UV dust mites vacuum cleaner for bed

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Vacuum cleanr


Hand Held

Bag Or Bagless: 



clean on bed and home



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China (Mainland)


1)Great CCFL UV lamp kill dust mites 
2)Gearing punch with strong force of 15 N 
3)Multifuctional accessrores for clean home






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Q:Professional House Cleaners only please suggest a vacuum?
I have found the best hoover to use is a Henry you can clean all floors with ease. it has an extra long power cord and hose and is extremely robust and easy to clean out. Especially useful for wet spills as well!! Many office buildings and hotels use a Henry and its not that expensive to buy. I have had a Henry forever and knock on wood it has not failed me yet. I hope this helps and you and Henry will have many happy years together.
Q:Is there a certain time of year when most vacuum cleaners go on sale?
just have to keep an eye out no real season on deals for vacuum cleaners
Q:Are Sears Cannister Vacuums any good?
They okorder.com
Q:What are some good vacuum cleaners?
The oreck,the Kirby canister or the sears canister vacuums are your best bet.The average upright vacuum does not have a lot of suction power but those listed especially the Kirby canister and the sears canister will pickup most anything.The oreck is lightweight and powerful but the motor is small and overheats easily.
Q:Other than the over-hyped & over-priced Dyson and Kirby what is the best vacuum cleaner on the market?
Get a used Kirby. Pretty cheap and reliable, durable AND long-lasting!!
Q:I have 2 vacuum cleaners, both need new electrical cords! How do I replace them?
There's not a whole lot to it. Follow the existing cord into the housing. Remove the screws that hold the housing together and pull the housing apart. You'll see that your white wires are typically wire-nutted together and your black wire from the cord will probably have a 1/4 female spade connector and is connected to the switch. The other wire on the switch runs to the motor. All you need to do is buy a replacement cord(assuming you can't just cut the bad part off the old cord) and route it in the same manner that the manufacturer did and make the connections just as they did.
Q:Do Vacuums kill spiders?
i was just wondering this same thing this morning! i think unless it like, hits its head or gets crushed in some way it prob will still be alive ewwww not the answer i wanted either lol
Q:Need to upgrade house hold cleaners ? Best Vacuums, Steamers, Mops.?
well honestly you don't have enough money for all that although it is a good budget. never invest in a dyson it's a rip off I would buy a vacuum..up right/bagless Bissell...check walmart...under 100 bucks will get a nice one shark brand makes the best steam mop and hand held small rechargeable vacuum. I would not waste money on a hand held steamer I would rent a carpet shampooer from lowes or home depot to clean the pee and I would do that first target also has these items but you can oreder on line and pick up at walmart customer service for a fraction of the cost. *(*
Q:Is there a silent vacuum cleaner?
Only a central, whole house vacuum could come close to silence and then only if the fan/motor part was in the garage, outside or very deep in the basement. Vacuums work by turning a rather high speed fan and they are quite noisy. So, you would need to isolate that noise somewhere outside the living area to have a nearly silent system. Even then, moving air makes noise so... Bert.
Q:A questions about body lice and vacuum cleaners...?
let him keep it because he is just sick any way really don't think you can get them from that but let hen keep it

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