SHANTUI Wheel Loader(SL50W-2)

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SHANTUI SL50W-2 Wheel loader

Engine model: Shangchai SC11CB220G2B1
Rated power: 162 kW/2200 rpm
Operating weight: 16.65 t
SHANTUI Brand Wheel loader with Shangchai (or Weichai、Cummins) engine features green environmental protection power, and high efficiency with
low energy use, low noise and low exhaust. The advanced Z-type reverse tipping bucket mechanism contributes
to large breakout force and high work efficiency.
Equipped with advanced dual pump (combined) technology to improve fuel savings and work efficiency.


Operating weight

16650 kg

Related loading

5000 kg

Bucket capacity

3.0 m3

Maximum lifting force

185 kN

Static tipping load (full turn)

10000 kg

Dumping height

3178 mm

Dumping reach

1160 mm


Engine model

Shangchai SC11CB220G2B1


In-line, water-cooled, 4-cylinder, direct injection, turbocharged

Rated power

162 kW

Rated speed

2200 rpm


10.45 L

Maximum torque

843 N·m

Minimum fuel consumption

230 g/kW·h














Four-wheel drive



Maximum traction

160 kN


Service brakes

Air over oil four-wheel dual-loop disc brake system

Parking brake

Automatically air-cut brake, disc brake



Articulated type, full-hydraulic power steering

Maximum steering angle

35° each direction

The center of outside tire

6584 mm

The center of outside bucket

7256 mm



23.5-25 16PR

Pattern level


Center distance of tires

2250 mm

Wheel base

3250 mm


Hydraulic cycle time (rated load in bucket)

Lifting time/ Lifting, dumping and lowering

6/10.5 s

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