configuration of some of the 90W, and the game adapter power in more than 120W, such as dual GTX1080 card crossfire Blue Star prototype, power consumption in more than 400W, the use of two 320W power adapter for its power supply;
Q:Can the four motors be tuned to 2900 rpm?
Can be used, there are problems you can consult Zhoukou City bearing mechanical and electrical companies, contact the online search Zhoukou City bearing mechanical and electrical companies can search to!

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