Tvh-10401 Window Zoom / Cordless Window Cleaner / Vacuum Cleaner

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$15.00 / pc
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500 Pieces pc
Supply Capability:
50000 Pieces per Month pc/month

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Product Description:

Product Specifications


Working width of vacuum nozzle


Ingress   Protection


Sewage collection bottle


Cleaning fluid Bottle


Battery Running times


Battery Voltage


Rated Power


Battery Charging times

2 hours

Battery Capacity


Packing details


185x120x325mm 1.3 Kgs


495x200x665mm/8pcs 11 Kgs


20GP: 3360pcs

40GP: 7000pcs

40HQ: 8240pcs


Technical Details:

Lightweight and compact;

Fast and efficient cleaning and drying of windows;

Streak-free cleaning results;

No drips of dirty water tanks to powerful vacuum;

Ship in Certified Frustration-free Packaging.


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Q:Best vacuum for picking up pet hair?
Try the shark vacuum cleaners. I have a white German shepherd who sheds everywhere! The vacuum works great!
Q:why does my vacuum cleaner smell?
You need to change the bag and filters if it has a dirt cup. Other wise you need to use best quality vacuum cleaners...... :)
Q:I want to buy a robotic vacuum for my husband's birthday. Any suggestions?
Your husband wants a robotic vacuum for his birthday? That's a strange gift, especially for a man. In our house household appliances are a no-no as gifts.
Q:Vacuum reviews?
Everyone's going to say get a DYSON.. Well, they are about $500 and I'm sure they are nice, but like you I don't have that to throw around.. Having said, consider taking your old vacuum for servicing.. It may only need an overall clean and check, belt replaced etc... Also, it may be good to take your dog to a groomer once a month and have him/her brushed throughly to prevent all the shedding... If you are set on getting a new vacuum I have an upright HOOVER SAVVY and I love it.. It's roughly $200 and I even vacuum my dog with the attachments I've had it for 4 yrs and it's been great. However, we did purchase the extended warranty for the extra $100 for 3 extra yrs.. That has been a lifesaver ! I've only had to replace my filter 2x ($40) each and the warranty has covered everything else.. I have my vacuum whether it needs it or not serviced at least 2x a yr... So, the warranty has paid for itself.... Good luck...
Q:Can any of the iRobot Roomba work on normal carpet?
Roomba Carpet
Q:Does anyone make really quiet vacuum cleaners?
The quietest one I know is a Ghibli. I have one. If you're standing beside it, you can talk to someone in a normal voice. Mine doesn't have a beater bar which is the noisiest part of a vacuum cleaner but has lots of suction and does a very good job on carpets without it. Go to a vacuum specialty store and see what they have. I understand that Miele is very quiet too. When you're checking out vacuum cleaners, note that most of them give a decibel rating in the specs
Q:one of them automatic vacuum cleaners... what are they called and how much do they cost?
you must be stupid.
Q:Do I need to vacuum before carpet cleaning?
You should always vacuum, it helps get some of the dirt out. I am sure though they do it anyway first because the vaccumms most people own do not sufficently remove dirt from deep in the capret.
Q:How well do Irobot vacuum cleaners work?
Fabulous. I live on a dirt road. Dust is continuous. Let roomba loose everyday on the ground floor rooms. Amazing the amount of dirt it picks up. It is slim enough to get under the places I normally ignore when using the regular vacuum. I guess the biggest relief is I don't feel like I am cleaning the floors constantly. Actually gave as a gift to my son. With two toddlers and a Big Dog, he raves about it. Turns it loose when they leave for work and upon return one household chore is done.
Q:Are you interested in roomba vacuum cleaners?
yes im interested in a roomba

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