TBS350 Macadam Sealing Machine

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  • Place of Origin:Shaanxi, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name:XRMC

  • Model Number:TBS350


The asphalt system, aggregate system and spraying have been modularized, and easy to install and maintain.

TBS350 synchronous macadam sealing machine is the advanced product that is developed by XRMC on the base of many advantages of foreign familiar products. The asphalt system, aggregate system and spraying have been modularized, and easy to install and maintain. The control system is design as PLC + module structure. The automatic control console is installed in the driver’s cab and the manual console is installed behind the vehicle body. The machine can implement the up-layer sealing construction, laying (layer spread method construction) of asphalt pavement (country road). In the special state, the asphalt and macadam can be spread respectively. This machine suits for the preventive maintenance of different road surfaces in different conditions.

Sprinkle width(mm): 0-3500

Asphalt tank(L): 6000

Capacity of macadam hopper(m3): 10

Burner model: BTL20

Fuel flux: 10-22kg/h

Thermal equivalent: 118.6-260.9kw

Sprinkle number of asphalt(kg/m2): 0.5-3.0

Macadam sprinkle number(m3/m2): 0.002-0.022

Work speed: 2.5-6km/h

Chassis model: SX3255NR464

Engine power: 300/1900rpm

Max total weight: 25000kg

External dimensions(mm): 10493×2500×3296

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Q:Why is the paving speed of asphalt paver somewhat fast and slow?
Each brand model paver is not the same as the engine, electrical component and hydraulic system, so the walking speed will be biased.
Q:What about the engine power of a hydraulic pile driver?
The pile machine is not only efficient, economical and practical, it is the best choice for customers, but also can adapt to various bad weather and working conditions of the operating environment.
Q:What is the function of asphalt concrete paver automatic leveling?
The floating screed has preliminary filtering and hysteresis effect on Subgrade roughness, and has a certain modulationFlat function, but only to eliminate the small concave convex.
Q:How many tonnage vibratory rollers are heavy?
Less than 1 tons for micro, 1~6 tons for small, 6-~10 tons for medium-sized, 10-14 tons for heavy, more than 16 tons for ultra heavy
Q:What is the reason that the laser grader controller,
but even if the host is in manual state the host should also have the answer signal fire pump start ah, is unlikely without a reaction.
Q:Diesel hammer piling machine principle
The guide rod type diesel hammer is pressed on the pile cap with a plunger as a hammer seat, and the cylinder is used as a hammer head to move up and down along the two guide rods.When in operation, the pile hanging in place pile frame in Longmen, then put the diesel hammer at the top of the pile, the hook will lift down the cylinder, and the cylinder sleeve off hook to the whereabouts of the piston, the cylinder will be closed in the air compression cylinder rocker pin until the pressure continues to fall outside the cylinder pushing hammer on the base of the fuel pump, fuel pump will be injected into the cylinder oil mist, oil mist meet high temperature gas burning immediately above, blasting, explosive shock down pile., to push the cylinder to cylinder to rise, fall along the guide rod, and the beginning of the second impact cycle.
Q:How much oil consumption per hour is the asphalt paver for construction equipment?
VOLVO diesel engine is probably able to estimate fuel consumption, namely: less than 206g/KWh. You can calculate the fuel consumption according to the power. If it's 100 kilowatt hours of work, 1 kilograms of 206X100=20.6.If the road is good, 100 litres can store more than 1400 tons of asphalt.
Q:Principles of piling
Because of the buildings on the ground if you want to build on the ground, the ground will bear great pressure, we must ensure that the ground has enough resistance to stress strength, it is often difficult to do, so we must reinforce or improve the ground under way on the ground to bear, so I think in the pile foundation, make the most of the weight of buildings to the position below ground deep through the pile foundation, because this position is much larger than the ground bearing capacity.As to how deep the pile should be, it depends on the distribution of the ground beneath the ground (technically called the geological structure layer). If it is enough to withstand the pressure of the building, the pile hits here, and if not, it must continue to deepen.
Q:What role does the balancing box of the grader play?
The balancing box of the grader plays a balancing and stabilizing role
Q:What should I do if the grader does not walk after hanging up the gears?
Look at your battery valve, there is no problem, you can listen to the sound, or it may be the circuit board problems

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