Stick Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner Industrial Car Vacuum Cleaner

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40000 unit/month

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Product Description:

Model: 802

Stick Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner Industrial Car Vacuum Cleaner

Stick Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner Industrial Car Vacuum Cleaner


Model No.: 




Motor Wattage:

600W nom., 230V/60HZ

Power cord

4M toal length BSMI power cord & plug


Injection color


handy vacuum cleaner,Multi-cyclone system, No consuming material, low noise, high suction power

Dust capacity


Speed control



1pc crevice nozzle, 1pc connector

 2pcs Plastic Tube, 1pc Floor Brush

 1pc sofa brush,1pc round brush

Optional Features:

Packing Information:


1000 pcs





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Master Carton Dimensions(4 IN 1):


G.W. / N.W.


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Min. Order Quantity:


Earliest Delivery Date:

40 Days after P/O confirmed

Sample Delivery Date:

10 Days upon request

Company introduction

We are a diverse global multinational with Asian roots and a proud entrepreneurial heritage. Our values guide our business every day. At our core, we are entrepreneurs with our customers' best interests at heart. We are humble, resourceful and innovative. Our people are at the center of our success and the source of our expertise. Building long-term relationships with our stakeholders is important to us. 


1.Which kind of floor surfaces does it work on?

All of them! It will work on any flat floor surfaces including carpet, marble, tiles, hardwood floors, linoleum, vinyl, state, or any kind of combination of floors. Automatically adjusts from carpets to hard floors and back again.

2.Does it pick up sand?

Yes. The combination of the spinning brush and suction unit will effectively pick up sand, dust, dirt, hairs, debris,crumbs,etc.

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Q:I need advice on vacuum cleaners!?
NO upright vacuum purifier on the industry will do an somewhat terriffic interest of cleansing the sides of carpet or flooring close to to partitions, furnishings, and so on. i've got been repairing those issues, all makes and fashions for over 35 years, and that i can inform you with fact that area cleansing isn't something extra suitable than hype, by ability of the vac companies. the terrific technique to get the dirt and dirt around the sides of your carpets is a hose attachment and a crevice gadget or dirt brush. determining to purchase a severe amperage vac is doing no longer something extra suitable than spending extra funds for extra electrical energy to run the vac motor. There are a number of vac's available that make great vacuum with 6 - 8 amps, at the same time as there are a number of vac's advertising 12 - 14 amp automobiles that make much less vacuum with much less air flow. As for the Dyson, that's a actual rip. The classified ads communicate approximately no longer dropping vacuum because of the fact they have not got filters to clog. i'm curious then, as to why my factors distributor lists 12 distinctive filters for Dyson's. ???
Q:what products should the USA manufacture that aren't being manufactured at the present time?
Vacuum cleaners, dehumidifiers to name two things I've had to replace this year. I can't find clothing or shoes made here. It seems like even much canned fruit is from another country.
Q:Are Kirby vacuum cleaners really worth two thousand dollars?
We bought a used '94 Kirby in 1996. We paid $400. for it. I like the powerful suction, but it also comes with drawbacks. The following are my opinions about this Kirby: 1. I don't like the cost of replacing the filters (they're about $8. a bag and only have 3 bags in a package. 2. It's not easy to change from vacuum to using the hose. 3. It's kind of heavy and bulky and doesn't maneuver easily. In my opinion, it's not worth it. You can purchase a bagless Dyson for around $500. and they work great. Does the $1800. price include all of the attachments? Do you need all those attachments? Are all the bells whistles worth $1800.?
Q:How can I clean a computer?
Here And just for the record, none of your three points are particularly accurate. Canned air can be expensive, but you can also get it dirt cheap if you look in the right places. It is only dangerous if you shoot it directly into your mouth (as the propellant replaces the oxygen if your lungs and you die). I've never even heard of a problem with vacuums generating static, and most tech kits include a small vacuum. And I've never seen document proof of moisture from breath destroying any computer component. Just make sure you power the system down before doing anything, and don't spit on it, and you should be fine.
Q:Why don't they make gasoline powered vacuum cleaners?
If they were used indoors, the exhaust fumes would be awful. There are gasoline-powered lawn vacuum machines, however, as well as lawn mowers.
Q:What was the reto made-up marketing word for vacuum cleaners?
Q:Any ideas for a great vacuum?
I have a Dyson and wouldn't recommend it. Lots of money for a cheap piece of plastic. The brush doesn't get into the carpet, just skims the surface. As far as suction goes, I have a kenmore that does a better job and contains the dust. The Dyson dust catcher is messy to empty and dust flies wherever you empty it. Also, the Dyson requires constant maintenance in removing pet hair attached to the brush and through the chambers. Hair and dust don't always make it to the chamber. If you have any problems with the Dyson, (mine broke after 6 months of use) you have to send it off and wait 4 - 6 weeks for it's return. My suggestion to you is buy a hepa filtered vacuum with or without bags. You'll save money and get a better built product.
Q:Does anyone know of any good vacuum cleaners for kids? Toys or otherwise?
dirt devil brand for kids actualy picks up like a sweeper vac and you can empty out the dirt and everything it picks up.
Q:Are vacumn cleaners safe for health?
Q:What Industrial techniques and Materials are used to make the Dyson Cyclone and Ball Vacuum cleaners?
Various polymers and injection molding. THe motor will use copper wire, which was drawn. Look on their website for more info.

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