Track Type Bulldozer Used for Earth Moving SEM816

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1. Inheriting the 105 years’ design experience of Caterpillar bulldozer, SEM816 was the first 160hp~220hp hydrostatic crawler bulldozer developed in China.

2. Engine conforms to National stage II emission regulations, and Tier 3 engine is optional.

3. Hydrostatic drive system provides excellent operation and maneuverability, improved power steering capability and step-less speed control. It not only meets the requirements for normal work conditions, but also is adaptable to the work in narrow and soft ground conditions, which improves work efficiency.

4. Electronic controlled variable speed single handle (precise speed control, Speed Recall function, and horn), integrated deceleration and brake pedal and pilot handle of working devices provide operators quick steering/reversing, quick brake response, and precise blade control, which improves comfort and reduces fatigue.

5. Combined instrument panel integrates operational control display and 3-level automatic failure warning function. ECM provides automatic trouble diagnosis function.

6. Capacious, vibration absorption and enclosed cab is equipped with suspension seat, air conditioner, cup holder, cigarette lighter, working device lock switch, and ROPS/FOPS system, which provides operators a safe, comfortable and low noise work environment.

7. High strength main frame, L type push arm, SU blade, standard tow-bar device, and optional ripper.

8. Caterpillar supplier provides chassis parts like sprocket, idler, track roller, carrier roller, and crawler; and all the hydrostatic drive parts are originally imported parts, in addition to Caterpillar’s mature ECM control system, providing high quality guarantee.

9. Compared with traditional bulldozers, SEM 816 provides higher traction force, excellent performance working on slopes, lower fuel consumption, and higher work efficiency.nd higher work efficiency.


Technical Parameters 
Operating Weight17070 Kg
Ground Pressure67.5 Kpa
Track Center Distance1880 Mm
Min. Ground Clearance410 Mm
Blade Capacity4.27 M³
Blade Width3140 Mm
Max. Depth of Cut430 Mm
Max. Output Traction280 Kn
ModelWeichai Wd10g178e25/Hangzhou D10.18ct21 Stage Ⅱ
Rated Revs1850 R/Min
Flywheel Power120 Kw/160 Hp
Displacement9.726 L
Max. Torque835 N.M
Drive System 
Drive ModeElectric Controlled Hydraulic Drive
Steering BrakeHydrostatic Steering, Wet Multi-Disc Brake
Final Drive1st Spur Gear Drive, 1st Planetary Gear Drive
Travel Speed, Forward/ReverseStepless Speed Change 0-10 Km/Hr
Hydraulic System 
System Pressure19 Mpa
Flow172 L/Min
CharacteristicsPilot Control
Undercarriage System 
TypeBalance Beam, Pivot Structure
Amt. of Support Rollers (Single Side)6
Amt. of Sprocket (Single Side)2
Standard Track Width510 Mm
Track Length on Ground2430 Mm

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