Shade Cloth 185gsm for home and garden

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Product Description:

Shade Sail water-proof cloth sail 160GSM

It is made from HDPE raw material with 9% UV .

Net weight:  160g/m2--320g/m2

Size:  3x3m, 3.6x3.6m 3x3m, 3x3x3m,5x5m,5x5x5m and so on UV block:  85-95%

Roll size: 4x100m,2.1x100m,4.2x100m as customer's requests.

Material:  100% virgin HDPE

Using life:  5 ~10 years Gurantee

Export market:  Europe ,America,Japan, the Middle East ,Africa

Shape:  Square, Triangle , Rectangle

Packaging & DeliveryPackaging Detail: Each piece of sail will be put into a pvc hadle bag with a color label inside, seveal pcs packaging into a paper carton with shipping mark.

The perimeter of each sail is designed with a gentle cantenary curve inwards towards the center of the sail to control the fabric tension. Shade sails have reinforced webbing around the perimeter and marine stainless steel D or "Delta" rings at each corner. When properly tensioned, shade sail fabric will not wrinkle, sag, or flap in the wind.

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